Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 31-40 

* Electroice Staff
Created by combining: * Electric Staff + Liquid Nitrogen
Blueprint found: Upstairs in the Fire Station in northeast South Almuda

Elemental Staff
Created by combining: * Electrofire Staff + Liquid Nitrogen / * Electroice Staff + Propane Tank
Blueprint found: On top of the walkway above the power plant in east South Almuda, accessed by climbing on top of a unit on the east side

* Enormous Bomb
Created by combining: * Huge Bomb + Microwave
Blueprint found: Unlocked by completing Chapter 7

Explosive Chair
Created by combining: Wheelchair + Dynamite
Blueprint found: By the fountain in the park in southeast Central City

Fighting Gloves
Created by combining: Game Console + Toy Gun
Blueprint found: Inside Slappy’s Ultimate Playhouse in northwest Sunset Hills

Fire Arrows
Created by combining: Crossbow + Motor Oil
Blueprint found: Inside The Diamond Panty Strip Club, accessed at the start of Chapter 3

* Fire Reaper
Created by combining: * Grim Reaper + Gasoline Canister
Blueprint found: On a rooftop by the play park in central Ingleton; use the truck to the north to access the neighbouring roof then sprint and jump over to it

Created by combining: Leaf Blower + Cooking Oil
Blueprint found: Unlocked during Chapter 7 mission

* Flame Mecha Dragon
Created by combining: * Mecha Dragon + Firecrackers
Blueprint found: On the rooftop in central Ingleton above El Spanol Liquor store, accessed through Low Cost Luxury store

Flaming Gloves
Created by combining: Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil
Blueprint found: Inside the garage of the Collector’s House in northwest Sunset Hills, accessed during Chapter 6 mission


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