Eli Roth returns!

While he’s been quiet for a while – besides acting in Inglourious Basterds – Eli Roth has been slowly working two new projects – a big-budget mass destruction film and a full-length version of his madcap trailer Thanksgiving.

A year ago, he announced that he wanted to work on something a little more epic and, surprisingly given his blood lust with Hostel and Cabin Fever, more accessible. “I wanted to do something along the lines of Transformers or Cloverfield’ that was a little more science fiction-based, and with lots of chaos,” he tells MTV.

So what’s it called? He’s not saying yet, but can offer up this extra titbit. “I don’t want to give away the title yet, because I have to make sure I own it 100%, but it’s going to be something that is really fun with lots of mass destruction.

“I don’t want to say what the monster is yet,” Roth added. “Once it gets set up, I will let everyone know. It is not aliens or robots or a virus - it’s a little more grounded. But when people hear it they are going to be like ‘That is going to be insane!’”

But despite the madness planned, don’t go expecting gouts of claret. “I feel like I pushed the violence in R movies about as far as I can push it. I feel like I’m bled out. I wanna switch it up. Everyone I know has been saying ‘When are you gonna do a movie my kids can see?’ And finally, I’m gonna make a movie that 13-year-old kids can see.”

Roth's current plan is to shoot the film in the autumn, provided he gets the $80 million he needs. And that’s not all: if you’re worried he’s eschewing his gory side forever, fear not… “The plan is this: I want to do a huge budget movie, but tack on three weeks to the end of it and shoot Thanksgiving.”

As in a feature-length film based on the trailer he shot for Grindhouse. “The sickest, bloodiest, most violent slasher movie. I want to make the highest body count slasher film I can.”

He’s baaaack…

[Source: MTV ]

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