Disgaea 4 promises to make your manliest fantasies come true

Disgaea may be a niche series, but publisher NIS America pledges to put "one copy in every home" of Disgaea 4, the latest in the hardcore tactical RPG franchise. Just because it has literally infinite hours of gameplay, with limitless randomized dungeons and a ridiculous degree of character leveling ("over one-hundred million damage!"), that doesn't mean that Disgaea 4 hasn't made an effort to welcome newcomers to the series. Even if you're terrified of the hardcore-ocity that Disgaea represents, NIS promises that Disgaea 4 will hold your hand with plenty of tutorials and helpful explanations, if that's what you need (you wimp). We'd tell you more ourselves, but the trailer pretty much covers it all.

Above: Takes a dump on the face of common sense

Are you still here? Are you totally pumped for Disgaea 4 now? We're also told that the series is taking a slightly different direction story-wise this time around, with less emphasis on demons and overlords. Apparently the main cast of characters includes a vampire, a werewolf, and an andoid. It still has all the hardcore tactical gameplay that the series is known for though, so we're eager to get more time with this PS3-exclusive before its September 2011 release date. Look for an interview with director and lead programmer of Disgaea 4, Masa Yamamoto, early next week.

May 13, 2011

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