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Command & Conquer Cheats

  • Passwords

    Following on from our guide and full list of levels passwords for this classic strategy wargame, here's a cheat that will allow you to see the whole of a level without having to explore it first.

    Before starting a game, press and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Square + Circle then select password or new game. If you select the password option, make sure that you keep the buttons pressed while you enter the password, however this cheat only seems towork on the GDI disc, although you may get it to work on the NOD disc.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Instant Ion cannon

    After pausing the game press Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, X, Square, Triangle
    Submitted by None
  • Get Air Strike

    After pausing the game press Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, X, Square, Circle
    Submitted by None
  • Hidden GDI Level

    message: To access the hidden GDI level, enter PATSUX as your password. Your Orcas are armed with obelisk lasers to help you out with this hard mission.
    Submitted by Hind-WO
  • Covert Ops Missions

    To play the Covert Operations missions, simply use the following password on the password screen: COVERTOPS
    Submitted by None
  • Nuclear Strike

    After pausing the game press Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, X, Up, X
    Submitted by None
  • Tons of CashTons of Cash

    After pausing the game press Right, Down, Down, Left, L1, Left, Right, Down, Left
    Submitted by None
  • Chronoshift

    After pausing the game press Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square,Square,X
    Submitted by None
  • New Intro Scene

    Hold SELECT while the game loads to get a new intro
    Submitted by None
  • Clear Map

    To get a full map on any level any time in a game enter this code while playing
    Circle,Circle,Circle,Up,Circle,Square,R1, Circle,Circle,Circle.
    Submitted by Ben Thompson
  • Get Japanese Commentary

    Put in GODZILLA as the password

    NOD Mission Passwords

    Info:For levels within

    NOD mission disk enter:

    Level 2 : C99FAXKW8

    Level 3 : RZNLQZ3NL

    Level 4 : W1954XWLF

    Level 5 : W15DASRS8

    Level 6 : 8PH1MR53W

    Level 7 : GTJKWOJDK

    Level 8 : YKK424K3D

    Level 9 : 874LCPUT4

    Level 10: A8SHPAHXW

    Level 11: OX3UKOP94

    Level 12: QGDUMSK2J

    Level 13: SZP09VDSB
    Submitted by None
  • NOD Spec Ops Mission Passwords

    1 0LXRXJOY5
    2 03O5MO802
    Submitted by None
  • NOD Covert Ops Mission Passwords

    Bad Neighborhood C99X6L0D9
    Deceit SHVQLLFOX
    The Tiberium Sun W1N4V4TKB
    Cloak & Dagger C99FJ8DM5
    Hostile Takeover C99F1A8VH
    NOD Death Squad 0LF0D3T25
    Under Siege: C&C 457E1D682
    Submitted by None
  • GDI Mission Passwords

    2 Estonia IY2E4RGPK
    3 Latvia VMNMUJFZP
    4A Poland 1NXZDC3MK
    4B Poland LHGHL19AI
    4C Belarus LHY8GYVDS
    5A Germany W1N457LJ4
    5B Ukraine OXL3NYNNO
    6 Czech Republic 1MVDCPIIM
    7 Czech Republic OX3CS3D4G
    8A Austria WMJ8FPOQH
    8B Slovakia AAY1YZS9J
    9 Hungary CSGUOJ7AQ
    10A Slovenia Z6J3CUD9V
    10B Romania W5741QXPJ
    11 Greece PZBVQGKOK
    12A Albania 0M86O28IO
    12B Bulgaria LWO3SMF6F
    13 Yugoslavia YM3XI0625
    14 Yugoslavia WMJQ8C0HG
    15A Bosnia GTJ2PV460
    15B Bosnia 4QLR9NRLA
    15C Bosnia C9RO0JST0
    Submitted by None
  • GDI Covert Ops Mission Passwords

    Blackout GT1BEQHY8
    Hell's Fury 8PH1RPW9W
    Infiltrated! SHDZUI8ID
    Elemental Imperative 8PZAIF13P
    Ground Zero GT1TAEXF9
    Twist of Fate C9RO8NZGU
    Blindsided W15VEC3SQ
    Submitted by None
  • GDI Special Ops Mission Passwords

    1 8PHJTYIP1
    2 SZ4VH22RY
    3 878FR0G1M
    Submitted by Susan Wysling

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