CONTEST: Win a Nintendo 3DS with Super Monkey Ball 3D prize pack

Thanks to Sega, you can win this thang! All you gotta do is 'Like' us

Courtesy of SEGA and Super Monkey Ball 3D, this little prize pack could be yours for the taking (provided you%26rsquo;re a North American resident, over the age of 13, and in general, not a jerk.) HOW?! See below.

PRIZE: 1 Black 3DS, 1 Game, a SMB Banana guard and magnet set

Like us. No, REALLY LIKE us. As in, on Facebook. I mean,like this article on Facebook%26hellip; c%26rsquo;mon you know what I%26rsquo;m saying!

Above: Just like this one, only it'll be new and yours!

Don%26rsquo;t have a Facebook account? That%26rsquo;s okay, the omnipresent social networking site probably isn%26rsquo;t for you. But then, neither is this 3DS- Ho ho, BURN!

Mar 28, 2011