Director John Stockwell's in The Middle Of Nowhere

Best place for him. Okay… it’s a film

You might think that, after the decent, but shallow Blue Crush, the shallow but sexy Into The Blue and the shallow, stupid and flop-tastic Turistas, John Stockwell would be slapped with a director’s restraining order, forbidding him to come anywhere near a production larger than a Wotsits advert for three years.

But no – he’s back and this time he’s swapping sunny beach drama for bittersweet romantic comedy. Stockwell is attached to director Susan Sarandon and her real-life daughter Eva Amurri in The Middle Of Nowhere.

Amurri is playing Grace, a young woman whose mother (Sarandon, shockingly) spends her college education fund on a beauty pageant campaign for her younger sister. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a little tension between the pair.

Michelle Morgan penned the screenplay and the cameras start whirring in September.