Cute-ass Left 4 Dead 2 toys are undead and unbearably cuddly

Let love in... then let it claw your face off with Valve's plush Infected

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We%26rsquo;ve seen some stupidly cute zombies in the past (mainly killing the hell out of plants on our Apple-endorsed phones). But Valve%26rsquo;s Left 4 Dead 2 cuddly toys really take the undead cake.

Available onValve%26rsquo;s store, you can either buy a Hunter, complete with adorable blood-splattered hoodie%26hellip;

Or a hilariously proportioned Tank%26hellip;

Quite frankly, if it were between these and Buzz Lightyear, we%26rsquo;d go awesomely cute Infected (which also make groaning sounds thanks to the modern miracle of batteries) every single time. Sadly though, if you%26rsquo;re looking to buy one for Christmas, you%26rsquo;ll be disappointed to hear the little blighters don%26rsquo;t go on sale until December 27th.

Still, you can take the edge off said Xmas-buying blues by picking up a plush Boomer, which has been on sale on Valve%26rsquo;s site for months. It%26rsquo;s the perfect (slightly hideous) answer for all your festive gift-purchasing woes.

Above: Those pus-filled boils are just begging for a hefty hug

Source: Big Download

Dec 20, 2010

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