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    Entry location: In Seahaven, talk to Feydwer and Klaars and tell them you have a code. Use the master code first, then enter the second code.
    MHFMCJIFNDHOKLPM - Bloodstained Warboots
    OBMIDNBJNPFKADCL - Bolt Flingers (gloves)
    MJPOBGFNLKELLLLP - Enkindled Cleaver
    JDGJHKPOLNMCGHNC - Malignant Force (bow)
    MPJNKBHAKANLPGHD - master code
    PJJEPCFHEIHAJEEE - Polychromatic Shiv
    GDIMBNLEIGNNLOEG - Teasha's Ire (katana)
    PIJNPEGFJJPFALNO - Traveler's Handbook (trinket)
    Submitted by Sergeant KillFace

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Release date: Oct 31 2006 - PSP (US)
Feb 02 2007 - PSP (UK)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: 2K Games
Developed by: SuperVillain Studios
Franchise: Dungeon Siege
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Animated Blood, Blood and Gore
PEGI Rating: