Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 51-60 

Created by combining: Propane Tank + Gasoline Canister
Blueprint found: Inside the Morgue in southeast Ingleton, accessed after completing Chapter 2

Iron Edge
Created by combining: Machete + Meat Cleaver
Blueprint found: Downstairs in the Morgue during Chapter 2 mission

Jack in the Box
Created by combining: Toy Robot + Cardboard Box
Blueprint found: Inside Rhonda’s garage in Ingleton

Jazz Hands
Created by combining: MMA Gloves + Handgun
Blueprint found: In the Karaoke Club in west Sunset Hills, accessed during Chapter 7 mission

Junk Ball
Created by combining: Outdoor Trash Can + Garbage Bag
Blueprint found: Unlocked during Chapter 7 Psycho side mission on boat in south Central City

Knife Gloves
Created by combining: Boxing Gloves + Chef Knife
Blueprint found: In the construction area on the ground floor of The Burgess-Dawson Hotel in southeast Central City

Laser Sword
Created by combining: Gems + Flashlight
Blueprint found: Inside Central Storage at the east end of the Freeway, accessed during Chapter 4 mission

* Massive Bomb
Created by combining: * Enormous Bomb + Laptop
Blueprint found: Unlocked by completing the game

Created by combining: Machete + Katana Sword
Blueprint found: Inside the entrance to the Museum of the Americas in central Central City, accessed during Chapter 5 mission

* Meat Buffet Cart
Created by combining: * Buffet Cart + Lettuce
Blueprint found: Unlocked by purchasing the second tier Smarts Attribute


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