========================================================= Dungeon Quest: Throne of Agony Walkthrough ========================================================= This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Written by: Daniel Acaba GameFAQS ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: PSP Version 1.0 - 7/31/2007 This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba List of Sites that may host this FAQ: www.ign.com www.gamefaqs.com www.gamerstemple.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com / www.cheatplanet.com ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - Update History 2 - About this FAQ 3 - Controls 4 - Stats 5 - Characters 6 - Quests / Walkthrough 7 - About the Author ========================================================= 1. Update History ========================================================= 7/31/2007 - v. 1.0 - FAQ completed ========================================================= 2. About this FAQ ========================================================= Throne of Agony is a fairly straightforward game, but some of the quests in it can be fairly annoying. This FAQ is written so as to help those who become confused as to where to go to what place. It is more meant as assistance than a step-by-step handholding guide. Throne of Agony is a straight enough line that such handholding is unnecessary. ========================================================= 3 - Controls ========================================================= Directional Pad Up = Change Mini-Map Directional Pad Down = Change Elemental / Vision Mode Directional Pad Left = Toggles Ranged / Melee Weapons Directional Pad Right = Displays Item Quick list Analog Stick = Move character Square = Interact / Loot / Use Triangle = Ability 1 Cross (X) = Attack (Hit quickly for speedier attacks, hold for power attacks) Circle = Ability 2 L Button = Healing Potions R Button = Alt trigger Select = Character Journal Start = Options Menu R Button + L Button = Mana Potions R Button + Cross (X) = Ability 3 R Button + Circle = Ability 4 R Button + Square = Ability 5 R Button + Triangle = Ability 6 R Button + Directional Pad Right = Trade Items (Multiplayer) ========================================================= 4 - Stats ========================================================= Strength - Increases Melee Attack Power, Carry Capacity and how much damage shields can block. -- Important for the Warlord without question, but somewhat important for the scout as well if you use her in melee. You should still put points into it as the Battle Mage since you need to carry lots of things (potions and scrolls spring right to mind). Agility - Increases Armor, chance to Dodge attacks and Ranged Attack power. -- Important for the Scout if you plan on using her as a ranged attacker but that's about it. It's a nice ability to have extra points in for anyone thanks to the dodge chance and defense increase but don't worry about it too much. Stamina - Increases maximum Hit Points and the Rate of both Health and Mana Regeneration. -- This is a must have for just about everyone thanks to the hit point bonus. Since it also effects Mana regen that makes it important for the Mage too. Willpower - Increases maximum Mana, Magic Attack Power and Resistances to Fire, Frost and Lightning. -- This is really only important for the Battle Mage since the resistances to fire, frost and lightning are a small boon for the used points. Luck - Increases Defense, Critical Hit Chance and the chance to find Gold and Magic Items. -- Anyone can benefit from a high luck as it gives you bonuses to the most useful things in the game (the more gold, magic items and defense the better). This is important for the two fighters due to the Critical hit Chance. ========================================================= 5 - Characters ========================================================= Allister, the Battle Mage - Allister is the mage of this game. He is somewhat complicated to use due to his Elemental modes but once you get used to it he is probably the best character. He can start off with a super powerful melee follower to protect him and he is quite capable of dishing out serious damage with his spells. To use him effectively, keep him to using staffs and other items that boost his stats (stats are more important to him than pure defense) and increase his stamina, willpower and luck. Mogrim, the Half-Giant Warlord - Mogrim is the fighter of this game. He starts off with the greatest pure melee damage ability and he stays that way through the game. Essentially, his purpose is to stand toe to toe with enemies and slug it out. Contrary to how it is in most games, he is not the easiest character to start off in this game; that honor arguably belongs to Serin. To use him effectively, you will want to keep to the bigger and stronger weapon choices and to pump up his strength, stamina and luck. Serin, the Elven Shadow Stalker - Serin is analogous to the rogue of most other types of games. She is designed to be a quick striking, hit and run type of fighter although she can also use bows fairly well. The best bet is to switch between the two of them, weakening enemies with ranged attacks or abilities and then coming into melee to hit them. With a bit of practice she is the best of the characters. To use her effectively, stick to daggers and other quick weapons and pump up her strength, willpower (for mana points for her abilities) and luck. ========================================================= 6 - Quests / Walkthrough ========================================================= - This game is broken down into quests with various tasks required to complete each quest. Thus I will list each quest and what must be done to complete each of the tasks. - I will list locations and things of note at the beginning of each section. - Also, take note that if you use a Portal scroll from a dungeon and go back in through the portal, it will yoink you back to the beginning of the dungeon and all the enemies will have returned. So try not to leave dungeons without having finished them off. - As a warning, I experienced a few things when using the teleporters. You cant just say what area you want to go to on the map. You must specify what portion of the lands you want to go to on the bar to the left side of the screen. If you don't, then it will simply teleport you to the closest teleporter to the one you specified in the area you specified. - Also note that this walkthrough was done using Allister the Battle Mage. I can see a few places where differences between the characters might come up. If I can bring myself to play through it again in this short time I will see what differences arise and note them. ********************************* Act 1: The Broken Land ********************************* ================================= (1) Out of the Frying Pan... ================================= You will wake up after the opening cutscene with this quest, so get a moving once your conversation with the dying man is over. [] Kill the Beastmen (Optional) - This is pretty self-explanatory. In the area around where you start there are lots of beast men, so kill them off. To finish the quest you must find Lord Bloodtooth, a big Beastman, to the northwest of where you start off. He's level 4 and does decent damage but is fairly easy to knock off. Once he's dead, quest over. [] Conquer the Wild - To complete this quest all you need to do is make your way through the forest you start in. Once you reach the exit the quest is done. [] Find Seahaven - Once you are on the world map, head to the northwest and you will find a city with Seahaven written above it. This is the city so enter it and a woman named Arena will speak you to. She sends you to a man named Hendrick, which completes this quest and gets you another one. ********************************* Section 1: The Broken Lands ********************************* After you exit the introductory area you will have access to the Broken Lands freely. There are a number of places of interest: - A Shrine to the north of Seahaven will allow you to work a variety of incantations. These (which you can see under your Lore section) can be quite useful and will enhance the abilities of your character. - There is a man that you can find by going to the extreme north-west where you will see a man standing there. If you go to the east of him, there is are mana and healing potion bushes. - If you instead go to the west of the man you will find a treasure chest nestled into a corner of some trees. *********** Seahaven *********** There are a few things of note in this village: - Steeltoe the Smithy, buy and sell weapons and armor. - Abbot Farns, buy and sell mana and healing potions, as well as gate scrolls. He can also revive dead followers and he sells ankhs that do the same. - Fedwyrr and Klars, who have a special purpose: they can give you codes that are used for a variety of reasons. By bringing them special tablets you will find they will give you awesome items. - Taclin, trains your followers. - The Chicken, why? I have no idea but he's there. - Hendrick & Arena, they're the quest givers. ================================= (2) Healing the Forest ================================= - To get this quest, make your way to the south-most part of Seahaven and you will find a weird platform. Walk onto it and use it and it will take you over a chasm to a new area. Explore that area and you will find a Dryad standing around, so talk to her to get the quest. [] The Shrine of Life - When you speak to Taar, she gives you an empty vial. Go to the Incantation shrine north of Seahaven and use the vial. You will fill it with some water (Id love to see where it comes from...). So go back to Taar. []Hope for the Forest - Once you have the Vial go back to Taar to complete the quest. She uses it and then, once celebrating, she will become another follower for you. She has healing spells so she is fairly useful. She also grants you yet another quest, (28) The Corrupted. ================================= (3) Feeding the Village ================================= - You will get this quest once you talk to Hendrick to complete the very first quest. It is impossible to miss. [] Find the Farms - The farmlands are found to the north of Seahaven, so leave the city and then make your way to the north. You can't miss it, you will see it quite easily, it's labeled the Scorched Hamlet, quite prominently. [] Collect Crates - Once you enter the Scorched Hamlet you will see a burned out village. They will appear on your mini-map as treasure chests, so go about and collect them until you have six. Then you can either portal back or fully explore the Hamlet and find the rear exit. [] Return to Hendrick - Go back to Hendrick for the reward. Well that and yet one more quest. ================================= (3) Fish Bits ================================= - If you head to the south-western most part of Seahaven village itself, you will find a strange cave. When you head inside, you will find a creature that is named Scuttles. Talk to him to get this quest. [] Get Fish Bits - This is simple enough, wander about the cave and kill off all of the beasts that you come across. Once you get six fish bits, you will be told that the quest is complete. So you can now head back to Scuttles. [] Return to Scuttles - Head back over to Scuttles and talk to him. He will give you a weird potion. I have no idea what this does, but it does something. Anyways, there ya go, quest done. ================================= (5) The Big Game Hunter ================================= - When you are leaving Seahaven after getting the "Feeding the Village" quest you will see Arena, the woman near the entrance, has a golden exclamation point over her head. Talk to her to get this quest. [] Find the Cavern - After you leave Seahaven, head to the west from the Incantation Shrine. When you see the Weeping Forest, head south from there. You will see an area called the "Raptor Nest" and that is where you need to go. Head on inside. [] Kill the Raptors - Once you enter the raptor nest you will have to fight all the ways through until you fight the Elder Raptor and his two Raptors with him. Once you kill those three guys, you are basically free to go back to city and to get the reward. [] Return to Seahaven - Head back to Seahaven and talk to Arena to complete this quest. ================================= (6) Lost Settlers ================================= - You can get this quest from Hendrick, after the Tracking the Hunters quest for some odd reason. Why the numbers aren't reversed, I have no idea. [] Missing Settlers - Leave the city and head to the Incantation Shrine. Head West from there until you see the Weeping Forest. Go inside and fight your way through it. You really can't miss the two settlers. Go talk to them and use the Portal Gem next to them. [] The Return - After you have given them the portal gem and they leave, you can head back to Hendrick to complete the quest. ================================= (7) Tracking the Hunters ================================= - After you complete the Feeding the Village quest, you can talk to Hendrick yet again to get another quest. This time you are going to be looking for a hunting party. This is a simple quest. [] Find the Villagers - To find these guys head to the extreme east until you reach the coastline. From there head north until you see a bunch of bodies on the floor. Examine them and you will get your information. Now head back to Hendrick and talk to him again to complete this. ================================= (10) Sin of Pride ================================= - This is the last quest you can get from Hendrick and you get it after you have completed the Lost Settlers quest. [] Speak With Farns - After you get the quest, go talk to Farns. It's mostly for background information more so than anything else. Talk to him and then head out of Seahaven towards the monastery. You can get there by going to the north past the Scorched Hamlet. You will see a cave entrance onto the Craters Rim. Go up there and the monastery is to the east. A little past it is a treasure chest, so grab that before going in. [] Enter the Abbey - This is pretty self explanatory, once you enter the monastery you complete it. Simple as that. More quest objectives will pop up after you're inside: [] Gorvinus - Once you enter the cathedral you must head straight inside until you reach a center area. You will fight a boss skeleton archer called Deadeye here. Take him out. From here you can go north, east or west. By going to the east you will find a treasure area, which is a good sidetrack. However you need to go to the west. Following that path you will come across a boss monster of the first floor, Gorvinus. Kill him to unlock further quests. [] Search Within - After you kill Gorvinus, you still have plenty of exploring to do. Head to the north and to the west and a bit more to the north and you will find yourself near a staircase downward. Going down the stairs leads you to another area called the Defiled Sanctuary. Go inside. Explore around down in here and you will eventually complete this quest and get a new one. [] Summoners - Right after you get this quest you will find a group of four Necromancers working some sort of ritual. Kill the lot of them to complete this quest as well. This can be easier said than done, they are fairly tough and their magic's do a lot of damage. Just don't make the same mistake I did and bring Portal scrolls to get you out of their ASAP if in danger. Once they are dead your business here is concluded. [] Return to Hendrick - Go back to Hendrick to get your reward. ********************************* Section 2: The Sunken Forest ********************************* - Once you are done with that last quest, now is the time to seek out Barin, the Ranger. You might have run across him when you were wandering the lands. Head over to him to reach the next section of the game. Talk to him to start a conversation that changes depending on your character and then watch the little cutscene that plays. He will then give you a quest. A few notes about the area: - There is a teleporter right to your northwest of where you enter the area. You can use this to get back to Seahaven really fast. - The Incantation shrine isn't working when you first enter the area. You will need to recharge it later. - Along the westernmost side of the area there is a treasure chest that has yet another tablet to bring to Fedwyrr and Klars. ================================= (12) Ruined Village ================================= - This is the first quest that Barin gives you. The ruins aren't all that far away so lets get started. [] Find Farstead - Head directly to the northwest of where you met Barin. You will see the teleporter and Farstead ruins. Go inside and this part is done. [] Kill the Invaders - This one is pretty straightforward. Head on inside of Farstead and begin killing the enemies. Once you have killed enough of them you can head back to Barin. If you choose, you can explore further and find the Ornate Coffer hidden in the village. It has some nice treasure in it. [] Report to Barin - Talk to Barin to end the quest and then get a new one. ================================= (14) Stormhaven ================================= - This is the third quest that you get from Barin Stonesplitter. Once again, a later quest has an earlier number. Ehn, whatever. Head straight to the east and you will see Stormhaven, it's near impossible to miss. [] Find Stormhaven - Enter the fortress and you will begin to face a horde of enemies. This place I found to be easier than the Deepwood forest thanks to the leveling up I managed to do there. [] Kill the Invaders - Simply head on into the fortress and start killing off enemies. This one is a pretty simple mission. After you kill the Initiates of the Beast Cult on the bridge area, the mission should be complete. Feel free to leave after this point. [] Report to Barin - Talk to Barin to complete this quest and get another one. ================================= (15) Shrine of Nature ================================= - This is the second quest you get from Barin. It looks like a long one, so lets get cracking. Head to the north until you see the teleporter; the way into the Mysterious Catacombs is northwest from there. [] Mysterious Catacombs - Head on inside the Mysterious Catacombs, but take care. This place has lots of monsters and can be a bit tough since you will often fight monsters of a higher level than you. [] Agallan Crystal - Head straight on into the Catacombs and you will see a flight of stairs. Go up them and you will see a treasure chest in front of you surrounded by enemies. Kill them and take the treasure; this has the Agallan Crystal you are looking for. Now you can leave or go for more treasure, the choice is up to you. [] Power the Shrine - This is simple; head to the Incantation Shrine and use the Agallan Crystal. Done. [] Purity of Nature - This too is fairly simple; use the empty vial at the Incantation Shrine and gather the waters. Next! [] Journey to Deepwood - Now head to the Deepwood forest. It is located to the east of the Shrine, so head that way. Once you enter the forest this task will be completed as well. However being inside of this place, I found to be pure hell. The enemies are very strong, a good five levels higher than you and they are more than capable of killing even the Half Giant quite fast. So be careful. [] Restore Saplings - Essentially what you are going to be doing once you get into the Deepwood is looking for groves of burnt out trees. Once you find them use the Filled Canteen from the Incantation Shrine and you will restore it. Do this four times and you will complete the quest. Just do take care, they are spread out all over the place and they are quite easy to miss. The first is fairly close to the entrance. [] Restore Saplings - This one is shortly after the first one, near the area where the treasure chest is in the corner of the platform. [] Restore Saplings - This one is a bit further away. Keep heading to the southeast in the area. You will see it eventually. [] Restore Saplings - This is a pair of corrupted Saplings near the third one, they're actually very hard to miss. [] Return to Barin - Talk to Barin to end this quest. ================================= (19) Dark Haven ================================= - Well, Barin seems to think that going into the Stonemaw Chasm is the way to go about stopping the enemies, so time to get a move on. Head back to the Incantation Shrine to the northwest. Then from there head straight to the west until you see Stonemaw Chasm. [] Find the Cavern - Head on inside of Stonemaw Chasm. Your followers are most likely going to get caught up on things, like the walls here, so avoid melee followers while you're here. I found Taar to be the most useful one. [] Kill the Invaders - If you want to get out of here quickly, like I did, then you should head to the southwest. Kill off all the enemies over here and you will complete the quest. Just be careful because some of these enemies can deal out damage incredibly fast and take you out in no time. [] Report to Barin - Talk to Barin to complete the quest and then talk to him again to get a new one. ================================= (23) Path Through Darkness ================================= - This is the last quest that Barin gives you, so go talk to him after you complete the Dark Haven quest. Now head to the north to the Incantation Shrine and then head further north still. You can't miss the entrance. [] Search the Forest - Once you enter this place, prepare for a not fun time. This forest is absolutely hellish. The enemies are tough, they're almost all using ranged attacks and they're of a fairly higher level than you most likely. Be careful, bring plenty of healing and mana potions and you might want a few ankhs to revive your followers. [] Enter the Black Tree - Once you find the exit to this area, use it. It will take you back outside right across from the Black Tree. Time to kill that Druid. The only real tip I can give on how to get there is that you should head northwest as much as possible and follow that path. It'll get you there. When you finally get outside, now is a good time to go back to Seahaven to restock. [] Find the Black Druid - After you spend enough time wandering through those damnable tunnels you will reach a square room and get a quest update. You will have to fight some enemies in this room and then he is a bit further into the room. Do not rush in or you will have to fight him and four enemies. Draw off each enemy one by one with ranged attacks and then move in to fight him. He is actually a freaking push over compared to his minions. Simply use ranged attacks to avoid his radius attacks and keep moving to avoid his ray attack. [] Kill the Black Druid - Once he is dead pillage his body and move into the next room to pillage the chest in there. Then use the elevator platform. - When playing as Allister he found Sedara here. ********************************* Section 3: Eshadune ********************************* Places of Note: - There is a treasure chest to the extreme northeast of where you start. - There are two dungeons that only serve as places to get XP and treasure. These are: Bloodstone Mesa and Buried Ruins. You can get some nice experience from the boss monsters here and the treasure chests are mildly rewarding. - There is a man named Ronaldo who is in the chasm to the west of Fader Gaul. He is a merchant with some nice items so he's worth a talk to. ================================= (24) Secrets ================================= - When you exit the backdoor of the Black Tree you will come across a creature called Fader Gaul. He wants you to learn about his peoples before you go around and start fighting them, so its time to find three ruins to explore. I'm not sure how many there are, I just went for the first three I saw. [] Search the Desert - To the north-east of where I met Fader Gaul there is a pedestal. Examine it to get a quest update. [] Search the Desert - To the northwest of that book and west of the abandoned fortress is another pedestal. Read! [] Search the Desert - Double back to Fader Gaul but stay in the chasm. Now go to the west and search around. You will find a third pedestal. [] Return to Fader Gaul - With all of that done, now head back to that Ghoul looking fellow and time to move on to the next quest. ================================= (26) Abandoned ================================= - Talk to Fader Gaul after completing the Secrets quest to get this one. Head north of him to find the Abandoned Fortress he is speaking of. [] Reach the Fortress - Go north to the fortress and go on inside. This place is rough. All the monsters are at level 26 and higher and some, namely the Scorched Devourers, will shoot you through walls. There are also some spinning blade traps to avoid. [] Ancient Tome - When you get to the upper areas head to the east, making your way through the rubble. You will reach a circular staircase after a bit, so go on and follow it up to its top. Follow this path to its end and you will soon enough find the Tome guarded by a small horde of enemies. I died here the first time so be careful. [] Return to Fader Gaul - Go back to Fader Gaul to complete this mission. Get yet another one from him (27). ================================= (27) Lost ================================= - You get this one after Abandoned, once more from Fader Gaul. Getting this one done is something of a pain in the rear, but lets get to it. [] Find the Ruins - These are on the westernmost part of the map. To get there head to the east from Fader Gaul until you come across Ronaldo. Go to the south of him and up to the upper areas. Now go to the west some more and across the rock bridge over the chasm. There is the Ancient Monument. [] Tome of Knowledge - When you get into this place, take care. The very first enemies that you run across should be a good indication of what to expect; the Scorpitaur, a huge level 29 beast. You and your followers will likely be food for these guys for quite some time so level up if you need it. The way to the Tome you are seeking is essentially just to keep making your way to the north- east as much as possible. [] Return to Fader Gaul - Return to Fader Gaul and you will complete this quest and get the very last quest from him. ================================= (27) Bloodshadow ================================= - This is the last quest from Fader Gaul, so lets get to it and make our way out of this desolate wasteland. Time to get ourselves to the Temple of the Earth. This took me a bit to figure out. [] Temple of the Earth - Head back to the Teleporter in Eshadune, near Fader Gaul. Then head south until you see the gray stone rim of Eshadune. Get up onto it, this might take a bit of massaging since there are invisible walls that stop you from walking in certain areas. Once you're on the rim follow it to the west until you see the temple. Head on in! Take note that this place is fairly easy if you are using ranged attacks, although it is quite hard for melee characters due to how powerful the Vagar in here can be. Also, see (28) The Corrupted. [] Searing Wastes - Once you reach the exit to the Temple, the quest log will update and show you this bad boy. [] Fortress of Doom - Make your way to the west, to the Fortress of Doom. Once you get inside, then this quest is done. Be careful in here, this place is damn near unplayable. Each individual monster is more than a match for even the Stone Golem follower and Taar is basically a one hit kill here. The Dire Wolves are the worst offenders, one out of about every ten spells would hit them. However if you stick to regular attacks you should be okay. Just keep making your way to the north-west. [] Bloodshadow - After enough time you will encounter two Vagar Warlocks (very hard to hurt with magic but easy enough with ranged attacks) and a humongous warlock named Dreadlord Bloodshadow. He is really just an uber powerful Warlock so get to using the ranged (or melee) attacks on him and he will die without too much difficulty. Do be careful that you don't get swarmed though. [] The Siege - This comes up after you beat Bloodshadow. You have to make your way out of the Fortress of Doom and head outside. Once you are back outside you can go through where the big gate was standing before. ================================= (28) The Corrupted ================================= - Oddly enough, you get this quest after you recruit Taar (quest 2). However you obviously have to take some time to get to doing it. You wont encounter the corrupted monster until you are doing quest (27) Bloodshadow. [] The Hunt - Time to find that beast in the Temple of the Earth. Keep making your way through the Temple areas until you reach the end, where you should be able to see a circular area with lots of enemies, the exit to the north and a treasure chest to the east. In the middle of this there are enemies, the beast you are looking for is in that middle area. [] The Kill - The Corrupted, as it is called, is fairly tough. He can kill Taar in one or two hits and he was even whipping the daylights out of my Stone Golem regardless of its hit points. The best bet is to dodge its blast attack and then to counter attack. I don't know how strong it is in melee but I stuck to a distance when dealing with this guy. Once he is dead the quest is finally over and done with. ********************************* Act 2: The Fallen Empire ********************************* Section 4: Gorashland ********************************* - Do NOT use a town portal scroll while outside. For some reason it will take you back to Seahaven. You can use the teleport portal to take you back to the Citadel of Drahn but its still an annoying and roundabout route. - This takes you right into a new area. You will have an area called the Bloodstained Battlefield right in front of you. Go on inside of it. ================================= (32) Turning the Siege ================================= - When you enter the Bloodstained Battlefield you will see a man to speak to right in front of you. Speak to Gorelin and get this quest. So go on and head out to start fighting. [] Find the Catapults - To get to the first catapult, head to the west from where you start. If you stick to the northern edge of the map and follow it as it turns, you will reach the catapult. The next ones are mostly in the middle of the map, so in the absence of any in game mini-map of the battlefield you have to find the last four of them. The other easy one to find is by following the western side of the map you will pass over a rock bridge. Head over that and head towards the south, sticking to the west side of the map. Eventually you will see a raised platform, so go up onto that and fight off the enemies up there. You will see a Khardun Overseer monster, so kill him off using ranged attacks. Magical spells don't really work on the Khardun, so stick with that. [] Enter the Citadel - The citadel entrance is reached by going to the western most part of the map, across the rock bridges. Then you have to head down the ramps and head back to the north-east and you will reach the entrance to the Citadel of Drahn. [] Find Refuge Hall - Once you are inside of the Citadel, you can use a Scroll of Town Portal to hop immediately to the Refuge Hall. This will act as your new home base instead of Seahaven. [] Speak to the Captain - Once inside all you need to do is talk to Captain Aenadin and finish the quest. ================================= (35) A Message ================================= - When you are inside the Refuge Hall if you head straight inside past the teleporter you will see a woman standing there. Talk to her, listen to her sob story and agree to help her. She will join you as a follower and all you have to do is take her to speak to Fedwyrr and Klars. [] Fedwyrr and Klars - Go to the teleporter and go on over to Seahaven. Speak to the two guys you have been giving the Crossover Tablets to. Quest done. You can head back to the Citadel of Drahn. ================================= (36) The Gathering Shadow ================================= - You get this quest by speaking to Havalon, who is to the north-east of the teleporter. He will tell you about his... problem. Well, now its time to find this Shadowchanneler. This quest doesn't really tell you where to locate him but he can be found by going to the Frozen Cliffs. To get there, you just need to make your way north-east from the Citadel of Drahn. Head that way until you see an entrance back to the Broken Lands. Go there and you will find an entrance to the Frozen Cliffs. Use that, hit the Incantation Shrine if you like and then head into the Alpine Heights. [] Book of Shadows - As soon as you enter the Alpine Heights, head straight to the southwest. Very shortly after going down this path you will fight your way through the ranks of the enemies and come across the High Shadowcaller. He isn't all that tough to take out, so just beat him down and take the Tome of Shadows off his body. This will also complete one of the parts of quest (42). [] Return to Havalon - Simply go back to Havalon after you have the Book. This will complete the quest. ================================= (38) Tomb of the Ancestors ================================= - You will get this quest from Captain Aenadin after completing all the other quests in the Refuge Hall. This is going to take you back out into the desert so get a move on. [] Malith Has Awoken - Head to the north from the Citadel of Draghn until you see the Tomb of the Ancestors. Walk up to it and press the button to enter and you will get the option to speak the words Aenadin told you. Head on in! [] Contact the Agallan - Once you're inside start heading further inside of the tomb until you see a blue mark on your mini-map. Head over to it. It will tell you that only Agallans can pass this way. So head back south and you should see a passage that is blocked by a wall. Destroy the wall, make your way past the spinning blade and you should see a big, big guardian robot called the Guardian 9000 and a few undead giants. Take them out and read the tome there. That's all you can do here now, so get out of here. [] Return to Aenadin - Return to the Captain in the Refuge Hall to let him know what just went down. Time for the next quest. ================================= (39) Negotiations in Steel ================================= - You need to speak to Siegemaster Teraham, he can be found to the northeast of the teleporter, near Havalon. Take the Portal Gem he gives you and now you have to travel to the Vagari prison camp. [] Find the Prison Camp - If you look at your quest log you will notice that they mention that it is possibly in a dried out Oasis called the Watering Hole. Time to find that place. Head to the west from the Citadel of Drahn, through the rocky pass and you will find it. Go on inside. As a note, while you are in the watering hole, look at quest (42). [] Save Sinthia - This place is kind of annoying but it isn't too hard if you have strong ranged weapons or spells. Since it's a wide-open desert area there is plenty of space to launch attacks. Make your way steadily northeast, take heed that you may need to double back more than once to find the paths that lead you up. Eventually you will see an area with plenty of wooden stakes that form a fence. Kill all the Vagar here and you will find Sinthia in a cage. Go over to her and use the portal gem and she's gone. [] Speak With Teraham - Now you just need to make your way back to Teraham and complete the quest. ================================= (40) Touch of Evil ================================= - You get this one from Nadilla the healer, who is found to the northwest of where you met Eva, near all the scrolls you can read. She needs you to cure Commander Eroei of a virulent poison, so you have to find another Defiler and take his Book of Curses. You have to find the Tower of the Dead, which is north of the Watering hole. [] Book of Curses - Once you are inside the tower make your way to the south, to the raising platform. Go up the flight of stairs until you reach the upper- most floor. From here, head to the south-east, fighting your way past the traps and the enemies until you reach the Vagar Defiler and a treasure chest. He is just a really strong Vagar, so take him out like all the others. Pick up the Tome and start heading out. [] Return of Nadilla - Make your way back to Nadilla with the Book of curses in hand and you will complete the quest. ================================= (41) The Vagar Prophet ================================= - You will get this quest after completing the Tomb of the Ancestors quest. Now it is time to find the Spire of the Red Queen. If you have been wandering about, you will know where it is. Suffice it to say, it is located north-west of the Watering Hole and south-west of the Tower of the Damned, both places you should have visited by now. Make your way there. [] Enter the Spire - Once you find the spire, head on inside of it. This place is something of a maze of lifts, requiring you to fight off enemies and use the platforms to get from place to place. This place is tough, especially the Initiates of the Red Queen but can be made easier by either using yours or your followers ranged attacks to weaken them. [] Kill Shadowdawn - When you reach the uppermost level of the tower, you will know it by the red carpet in front of you as well as the Elite Guards there. After dealing with them, if you move forward more you will see four Brutish Bodyguards. When you fight them you will get a boss alert, be careful. If you draw them out you will not have to fight the four at once along with the mage, Faithsayer Shadowdawn. Once the big boys are dead head up to Shadowdawn and kill him using your preferred means. After all you have been through he will not likely be very hard. [] Return to Aenadin - Speak to Captain Aendadin to complete this stage of the quest. All isn't over with yet though. Time to get a boat and make our way off to those isles. [] To Bloodmist - Use the portal to get out into the desert and then head to the Watering Hole. From there, make your way to the south-east until you see a dock in front of you. Walk up to the edge of the dock and board the boat. Once you're on the boat, the quest ends. To actually make your way to the island, consult your map. Bloodmist Isle is the really big island with a dock on your mini-map so start heading that way. You will know you're seeing it when you see the twin docks on its eastern side and the rock wall on its western side. Once you're there, talk to Rawt. ================================= (42) The Enemy of my Enemy ================================= - By heading to the northwestern most part of the Refuge Hall you will come across a woman standing near a Vagar. Talk to those two and you will get this quest soon enough. It is best to get this quest along with all the other ones since you complete this quest as you do the others. [] Talk to Ilisav - Talk to the Vagar standing nearby to get this quest really started. Delani and him will instruct you on what to do. [] Slay a Dreadknight - You can find a Dreadknight in the Watering Hole while doing quest (39). Make your way towards the northwest until you see a green pool of water. Continue northwest until you see a dark gray rock wall. Destroy it and you will find a secret area and the Dreadknight. This guy does some big damage so be careful with him. If you have a melee follower or enough health, then this shouldn't be too big a deal. [] Slay a Bloodseeker - When you are in the process of doing the (43) Cleaning Duty quest, you can find the Bloodseeker. Simply head to the west from where you enter the Catacombs and you will encounter him. He is in a room surrounded by other spell casters, so be careful. He himself isn't that big a threat. [] Slay a Defiler - This creature is found in quest (36) The Gathering Shadow. Simply follow that quest and complete it to finish this task. [] Slay a Shadowchanneler - This creature is found in quest (40) Touch of Evil. Simply follow that quest and complete it to finish this task. [] Return to Delani - Go back to Delani and let her know that you have staved off the enemy for now. ================================= (43) Cleaning Duty ================================= - Gotten from Gorlac in the hidden refuge. He is to the south-west, near the mule Bessie (whom you can purchase as a follower for 70,000 gold and she helps you carry stuff greatly). He will give you a Heavy Iron Key, so get a move on to the catacombs. [] Unlock Catacombs Door - The Catacomb doors are found on the first floor. You can find the door in the western-most area on the first floor. You will fight a group of enemies right in front of it. Simply walk up to the door and use the Heavy Iron Key on the doors. They give no real indication that these are the doors you're looking for, so just go up to them and use the key. Once you enter the Catacombs, be sure to look at quest (42). [] Find the Cache - When you head into the Catacombs you will find yourself in a long corridor. Take the second door on to your east and you will encounter a few enemies and a treasure chest. Take the Weapons Cache from the chest. [] Cleaning Duty (Optional) - To complete this quest you need to kill the biggest and meanest beast down here. Head to the far south and to the eastern door down there. You will encounter a few enemies with a huge Khargun Beast with them. Kill this guy and you will be done with this quest. Head out! [] Return to Gorlac - Now return to Gorlac, however you please, and you will complete the quest and get rewarded. ********************************* Section 5: Bloodmist Isle & The Islands ********************************* - These quests will require a bit of island hopping, so be ready for lots of running around. ================================= (39) - The Reavers ================================= - You get this by talking to Osis, the Half-Giant Berserker on Bloodmist Isle. Talk to him and he will join up as a follower. Now that you have a Half-Giant with you, you can get past that statue that wouldn't let you pass before. [] Enter the Hidden Chamber - If you behind the Guardian State, with Osis as your active follower, you will find an entrance to the Halls of Atonement guarded by a boss, Guardian 9000. Once you enter, the following quests come up: [] Guardians of Atonement - There are a strong group of creatures down here called the Gorash. You must fight your way through them and make your way to the very end of the relatively straight path. You will fight a creature called the Gorash Boss. Once he is killed, this quest ends itself. [] Read Your History - Go up to the book and read it to end the quest. All done with this one. So get out of the dungeon. ================================= (44) The Agallan Trials ================================= - I hope you're not tired of fetch quests because this is the grand pappy of all fetch quests. Get your walking boots on and get a moving. [] Welcome to the Jungle - Head to the north-west to find the entrance to the Bloodmist Jungle. Go on inside and be ready for a rumble. The enemies in here are pretty tough and they will maul your mage followers. Keep on moving through this place at a steady pace and be careful. [] Ring of Fire (Optional) - The enemy you are looking for to complete this quest is a Vile Spore Pod. You will encounter him after you cross a bridge so even though this is labeled to be an optional quest, it's still a pretty simple matter to find and beat this creature. [] Suntoucher - Keep making your way through the forests until you reach the end, you really can't miss it. Once you reach the end you will find the gem you are looking for, the Suntoucher. Now you can get the heck out of here. [] Tears of Stone - Head north from the entrance to the Bloodmist Jungle. There you will find the Temple of Tears. Head on inside to complete this part of the quest. Do be careful once inside of it, these enemies are tough. [] Temple of Doom - The Hak'u are ridiculously powerful for midgets, so keep your melee followers stored away. Princess Eva, the obnoxious little git, will get herself killed all too easily here. Take note that I was having a hard time targeting enemies from off-screen here even if I had a straight line of fire. Make your way to the top of the temple to complete this quest. You simply need to reach the platform that brings you to the very top floor. Take it up to the roof and you are almost done... finally. [] The Dark Crystal - Make your way across the roof, fighting off enemies and heading to the northwest. Keep fighting your way until you have killed off enough enemies to make your way to the treasure chest up there. Take Icepearl out of the chest and get out of there. [] Road to Ruin - Head to the east from the Bloodmist Jungle and you will see the Verdant Ruins. Go on inside to get rid of this task. [] Earth Tones - The Verdant Ruins are fairly straightforward, but since they loop around you can find yourself going in circles a bit. The major thing you are looking for is the treasure chest tucked into a south-west corner and surrounded by enemies and walls. Make your way there and get the Gleamstone. You can leave now, there isn't much else here. [] Searching - Head to the east to a smaller island, as you pass it you should see a little humanoid hopping around. Go to the docks and disembark. Once you talk to the creature, named Neeloc, you complete this quest. [] Faith - When you are talking to Neeloc, you will be able to buy a Spirit Orb from him. This orb, Faith, is going to set you back some 37,000 gold but at this point you should be able to do that without a problem. [] The End of the Trials - Head back to Grimsayer to complete this quest. ================================= (46) The Black Pyramid ================================= - After gathering up all the Foundation Crystals, return to Grimsayer Rawt. He will take the four of them from you and make the Agallan Crystal. Take it and head to the Black Pyramid, [] Enter the Pyramid - The pyramid can be found west of the Tower of Tears, Northwest of where Rawt himself stands. Head that way and enter it to complete this part of the quest. [] Pit Lord - Make your way through the outside of the pyramid, heading to the Southeast, following it around and then using the platform lift upwards. Once that is done make your way a bit through this upper level and get to the next lift. Take this one down into the pyramid and you will fight a Biter creature. Up ahead is the Pit Lord, as the screen flash indicated. He is to the north- east behind a destroyable wall. If you want to head northwest, there is some treasure to be found there. The pit lord can throw out about 500 damage per hit so you really don't want to stand toe to toe with him for too long. [] Activate the Portal - Once the Pit Lord is dead head towards the back of the room, pillaging the chests along the way. There are four blue pillars in the back of the room, they are where you need to use the Agallan Crystal. Stand between them and activate the crystal and head on through. [] Enter the Portal - Go through the portal and walk through the new area you find yourself in. Read the books if you like and then talk to Elandir, the Agallan (big, isn't he?). This will end the quest and give you the next one. ================================= (48) Waking the Megalith ================================= - You get this quest from Elandir after talking to him in the portal you opened in the Black Pyramid. Head back to where you came in and activate the Teleporter and take it to Seahaven. [] Find the Glacier - To find the Glacier, head west from Seahaven until you get to the docks and board your boat there. Now take the boat south and a bit to the east until you see the giant lump of white that is the Glacier. When you get there, you will encounter two entrances. I went into the Arctic Highlands entrance first only to explore it and find out that it is the wrong entrance. You have to use the Icewind Pass. Its, once again, a straight run but this place can be deadly. Not the monsters in it, they aren't that difficult. But the Core Guardians you will fight at the end are killer. They are huge enough that they don't fit on the screen vertically and they can do about 900 damage per hit. Bad news. You will fight one by itself and then two together. I very much suggest using ranged attacks here. Once you defeat them you can head on inside the machine. [] Enter the Machine - Once you are inside of the Megalith, this task will be considered complete. Yay! [] Defeat the Guardians - Now you have to start trudging your way through the inside of the Megalith. You basically have to find your way through it and keep on slaughtering the boss monsters to fight your way through the Megalith. The first of these guys is a huge Ornate Machine that fires triple energy blasts. He killed me really quickly the first time that I ran across him and I was at full health, so take care. You need to kill this boss monster and several more of the regular metal monsters before this quest is complete. [] Mogrim the Deceiver - Make your way to the lift and take it down. Kill all the enemies in your path and head towards the end of the platform. Use the Agallan Crystal here. I'm not sure what is up with this quests name, but were all done down here. Head on outside. You will get a cutscene once you're out of this place, no matter how you leave. [] The Machine Core - Head on outside. You will get a cutscene once you're out of the Megalith place, no matter how you leave. Quest done! Simple, eh? [] Tears of Agalla - Go to the port west of Seahaven and head north. There you will find three islands forming a triangle. Go to the statues on them in this order: Elegy, Regret and Mourn. You will get the option to speak to the Mourn island statue and then to enter the Agallan Capital. Go for it. ********************************* Act 3: The Red Queen ********************************* Section 6: The Agallan Capital ********************************* - Its time to take out Malith! Lets do this thing. ================================= (49) The Chamber of Agony ================================= - You will get this quest right after you enter the Ruins of Agalla. - When you use the Portal, you will go back to Seahaven. [] Elegy - The Guardian Statue Elegy has animated. Head straight north and a bit to the east of where you came in to this stage and fight this bad boy. He is a seriously strong boss monster but he shouldn't be too big a problem at this point. Nearby are the two other statues, so go look for them. [] Red Seal - Head to the southeast most portion of this area and you will see a lift. Take it up and continue heading south. You will run into a boss level Regret statue. Take it out and enter the Forgotten Halls. Follow this area to its end, dodging the spiked pillars and use the lift. Once you make it across this pit you will come across [] Regret - He can be found just to the east of Elegy. They are all about the same difficulty, so go take him out. Mourn is near here as well, so go see that quest. [] Blue Seal - Go back down to the first floor and head to the northwest. You will come across a lift that takes you up to a second floor. You will encounter a boss level Elegy. Take him out and you will see an entrance to a new area behind him, the Vault of Judgment. Go on inside and be wary that you are going to be getting jumped. Its tough to live through the first section you are in. From here, head to the eastern path (the north and west ones lead you to boss monsters and treasure). When you reach the four way intersection head north. Following this path you will soon enough come across the blue crystal guarded by a slew of robots. Take them out and bash the crystal. Now make your way back to the area near the Forgotten Halls. [] Mourn - Mourn is located just south of Regret. He seems to have a bit more health than either of the other two but he isn't all that hard to beat. Get rid of him and you're done with the Guardian Statues. [] An Audience With Malith - Head back to the lift that took you to the Forgotten Halls, but instead of going to the southeast head north. You will find some treasure and a doorway that takes you further northeast. Open the door and activate the lift, heading all the way to the north. Once you cross the lift, you will fight four Chosen of Malith. Once they're done there's a teleporter and a doorway. The doorway is guarded by a boss creature Mourn. Take the doors and head on through to the chamber of Agony. Go on inside and watch the cutscene to complete this quest. [] Malith - Once inside the room you will have to fight a few Undead Agallans and a spirit type enemy. Take them out and you will have only Malith left to kill here. Move forward towards the throne and wait for her to appear on the platform you are on (ranged attacks cant hurt her). Once she appears start going to town on her. I didn't really need any special things to take her out, simply to use my strongest spells on her and to take her out as quickly as I possibly could. All that is left is the ending itself. Congratulations! You just beat Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony. ========================================================= 7. 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