Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC mystery solved (almost)

It's a given Deus Ex: Human Revolution will get a dose of DLC sometime in the future, but deciphering exactly what Square Enix has in store for the expansion is turning into something of an all-consuming game in and of itself.

Earlier this week, a mysterious message popped up on the in-game ticker, reading:


The code was followed up later with another enigmatic series of letters and numbers, reading:

5 - / ! f / f q / x c / q y / d 3 / ? x / t $ / j #

This was also augmented with a series of tweets from Deus Ex staffers, which added up to:

7 2 / m 1 / . 4 /r 5 / i e / y /a d / u k / w 0

Easy, right? Fortunately, the internet is chock-full of gifted code breakers, and a group of them recognized the tweets and second message as a cipher for the first, allowing them to crack the initial code and discover a new Deus Ex website:

Digging deeper, fans spotted GPS coordinates embedded in the site's header. Once entered into Google Maps, the numbers pointed the way to Ayers Rock; a locale in Australia also known as “Uluru”. The website also carried a morse code message which translated to “11m13clinic”. Using both “Uluru” and “11m13clinic” as the login and password for a secret Illuminati access screen (hint: look for the eye), braniacs then uncovered this teaser image:

That's a lot of work for a vague screenshot, however a close to VG247 insists the DLC will take place two days after Adam Jensen sets off on his deep-sleep. According to the unnamed mole, players will encounter a floating prison populated by prisoners who are being subjected to secret experiments. That certainly sounds Deus Ex-ish, however it's a stretch to believe Jensen would waste any time on his mission to save the world.

Prison island or not, we're interested. As indicated in the teaser image, we'll likely hear something official regarding Deus Ex DLCS this Sunday at roughly 04:28:56. Here's hoping the info will be revealed in a manner that doesn't make our brains hurt.

Sep 1, 2011 


  • Crypto140 - September 2, 2011 5:11 a.m.

    This is the one game this year(That and Portal 2) that I didn't get, but is one of the best games ever. Great.
  • Cosmis - September 1, 2011 4:31 p.m.

    I might be wrong, but I remember Jensen in cryo sleep being well before his journey to Panchea. Doesn't the cryo sleep take place between the last Hengsha segment and the Singapore one?
  • Doctalen - September 1, 2011 3:58 p.m.

    Shouldn't have read this. Still haven't beaten Deus Ex, it is such a long game, but that is why I loved it.
  • HitmanSB07 - September 1, 2011 1:44 p.m.

    What? Jenson wakes up during the cryogenic sleep? Doesn't he seem surprised when he finds out he's been there for a week (was it a week?). Anywho, I can't wait for dlc, the game is one of my favourites everand definitely my favourite game this year so far.

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