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^ Content ^

1.  Introduction
2.  Controls
3.  Hero's Guild
4.  Walkthrough
5.  Sidequests
6.  Weapons
7.  Expressions
8.  Demon Doors
9.  Silver Keys and Silver Chests
10. Trophies
11. Titles
12. Marriage
13. Hairstyles/Tattoos
14. Update History
15. Credits
16. Contact Info
17. Copyright

^ 1. Introduction ^

Fable is an RPG that basically lets you choose your story. Sure there is a main
path to follow, but how you choose to follow that path is entirely up to you and
your actions. You start off as a little boy in the town of Oakvale dreaming of
becoming a great hero and over time you will become the most powerful being in
the world.

^ 2. Controls ^

In this section I will list the controls and explain the screens.

CONTROLS (Default)

Left Thumbstick- Movement, Zoom in Bow View (Click), Sneak (Click)

Right Thumbstick- Change Camera Angle, Expand Map

BACK- Inventory Screen

START- Pause Screen

Directional Pad- Use Items & Expressions, Teleport

L- Lock-On Target

R- Hold to use Magic, Hold to draw Experience to you

Y- Block, While holding R cycles through spells

X- Attack, Uses Magic assigned to it when holding R

B- Run, Flourish, Uses Magic assigned to it when holding R

A- Interact (Talk, Activate Objects, Pick up items, etc.), Uses Magic assigned
to it when holding R

WHITE- Arm/Sheathe Melee Weapon

BLACK- Arm/Sheathe Ranged Weapon


Game Screen

Health Bar(Red)- Displays how much health you have in the upper-left part of
your game screen.

Mana Bar(Blue)- Displays how much mana you have in the upper-left part of your
game screen. Mana shows your ability to cast magic.

Combat Multiplier- Displayed below your Health and Mana bars. Increases with
each attack you make and decreases while not attacking or being attacked. The
higher it is, the more experience you get from defeating enemies.

General Experience Points- Displays how many general experience points you just
picked up.

Strength Experience Points- Displays how much Strength experience you recieved
from your attacks.

Skill Experience Points- Displays how mush Skill experience you recieved from
your attack, theft, or bartering.

Will Experience Points- Displays how much Will experience you recieved from
your magic.

Gold- Displays how much gold you have when you pick up or lose gold.

Quick Menu- Use the Directional Pad to use items or expressions assigned to
each direction. Press Up to go to your items and expressions menu.

Teleport- Press and hold Down on the directional pad to teleport to any cullis
gate of any visited area. Only when quests are not active.

Mini Map- A small map of the area displayed in the top-right corner of the
screen. Click down the right thumbstick to enlarge it.

Awareness Eye- Attached to the mini map, it indicates how many individuals are
aware of you. It is red when enemies are aware of you and shut when no one is.
Take this into account when attempting to steal or commit crimes.

Clock- Attached to the mini map, it indicates the time of day. It is split into
night and day, figure out hat time it is by where the arrow is pointing.

Flourish- Indicated where the B button on the screen should be, it is shown as
crossed swords with an orange backround. indicates that you can perform a
flourish attack.

Speech- Indicates that you can talk with a person. Press A to talk.

Interact- Interact with an object. Press A to do so.

Pause Screen

Return To Game- Returns you to the game.

World Save- Saves your game. You can do this only when you are not in an
activated quest.
Hero Save- Use then when you are in an activated quest. Saves your items and

Load- Load a saved game. You can only load one of your character's saves. To
load others, you must quit first.

Options- Adjust the game options.

Audio Options- Adjust the sound options.

Xbox Live- Access your Xbox Live account and adjust your Xbox Live options.

Controller Help- View the game controls.

Quit- Return to the main title screen.

Inventory Screen

Skills- Shows you your magic spells and expressions. You can assign them to
easy-access buttons here too.

Equipment- Displays your Clothing, Weapons, and Items. You can equip weapons
and clothing, or use certain items here.

Map- Displays a map of all the areas you've visited in Albion.

Quests- View information about past and current quests.

Logbook- Displays information about objects you've encountered, towns, basics,
story, hero basics, combat, quests, and books.

Statistics- Displays information about your hero in the personality section and
about experience. The personality section is very useful as it displays your
character information. (alignment, attractiveness, age, weight, title, etc.)

^ 3. Hero's Guild ^

The Hero's Guild is where you spent your younger days training to become a
hero. You are always welcome back there for whatever you need. Here are a few
facilities they offer.

Map Room
This is where the Guildmaster remains and where you can accept any quests you
need. The big map in the center will display the available quests.

Experience Spending Platform
On the West Side of the Map Room.
This is where you use your experience to increase your skills. Your 3 skill
headings are Strength, Skill, and Will. Your Strength points will noly work on
Strength skills. As is the same for Skill and Will. However, your General
experience can be used for anyone you'd like.

Teleport Pad
On the East Side of the Map Room.
This is where you can teleport to any visited Cullis Gate in Albion. You can
use any of the other Cullis Gates to do this too or you can just hold down on
the directional pad.

Guild Shop
Northeast of the Map Room.
This is where you can buy and sell equipment and supplies.

Northwest of the Map Room.
This room contains many books. You can take the books it has.

The Chamber of Fate
West of the Library.
Go through the Guild Caves to get here. It is where your graduation took place
and where you can see your hero's story as it unfolds in the pictures.

Dining Hall
North of the Map Room.
This is actually the Tavern. Talk to the Tavernkeeper to trade supplies.

Maze's Quarters
East of the Map Room building.
This is where Maze lives.

Boasting Platform
Lookout Point.
This isn't actually in the Guild itself, but it is right outside. Use this to
take boasts on quests to earn more gold by completing them.

Skill Training
In the Northern Area.
This is where you can practice with your bow.

Strength Training
East of the Skill Training.
Practice with your Melee weapons here.

Will Training
Southeast of Strength Training. Near Demon Door.
Practice your magic here.

Guild Woods
These are the woods in the Guild.

^ 4. Walkthrough ^

This walkthrough will just state the main walkthrough and no sidequests.
Sidequests will be dealt with in another section or will later be addad here.
For now, I only have the walkthrough.

Considering this is an RPG, the walkthrough and main quest of the game may seem
short. Don't forget to take the time to experience the other features of Fable
as well. Like sidequests, item collection, and marriage. Refer to the other
sections for more info.


Birthday Gift
Summary- Find your sister a birthday present.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

After the opening movie your father will tell you to go perform some good
deeds. For each good deed you perform he will give you a gold piece. You need 3
gold pieces to buy your sister a present.

When you gain control walk around and get the feel of things. If you hit anyone
a guard will come after you and give you a talking to. Don't worry, no matter
what you do, you will not be punished.

As you walk out, you will see a little girl. Talk to her. She asks you to find
her teddy bear. After you accept her request, keep walking. Notice the house on
the left, next to yours. The one with noises of a man and woman being together.
Remember that house. Keep walking straight and once you get up the path you
will find a little boy and a bully. The boy asks you for help. The bully has
been abusing him and he doesn't know why. However, there are two sides to every
story. The bully says he's trying to get the kid to give back the bear he stole
from his little sister. Now you can either smack the kid around a bit and force
him to give the bear back or tell off the bully and he'll give you the bear as
a thank you. Return the bear to the little girl. (I think her name's Emily)
Then go get a gold piece from your father.

In the center area will be a disgruntled wife. When you talk to her, she tells
you to go find her husband, who's been fooling around on her. Remember that
house with the sounds of a man and a woman making it? Head to that house and go
around it to the back. Talk to the man. He will ask you not to tell his wife an
advise you never to settle on a woman. He gives you a gold piece if you accept.
Accepting will net you bad deeds, while refusing will net you good deeds. If
you did accept, you can still go tell his wife. Then go tell his wife and
return to your father for a gold piece.

Head towards to the way you went to get to the little boy and the bully. Take a
right into that area. A man will ask you to stand guard while he goes to
relieve himself. When he leaves a boy will tell you about his barrels, saying
you should go smash them to see what's inside before he gets back. You will get
timed here. If you choose to bust open his barrels, get back before he does.
The little green bar under the map shows how much time you have left. If you
are not back before him he will yell at you for being useless and not guarding
his barrels. If you are back before him and have not broken his barrels and
taken his stuff, go back to your father for a reward.

Now you have enough gold to buy your sister a present. There is a trader in
town. In that center area with the cheating man's wife. He'll sell you the
chocalate for 3 gold. After that, run up to your sister. Follow the path north
and enter that little field where she is. A scene will trigger. She tells you
about the dream she had, about you giving her that present and one day becoming
a great hero. Both of you will then go run back home, but something happens
before that. A man runs into town and gets shot with an arrow. Bandits then
storm the town, killing everyone in their path and destroying everything, in
search of you. However, you hid and when you come out run back to your house.
You will find your father, dead. A bandit will then attack, but you will be
resued by a man named Maze. He takes you to the Guild of Heroes, where you will
begin your training.

Hero's Guild

Maze takes you here and introduces you to the Guildmaster. You are then put in
a room with a girl named Whisper. She'll be your training partner.

The next day you will begin your training. Whisper will wake you up and you
will then have to go to the green dot on the map. There you will begin
training. The Guildmaster will have you pummel a dummy. Just hit the dummy 7
times. The Guildmaster will then give you a stick. Hit the dummy 7 more times.

Melee Combat Test
Summary- Kill the beetles infesting the Guild Woods.
Money Reward- 20
Renown Reward- 30

Now you will have to go to the Guild Woods for a melee test. You have to kill
all the beetles in the Woods. Use the stick you got to attack and kill all of

After this it will be time to leave your childhood behind to continue your
training. You don't have to yet, you can explore first. But when you do, you
become a teenager.

Guild Training
Summary- Remain at the Guild, learning the abilities you need to graduate as
a hero.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

Now you are older. You will have three training exercises. The first will be
Melee Training. Meet the Guildmaster at the Melee Training Grounds to begin.
He'll give you an Iron sword to replace that stick of yours. First you will
have to hit Whisper 7 times. First, draw your sword by pressing WHITE. Attack by
Locking on to her with L and hitting her with X. You will then have to block
her attacks. You need to block 5 attacks. Press and hold Y to block. Just stand
there and hold it, you won't need to move to avoid her attacks. After this,
Whisper's brother, Thunder, walks up to see how she's doing. Now you will start
your last part of the exercise. Just defeat Whisper. Reduce her life to 0 by
attacking her with X and keep yourself alive by blocking with Y. Once you're
finished, you can retry it if you like.

Your next objective would be Ranged Training. Meet the Guildmaster ast the
Archery Range to begin your training with a bow. Draw your bow with the BLACK
button. Then you can either lock onto a target by holding L or change your view
to first person by pressing down the left thumbstick. Shoot by pressing X. Hold
down X. The longer you hold it, the stronger your attack will be. First you
just have to shoot the three dummies. Then you will have to hit as many as you
can in the given time. This time they will move back and forth and are worth
points. The front one is worth 1 point. The middle is 3. And the back is 9. I'm
not sure how many points you need. I suggest using the first-person mode so you
can shoo the one in the back easier. Once you're finished, you can retry it if
you like.

Your next task will be Magic Training. Head to the Guildmaster by the Magic
Training Grounds and speak with him. He will teach you your first spell here.
Lightning. To use magic, press and hold R and press either X, A, or B depending
on which button the spell is assigned to. In this case it shoul be X by
default. First you just need to fire on a dummy. Then you get 30 seconds to hit
as many as you can. Lock on to them and use your magic, don't hold it because
you only have a set amount of mana to use. Mana does regenerate, but you only
have half a minute and it doesn't refill automatically. Hit as many as you can,
probably around 10 to complete this exercise.

Now you have a choice. Leave your teen years behind to complete your Hero
training or go see what Whisper is doing in the woods. I suggest to go see
Whisper first.

You will walk into the Guild Woods with Whisper and she will notice 3 bandits
across from a pond. Use either your bow or lightning spell to dispose of them.

Now go see the Guildmaster, if you haven't already, to go on with your

Now you are an adult and have one final test. Go meet Maze in the Woods to see
what it is. Guess what you have to do. You have to fight Maze using all the
skills you learned. First attack him with your sword. He will teleport around,
but he won't attack and you just need your sword to make contact with him. The
same goes for the bow and lightning. Hold the lightning down on him here. This
is pretty easy, once you are finished you will meet the Guildmaster in the
Chamber of Fate.

Here you and Whisper will recieve your medals and be official heroes in the
Guild. You can now do quests from the guild and begin on your path to

Your first mission will be to exterminate wasps in a picnic area. Use the map
to select the mission and accept it. Then leave the Guild area to go to the
Lookout Point.

Lookout Point

When you leave the guild, a man will run up and show you the way to the picnic
area. It is also displayed by a flashing, yellow dot indicating where to go

Picnic Area

Wasp Menace
Summary- End the Picnic Area Infestation.
Money Reward- 500
Renown Reward- 200

You will see a bunch of wasps attacking the people around. Use lightning to
clear them out quickly. After you defeat the first batch, a giant one will
appear and summon more. Defeat those and more will be summoned. Then defeat the
rest along with the big, queen wasp. Killing it completes the quest and gives
you the Wasp Queen trophy. After you completed it go and collect all the food
left around the picnic tables and there are no guards around, so if you want to
be bad, kill the three men you just saved. The Guildmaster will then tell you
that Maze wishes to talk with you. He's in Bowerstone.


Know that when you are in Bowerstone you cannot wield any weapons. No melees,
no bows, nor can you cast magic. They will be held for you, so you do not have
to keep equipping and unequipping them.

Maze's Information
Summary- Maze is waiting for you at Bowerstone Tavern, which can be reached
from Lookout Point.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

Maze is by the tavern. When you talk to him, he will show you how the people
react to your deeds and he will also, (Spoiler Ahead, keep in mind this guide
will contain spoilers so you can see where you are better or see what happens
if you don't finish the game.) tell you that you that your sister may still be

Go back to the Hero's Guild for your next quest. You have have a choice of
which quest to take. You can either help the bandits or prevent them from
stealing. It's obvious which points of morality you will recieve from each

Orchard Farm

There are two quests you can take. The good one and the bad one.

The Bad One

Attack Orchard Farm
Summary- Lead the Bandits to the crates and cover their backs while they steal
Money Reward- 1000
Renown Reward- 400

This isn't too hard. Lead the Bandits to the Barn and allow them to take the
boxes. Kill any guards that come to disrupt your mission. Allow the Bandits to
get 3 boxes to the indication point.

After doing this, Whisper will show up and challenge you. She teaches you how
to use the Flourish technique. To use a Flourish, build up your Attack Meter
and you should notice your weapon have an orange glow. Then lock on to your
target or get in range of them and press B. This does a powerful, unblockable
attack. After defeating her, you will get the Whisper's Brooch trophy.

The Good One

Protect Orchard Farm
Summary- Help the guards defend Orchard Farm from a Bandit assault.
Money Reward- 750
Renown Reward- 400

This isn't hard either. Don't let any Bandit steal any crates. Instead kill
them all. There should be 3 or 4 waves of them. Two guards will help you.
Protect them as well. In fact, take a few boasts for this quest.

After doing this, Whisper will show up and challenge you. She teaches you how
to use the Flourish technique. To use a Flourish, build up your Attack Meter
and you should notice your weapon have an orange glow. Then lock on to your
target or get in range of them and press B. This does a powerful, unblockable
attack. After defeating her, you will get the Whisper's Brooch trophy.

Go back to the Hero's Guild to get the next quest. You'll have to trek through
Greatwood. Keep following the indicator to go the right way. You need to get
to Darkwood.


Trader Escort
Summary- Escort the Traders in Darkwood safely to Barrow Fields.
Money Reward- 2000
Renown Reward- 500

When you first enter Darkwood, two traders will come up to you and ask you
to escort them to the Barrow Fields. This activates the mission. Be careful
not to let them die, there wil be hobbes and balverines around the woods. Use
the Wait expression to make them wait and then go kill the enemies and then
tell them to Follow again. This keeps them out of harm'sway.

Along the way, you'll meet another trader who has been wounded. He asks to go
with you. Refusing him results in an evil deed, allowing him to follow gives
you a good deed. However, if he does come with you, he will turn into a
balverine later. When he did that he killed one of my traders so beware of him.
Get through the Darkwood, Marsh, and Lake. Then you'll get to the Darkwood
Camp. You can purchase supplies here and rest. Get all of the items. Make sure
to tell your traders to Follow again before you leave. Now get through the
Ancient Cullis Gate, and get to the end of the Darkwood Weir. At the southern
part of the Weir is a few chests and barrels. At the end, WHOAH, a big Earth
Troll attacks and blocks your path.

This troll isn't that easy. Either use your magic or bow and attack from a
distance, be careful to avoid its large boulders which will be hurled at you.
Or you can get close to it and attack it with your Melee weapon. Avoid its
stomp attack when it is about to jump up. Once you have beaten it, go to the
Barrow Fields and take your traders to the end. If any of your traders died,
you will need to go back and get them. They will respawn at the beginning of
the Darkwood, but drop your remaining trader off before you go get the other
one. Completing this gives you the Trader's Feather Trophy.

Barrow Fields

Now buy any supplies you need and then head to Oakvale.


Oakvale has been rebuilt over the years. When you first enter, a woman will
approach you. This is the girl who lost her teddy bear in the beginning.
Talking to her reminds you of that night when the bandits attacked your town.
You can see your old house, its where it was and for sale. It's 5000 gold.

Maze's New Information
Summary- Maze has more information regarding your sister. Speak to him at the
beach in Oakvale.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

The reason you are here is that Maze would like to speak with you. Go talk to
him, he is by the docks at the beach. He will tell you that he has no more
information on your sister, but you should go see the blind seeress. She serves
Twinblade, a leader of a bandit group. Twinblade used to be a hero, but now
leads a bandit gang. In fact, Maze says he is suspected of raiding your town
years ago for his bandits still do raid the town every now and then.

Clifftop Path

Find the Bandit Seeress
Summary- Find the Seeress in the Bandit Camp, who might tell you about your
sister Theresa.
Money Reward- 4500
Renown Reward- 1000

First, here you are going to have to sneak past the three bandits. If they spot
you, the gate will shut and you will have to kill the bandits to open it back
up. In which case, three more bandits come out. Use your Sneak ability by
walking while pressing down the left thumbstick. Use the rocks and trees and
stuff to hide behind so you can get past them easily.

Abandoned Road

Now here you have to collect a Bandit Outfit. There are 5 pieces. A bandana,
gloves, shirt, trousers, and boots. They are in chests scattered around this
road. As you head towards the end, collect them. Kill all the bandits in your
way or just plow through if you are inexperienced or don't feel like fighting.
Then don the Bandit Outfit and head to the next area.

Twinblade's Camp

On your way through Twinblade's Camp, gather all the items from barrels and
chests. There are many useful items like potions and produce which can help
you in your upcoming battle.

To pass to the next area, you will need the Bandit Camp Pass. You can either
buy one for 1000 gold from the man in the southern area, or win one by playing
a game with the man over by the table, also in the southern area. The game is
simple. He shows you some objects and then hides them and adds another and you
must guess which is the new item. It's not as easy as it sounds. There are 5
rounds. First, there are three items and then after each round another is
added. In order to remember which items were there before, say them out loud
and then pick the new one after you think you know them. You have 40 seconds
for each game.

Twinblade's Elites Camp

To pass through to the next area you must distract the guards at the gate. To
do this, go to the southwestern area where a guard is guarding two hostages.
Kill the guard and take his key and then free the hostages. They'll express
their thanks and run away causing the guards to chase after them. Now's your
chance to go through the gate.

Twinblade's Tent

Hopefully you have many Health nd Will potions. You must fight Twinblade. He is
a very large man. Be careful not to get too close to the bandit spectators,
they will attack if you get close. Now you can either fire arrows at Twinblade
or magic, but what I recommend is wait for him to slam his swords into the
ground, then circle around him to his back and slash away at him with your
Melee weapon. Even if he is not stuck in the ground you can still hurt him by
attacking his back. Take about a little more than half of his life away and he
will admit defeat and tell you to finish him, but then Theresa shows up and
guess who the seeress is. She tells you of what happened to her since the raid
on Oakvale, how she lost her eyes, survived being blind, and serving Twinblade.
She unlocks a hidden power within you, you can't use it now, and speaks of a
choice you must make one day. Now you can either finish Twinblade off, or leave
him be. If you attack him, use the same strategy of defeating him as before,
but now the bandits have joined the fight and you'll have to kill them too. If
you choose not to kill him, just leave. Completing this quest earns you the
Bandit Seal trophy.

Hero's Guild

Maze's Request
Summary- Maze has asked to meet you in his quarters in the Guild.
Money Reward- None
Renown Reward- None

Maze wishes to speak with you. Go to the Guild and go to his quarters. He is
upstairs. Maze just asks you to find a friend of his called the Archaeologist.
He's somewhere in Witchwood, you could use the Cullis Gate to get there. He
also tells you to consider fighting in the Arena soon.


Find the Archaeologist
Summary- Find the Archaeologist missing in Witchwood.
Money Reward- 1200
Renown Reward- 0

Teleport to the Witchwood Cullis Gate area. Follow the path to the Witchwood
Stones area. Go to the Demon Door. He says he will open if you spell his name
by hitting the stones in the correct order. Examine each stone to see which
letters are which. You can go to see what the order is by going to the Temple
of Avo and asking the person there, but I'll tell you here. The Door's name is
H-I-T-S. Go up the path from the door to the stones and hit them in that order.
The door will open and the Archaeologist will be inside. He's upset that you
found him, but he gives you his journal and you can plunder the rest of the

Knothole Glade

White Balverine
Summary- Defend the people of Knothole Glade from the White Balverine.
Money Reward- 6200
Renown Reward- 800

Go back to Witchwood and go from the Witchwood Stones to the Temple of Avo, and
then to the Witchwood Lake, and then to Knothole Glade. First you'll have to
defeat 4 regular balverines. They should prove no problem. Then you may enter
the town. The town chief will tell you that lately the town is being terrorized
by a White Balverine and he wants you to kill it. The balverine will show up.
Hit it 10 times and it will run away. It's skin is too hard to pierce so you
will have to go to the end of the Glade and fight it off again. Then the widow
of the last person to kill a White Balverine will give you a Silver
Augmentation. This is the type of weapon her late husband used to defeat it,
but he was turned into the White Balverine that stands before you today by its
curse. Equip this to one of your weapons. Then go find the White Balverine in
Witchwood Lake. It will summon some other balverines to help it. Kill it and
them. You will get the White Balverine Head as a trophy.

The Arena

The Arena
Summary- Earn gold and renown participating in rounds of combat at the Arena.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 2000

Now you will have to go compete in the Arena. To get there, first go to
Witchwood Lake and use the north path. Talk to the guard and he'll let you in.
Inside, Voth will explain the rules of the Arena. When he is finished, you'll
have to wait until Chameleon dies. During this time, buy supplies, new weapons,
practice skills on the dummies, so you won't have to stop fighting to do this
so much. Then Chameleon will die and you're up next.

In the first round, you will fight wasps. They are easy to dispatch of. There
are four waves of them. There are also four waves of each round except the last
three. Hopefully, you won't need to stop fightng for supplies, but you have
that option as well as at the end of every round. When you stop, and go back
out to fight, the gold you recieve that round will reset, but you'll still have
the gold you've won before.

In the second round, you will fight hobbes. They're a little tougher than
wasps, as their higher ranking hobbes are harder to defeat.

Now it's the third round and now you get a partner to fight with you. And guess
who it is. It's Whisper! Now you are fighting balverines. The first two waves
are simple, but the third introduces a White Balverine and the fourth has two.
If you still don't have your silver weapon, this will be a long, and arduous
task. I used up all my health and will potions on these little devils, forcing
me to stop fighting to buy more.

In the fourth round, you will fight the undead. They are simple since they are
very slow and you can fire powerful arrows at them or use magic.

You will fight bandits in the fifth round. They're just as easy as the undead,
but they are faster so if you are using ranged attacks, you'll have to stay
away from them.

The sixth round will present two Earth Trolls. Use the same strategy you did
when you were escorting the traders in Darkwood. Stay focused on attacking
one. Whisper will keep the other busy so you won't get attacked by them both.
Unfortunately, Whisper will hardly take any life from it.

In the seventh round you will face two Rock Trolls. They are very similar to
Earth Trolls except they are a tad stronger. Use the same method of defeating
them as you did with the Earth Trolls.

Now, the eighth and final round begins. Meet Arachnox. This giant scorpion is
your last foe. He's not that easy to kill. If you have a powerful bow, use
that. If you are using a Melee weapon, you can only attack him when he is
charging up for his ground attack. Arachnox has basically three moves. He'll
either just charge at you, charge up and dig his tail in the ground and have
it come up and attack you, or burrow under ground and have you fight some
smaller scorpions. My strategy involves the bow. At this point, I had the Oak
Crossbow. I kept charging up and firing at him while he ran at me. Then kept
doing it while he charged up and moved out of the way when he unleashes his
attack. The bow does more damage when he is charging up and you shoot him in
the face. One thing to watch out for is if he gets you near him and attacks,
you're pretty much done. It is hard to escape him so hopefully you have a few
Resurrection Phials and potions. What really bothered me was twice he got me
in his grasp and killed me and I had only one Resurrection Phial and he got me
again right after that. The worst part about it is in about 1 or 2 more hits
he would have been defeated.

Now Jack of Blades will show up to present your prize. However, only one can
claim the prize so he will have you and Whisper fight to the DEATH. Whisper
says she will not kill you once she defeats you. Little does she know that she
will not defeat you. Take most of her life away and she will be on her kness
begging you to spare her. If you are being a good hero, spare her and walk
away. If you are being an evil hero attack her and kill her. (Terrible thing to
do, but I still did it) Now outside will be Lady Elvira Grey, the mayor of
Bowerstone. She will be enamored with you and invite her to her house in
Bowerstone. Thunder will be with her, he will be enraged if you killed Whisper.
Completing this quest gives you a load of money, renown, and experience. You
also get the Champion's Seal and King Scorpion Sting trophies.

A guard will then escort you down the hall with all the statues of past heroes.
He will show the statue of the first female arena champion. Scarlet Robe. You
recognise the lady. Jack of Blade comes by and talks to you about the woman.
Could it be that it is your mother? It is, you will proceed to a fresco scene
about your mother. Your mother was a famous hero and you have her blood.

Jack of Blades then tells you you should bring your sister to him for he longs
to reunite your family.

Grey House

Finding Theresa Again
Summary- Meet theresa outside the Grey House.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

Now you must go to the Grey House, Lady Grey's old home. You can get there fom
the Barrow Fields.

You will meet Theresa here. She will tell you that it was Jack who took her
eyes and raided your hometown so long ago. She also mentions that your mother
is being kept at Bargate Prison. Now, you just can't go barging in so you'll
need to find an alternate route to get there. The Archaeologist may know of a
way. There is now a new quest card for you at the guild. Your mother will be
able to unlock an untapped power deep within you.

Bowerstone Jail

Find the Archaeologist
Summary- Find the Archaeologist in Bowerstone Jail.
Money Reward- 7000
Renown Reward- 500

It is not the Bowerstone authorities who have taken the Archaeologist, it is a
bunch of Minions. If you are equipped to battle these monsters, then stick
around and fight your way through. Otherwise, just run through to the next

Windmill Hill

When you enter this area, you will see a Will User Minion. He put a forcefield
up blocking your path to the next area. You must kill him to remove it. Ignore
the other minions if you can't defeat them, plunder the houses, and go kill the
Minion. Defeating it will remove the forcefield and you may proceed.

Gibbet Woods

You don't need to do anything here. Defeat some enemies for experience or just
go to the Prison Path.

Prison Path

Here you'll see the Archaeologist locked up and guarded by two Will User
Minions. You'll have to kill these two minions to rescue him and you only have
3 minutes before they take him away. So just rush down to him, running past all
other minions that show up, then start attacking the two wizard Minions.
Hopefully, you'll have enough time to at least kill one before the other
Minions get to you and get in your way. There will be other Will User Minions
that show up as well, but you must kill the two guarding the Archaeologist. If
you lose it, attack the other wizard Minions until you've found it.
Unfortuanately, there is no way to tell them apart. If you can kill them before
the other Minions get to you or dispatch the Minions with enough time to kill
the two guards don't worry about it. The Archaeologist will thank you for
saving him and give you a path to Bargate Prison. He will then run away again
to find another hiding place. You get the Minion's Helmet trophy for completing
this quest.

Now you can start the next quest, but you might want to fool around with some
other things you can do. Like buy new equipment, do some sidequests, mess
around with your wife or some other townspeople, etc. When you are ready to
continue, go back to Gibbet Woods, then go to Headsman's Hill, and onto the
Lychfield Graveyard to start your next quest.

Lychfield Graveyard

The Graveyard Path
Summary- Reach the Old Kingdom Graveyard.
Money Reward- 1500
Renown Reward- 200

The gate to proceed is locked, so you'll need to get the gravekeeper to unlock.
Go to his house to get a scene where he is talking to another person about a
set of armor he found. He will then tell the person to go away, so now go talk
to him. He'll agree to open the gate.

To proceed further, you must get the Demon Door to open, but there's a bit of a
predicament here. The Demon Door will only open for Nostro and unfortunately,
Nostro is dead. So you'll need to gather his set of armor which the gravekeeper
hid. Undead will keep popping up around here an they won't stop, so don't keep
fighting them in the hopes they'll leave you alone, however you should fight a
few for experience. Go towards the Gold Indication Marker, but go into the
crypt to the left of the path and open the tomb to get Nostro's Armor. If you
head up to Nostro he'll tell you to get his armor, helmet, sword, and shield
and he'll open the Demon Door. The green dots indicate where each item is. In
one of the houses the helmet is in plain view on a shelf so snatch it. If you
go to the other green dots, you'll see green spots rise up from a river and
underground. You'll need a Spade and Fishing Pole. You can find them both
around this area if you do not have them. Dig up the sword and catch the
shield. By the way, near the river with the shield in it is a crypt. Go inside
to get a Silver Key.

Now go give Nostro his armor and weapon and he'll tell the Demon Door to let
you through.

Old Graveyard Path

Run up to the end here and you'll notice you can't proceed. To unlock the
doorway, you must kill an Undead. A specific, higher ranking Undead. He'll be
by the doorway so get rid of him and proceed.

Circle of the Dead

Here you are. But before you can complete the quest you must kill a few Undead.
You must kill one to open each circle in the larger circle. When you get all
the green ones, three more better Undead will appear. Knock them out to open
the orange ones. You can't hit them when they go transparent. Opening all
circles will complete the quest and give you the Undead Hand trophy.

Underground Chamber

Rescue Scarlet Robe
Summary- Break into Bargat Prison and rescue your mother, Scarlet Robe.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

When you enter the Underground chamber just go around the big pool and on to
the next area.

Underground Tunnel

Continue on here. When you get to the middle, you'll be trapped and you'll have
to fight some Undeads to proceed. Defeat them and continue on to the next area.

Cliffside Path

Run to the end. When you get there, again you will be trapped. You have to
defeat the Undeads that will appear before you. You only need to defeat the
original ones, because others will keep spawning. By the way, this area is a
great place to get experience after beating the game. Undead do not stop

Underground Passage

Continue through here. Kill the guards that get in your way or just run past
them. Check the barrels and chests near the end. I found an Obsidian Katana in
a chest there.

Torture Chamber

Your mom is in the cell. Go unlock the door and trigger a scene where your
mother recognises you. Then escape with her. Have her follow you out of the
Torture Chamber, through the Underground Passage, and  through the Cliffside

Underground Tunnel

When you reach the middle of the Underground Tunnel, the place where you fought
the Undeads, Jack of Blades surprises you. He has held your mother hostage for
so long to get her to help him get the Sword of Aeons. Now he has you too. Your
mother tells him you have nothing to do with this, but it turns out Jack put a
device in your Champion's Seal and has watched and heard your every move,
including your conversation with Theresa.

Jack now has you imprisoned along with your mother. It's time to escape.

Cell Block One

Prison Escape
Summary- Rescue your mother, Scarlet Robe, from Bargate Prison.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

You are in prison. All your equipment has been taken from you. A guard will talk
to you and leave. Then you will listen to a prisoner in an adjacent cell talk to
you. The guard will come back and you'll have to participate in a race.

Bargate Prison: Courtyard

You will be lined up with a bunch of other prisoners. When the race begins hold
down B and run. The guards will point you in the direction you must go. When
you get to the first one straight ahead, go right and go up the stairs. Go
right from there and go up the next flight of stairs. Go around each corner and
stay in the outer path, going all the way around. If you are the winner you get
a prize of poetry from the Warden. If you lose, try again next time.

Now you are in the Warden's office. He'll be reading you poetry from the wall.
Now you have to steal his key. While he is rambling on sneak over to the wall
next to him to get the codes to open his books. Then go back over to his books
and activates them. If he hears you, you'll be sent back to the starting point.
To sneak you must push down the the left thumbstick. Push it in and hold, don't
just lead it downwards. While holding it, walk and notice you will be walking
more cautiously and silently. When you open the book you see it is the wrong
one, but the Warden sees you are not interested in poetry and sends you back to
your cell.

You spend a year in prison. As yo are there you can only wonder what Jack of
Blades is doing to Albion.

You are back in your cell. After waiting for the guards and prisoners to talk
you get another shot at the race. Follow he same plan as before, it is the
exact same thing. Now you are back in the Warden's office and again he'll read
you poetry so again you must sneak over to the wall, get the passcode, and go
over to the books and steal the key. This time you will get the key and once
again the Warden will send you back to your cell.

Cell Block One

now you have the key. So open your cell door and step out. There is a Stick in
the barrels in the cell across from yours.

Bargate Prison: Courtyad

Now sneak past the guards and enter the Torture Chamber. Your mom will tell you
you cannot escape until you get your equipment. So head back out, go up the
stairs and go into the room near the next flight of stairs. Open all the chests
to get the Guard uniform and then open the one with your equipment in it. Equip
yourself with the necessary equipment and go back to the Torture Chamber. If
the guards have spotted you, kill them.

Now take your mother all the way through the Underground Passage, the Cliffside
Path, and the Underground Tunnel until you get to the Underground Chamber.

Underground Chamber

Remember that big pool? Guess what's in it. Now you have to fight a giant
Kraken. It will go under water while sticking its tentacles out of water. The
tentacles will attack, so watch out for them and keep your mother away from
them. Use your bow to shoot them and they will eventually go back in the water
and the next tentacle will come around. Repeat until the Kraken emerges from
the pool. It will charge up an energy blast, so steer clear from it. Shoot it
with your bow again and it will eventually go back underwater and re-emerge its
tentacles. Repeat until it is defeated and you will get the Kraken Tooth

Now gather all the experience and take your mother out. She will then tell you
more about the sword and that only a person with your bloodline can wield it.
She tells you to go to the Ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood while she tries to
find Theresa. She also unlocks a power within you, just as Theresa has done

Ancient Cullis Gate

Gateway to Hook Coast
Summary- Find the Old Abbey in Hook Coast.
Money Reward- 4200
Renown Reward- 500

Teleport to the Barrow Fields. Then go to the Darkwood Weir and then Ancient
Cullis Gate. When you get to the Cullis Gate, Undead will start emerging from
the ground. You have to fill the meter under the map to reactivate the gate by
feeding it the souls of the Undead. Kill the Undead. For each one you kill, the
meter will increase, but don't dillydally. It will decrease if you take too
long. Use your strongest or most effective methods for attacking the Undead.
Then step through the gate and welcome to Hook Coast.

Hook Coast

Get to the northwestern part of the map to find a barrier. You cannot get
through. Your mother will contact you and tell you to meet her in Maze's
Quarters at the Guild for she has found something.

Hero's Guild

Go to Maze's Quarters and unfortunately, Scarlet Robe is taken away by Minions.
Get the book and go talk to the Guildmaster. He will read from the book to
lower the barrier so now you need to go back to Hook Coast.

Hook Coast

Return to Hook Coast
Summary- Find the Key in Hook Coast.
Money Reward- 16000
Renown Reward- 1500

Get to the barrier and the Guildmaster will lower it. Inside you will see Maze
enacting some spell while holding Theresa hostage. He says she's gone mad and
he had to subdue her, but guess who shows up. Jack of Blades comes by and tells
Maze to get his key. Maze has betrayed you. He traps you and gets Jack his key.
Afterwards, you are free and now it's time to punish the traitor.

After the surprise of his defection you must fight Maze. For some reason he
thinks he can win. Prove him wrong. Lightning is ineffective against him. Cast
Berserk and beat the monkeys out of him. When he surrounds himself in a light,
blue aura, you cannot hurt him. Step back and dodge his attack. While you move
away, charge up a fireball and toss it at him when he's done. After taking a
chunk of life from him he will teleport farther away. Follow him and repeat.
Screamers will also show up every now and then. He should get as far back as
the lighthouse before you end his life. Before he goes, he tells you that he
feared for his life. So, he helped Jack thinking that you could never stop him.
He now knows that he was wrong. Maze is now dead and you receive the Maze's
Clasp trophy.

Try to Stop Jack of Blades
Summary- Prevent Jack of Blades from activating focus sites.
Money Reward- 5500
Renown Reward- 1000

Jack of Blades has the Key now. Now, in order to retrieve the sword he must
activate the 4 focus sites in Albion. All heroes have come to help you stop

Greatwood Gorge

This is the first place. You will see Briar Rose here and she will pretend to
help like all the other heroes. When you get to the focus site, it turns out
you are too late. Jack activated it. Follow him to Witchwood.

Witchwood Cullis Gate
When you arrive here, circle around the the Focus Site and once again, you are
late. Now follow Jack to the Hobbe Cave.

Hobbe Cave

Go through the cave where you will be accompanied by Thunder. When you get to
the end, Jack activated the Focus Site already and thunder tells you to go
ahead for he is tired.

Gibbet Woods

Now you are here. Get to the Focus Site and you are too late one last time.
Jack now says he'll go to the Guild, burn it and claim the Sword of Aeons.

Hero's Guild

When you return, everything is on fire and you only have access to the Map Room
and Library. Go into the Library and you will find the Guildmaster who has been
wounded. He tells you Jack has taken your mother and sister into the Chamber of
Fate. Now, it's time for the final battle.

Chamber of Fate

Battle Jack of Blades
Summary- Fight Jack of Blades.
Money Reward- 26000
Renown Reward- 20000

When you enter the Chamber of Fate you will find Jack, Theresa, and Scarlet.
Jack welcomes you and slits Scarlet Robe's neck. With her blood he picks up the
Sword of Aeons. He has the sword now. Prepare to avenge your mother, your
sister, your life.

First, he will levitate in the middle of the chamber and surround himself with
a forcefield. Then he will summon Minions. Defeat the minions. If you can't,
don't expect to defeat Jack. Use your standard method of dispatching of foes.
Jack will now enter Melee combat. He will run around the chamber and cast magic
at you. His magic is powerful, so dodge as best you can. Use Berserk and Slow
Time and use your melle weapon to attack him. Take his life down about halfway
and will levitate once more in the barrier. This time you can attack him and he
will attack you. Sheathe your weapon and either take out your bow or cast magic
at him. When he casts magic at you hide behind the stone pillars. Do not press
against them though. I prefer magic on him. If you maxed out Lightning, use
that. It's pretty effective and if you hold it continuously, he cannot attack
you. So use that and when you run out of mana whip out your bow or use a Will
Potion and repeat.

Jack has met his demise and you now wield the Sword of Aeons. Now comes the
choice Theresa spoke of so long ago. Banish the sword into the vortex forever
or stain it with Theresa's blood. If you can't figure out which is good and
which is evil, you shouldn't be playing this game. Obviously, throwing away the
sword gives you the good ending and killing your sister gives you the bad
ending. Killing her allows you to keep the sword.

Congratulations, you have beaten Fable. You may still continue your game in a
free-play mode only if you watch the credits, no skipping. After they have
finished, you get the Jack of Blades Mask trophy and the Sword of Aeons if you
slaughtered Theresa.

^ 5. Sidequests ^

You mainly get these from the Map Room at the Hero's Guild, but there are a few
you can get elsewhere.

Sidequests are divided into two groups. Silver and Bronze. Silver quests are
the actual quests you can recieve from the guild, but they don't have
importance to the story. Bronze quests are short, event quests that you can
complete at any rate you want.


Hobbe Killing Contest
Summary- Clear Orchard Farm of Hobbes.
Money Reward- 900
Renown Reward- 200

Get this quest at the guild after completing either of the Orchard Farm main
quests. Go back to Orchard Farm and go talk to the farmer and Whisper.

Whisper will be joining you for this quest. You must defeat more Hobbes than
she does and it's not as easy as it sounds. Get Treasure Clue #5 from the chest
next to the farmer and follow Whisper to the eastern area. Hobbes will start
coming. You have 4 minutes to kill as many Hobbes as possible. Underneath the
timer will show how many both you and Whisper have killed. Attack and defeat
the Hobbes. Whisper is pretty good at this and most likely will defeat around
the same number as you do. Don't waste any time, kill as many as possible and
when you see her attacking a Hobbe, sweep in and steal her kill. If you have
more kills than she when the time is over you won and get the Hobbe Tooth
trophy. If she has more, you lose and have to redo it.

Hobbe Cave
Summary- An old woman in Greatwood says her grandson is missing.
Money Reward- 5500
Renown Reward- 400

Get this quest at the guild after escorting the traders to the Barrow Fields.

Go to the Greatwood Cullis Gate and from there go to Rose Cottage. Go up to the
door and an old woman will come out and tell you her grandson went into the
Hobbe Cave. She asks you to go save him and gives you the Hexagon Key. Now go
to the Hobbe Cave.

Once inside, either fight your way through the Hobbes or fight them. If you
enter the room on the right you will have to kill a few hobbes and you will
then rescue a bandit who will accompany you. Go into the next chamber, the
next, and the next. You should now be in the focus Chamber. Go to the middle to
find the boy caged up and a nymph will tell you the boy is needed for a
sacrifice and to present another human to replace him. Well, you have a bandit
with you. You can either trade the bandit for the boy and just plow through, or
kill the nymph to release the boy. Now either slay all the hobbes or just run
through them. Keep going through the cve and make sure the boy does not die. He
must stay alive, when a hobbe attacks him, attack the hobbe. Make sure you do
not hit the boy. If you are having trouble keeping him alive, just run through
each area and he'll be with you for the next.

Take him back to Rose Cottage to get your reward. He also says he doesn't want
to go back to his grandmother's. He was running away from her. And after you
bring him back, he'll run away again and the grandma will yell for him to come
back. He doesn't and he's on his own this time. You get the Hobbe Head trophy
after completing this quest.

Break the Siege
Summary- Break a siege in Knothole Glade.
Money Reward- 5000
Renown Reward- 450

Get this quest from the guild after fighting in the Arena.

Go to Knothole Glade and you will be greeted by some bandits. They want you to
go rescue their leader who has been captured. A guard will let you in Knothole
Glade and the chief will say that the bandit captain will not be released. You
now have to get the gates open and fight all the bandits. Talk to the guard and
then go kill as many bandits as you can. They will also attempt to go save
their leader. Make sure he does not escape. Follow them when they run towards
him and kill them and kill the rest of them before the leader gets away.


Beardy Baldy
Summary- A man in Bowerstone has an unusual request for you.
Money Reward- 100
Renown Reward- 100

Go to the Bowerstone Quay, get there from Bowerstone South, and go talk to the
man by the docks. He mentions his daughter who might be interested in you, but
you'll have to look a certain way t please her.

First, he'll give you The Pudding Basin Hairstyle Card. Go to the Barbershop in
Bowerstone and get that haircut. Go back to him and he'll give you the Mutton
Chop Beard Hairstyle Card. Again go get that hairstyle. Then, he'll give you a
Trader Style Moustache Hairstyle Card. Again, go get that hairstyle at the
barbershop. Now go back to him and he'll tell you something about his daughter.
The truth is, there is no daughter. He just likes to make heroes like you look
stupid. By the way, you do look pretty goofy, so I suggest getting a new
hairstyle, but do what you want.

The Sword in the Stone
Summary- The sword of Huw the Giant has been stuck fast in the rock of
Witchwood for decades. Can you remove it?
Money Reward- 100
Renown Reward- 100

To activates this quest, go to the temple of Avo area. Go up the path next to
the temple and see a bunch of people trying to pull the sword out of the stone.
Attempt to pull it out. You'll fail. To pull it out, max out all your Strength
skills. Physique, Health, and Toughness. Try it again to pull out the

A Mayor's Invitation

This quest is activated after winning in the Arena during the main quest. Lady
Grey will invite you to her manor in Bowerstone North. You can now enter
Bowerstone North. When you get there go to the shop and buy a Black Rose. Go
talk to Lady Grey. She asks for a gift. Give her the rose.

Now, of course a mayor cannot marry into poverty so she requires you own a
house. It can be any house in Albion and she will not live with you there so
you can keep any other wives you have.

Now here comes the tricky part. She wants you to find a necklace she lost.
First talk to everyone who knows about it in Bowerstone, indicated by green
dots on the map. They tell you it is in Oakvale. Go to Oakvale. If you go to
the Memorial Garden you will see two guys talking about it and its location,
but they're not important. Go to the western beach, near the dock. You should
see two overturned boats. A destroyed one and one in good condition. Use a
spade (shovel) to dig in between them. You have found the lady's necklace. Take
it back to her.

Unfortunately, the mayor already has a lover. Now you must prove your love for
her in a fight against Thunder. Go to Bowerstone Jail. Make sure you actually
leave Bowerstone North, they do not mean that little cell in the north. Thunder
will be waiting for you on the bridge and tell you to meet him at Headsman's
Hill. He'll be furious and double-furious if you killed Whisper. Go to
Headsman's Hill to fight him. Lightning does not work on him. Arrows don't work
well. Use your Melee weapon and attack him from behind and use your flourish.
When he begins that lightning thing he does, step back and use fireballs.
Berserk also works well against him. Take about half his life away, and he'll
knock you and him off the cliff. You'll have to continue the fight. Use the
same strategy and he'll eventually run into the cave. Follow him and finish him
off. (By the way, he doesn't die) Doing this gives you the Thunder's Helmet

Now head back to Bowerstone North. You have to choices. By the northwestern
exit is another woman who comments on your progress for you Lady Grey errands.
If you wish you can marry her instead, although you might need a house in
Bowerstone North for her. If not, go talk to the mayor and congratulations,
Lady Elvira Grey is your wife.
About her: She will never follow you. So forget about that expression. You can
have sex with her, but she needs to be in her bedroom inside Bowerstone Manor.
Use the standard way to get her in bed.

Chapel of Skorm
Summary- Achieve deeper evil by making offerings at the Chapel of Skorm.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

You will get this quest when you enter the Chapel of Skorm area. To get there,
go to Barrow Fields, the Darkwood Weir, Ancient Cullis Gate, Darkwood Camp, and
from there you can get here. What you have to do is recieve 1000 evil points
from the chapel. You need to bring sacrifices to the Chapel. You can bring
regular people, but it is easier to bring mercenaries. There are mercenaries in
Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and the Temple of Avo.

Here's a way to do this. Take the mercenary to the Chapel, and sacrifice him at
6 AM. To find the time, use the day/night indicator by the map. It will be 6
when the arrow points on the line in between day and night. You can also tell
because the mercenaries take their pay every half hour. So when it's 6 and the
merc takes his pay, talk to one of the Skorm acolytes and sacrifice your
mercenary. This should give you Skorm's Bow, the Necromancer title, and should
decrease your age by 10 years.

Temple of Light
Summary- Visit the Temple of Light in Witchwood to contact the god Avo.
Money Reward- 0
Renown Reward- 0

You will get this quest when you enter the Temple of Avo area. You'll need a
lot of gold for this quest. What you must do is donate gold to Avo. You must
donate within 30,000 to 100,000 gold. As with the Chapel of Skorm, you'll need
to get 1000 good points. So keep that in mind while donating. Doing so will
give you the Sentinus, the Paladin title, and decrease your age by 10 years.

More to come soon!

^ 6. Weapons ^

These are all the weapons you can wield. I will list the weapon's name, damage,
weight, and where to get it from.


Damage- 20
Weight- Light
Where to get- From the Guildmaster before training or in Bargate Prison.

Iron Longsword
Damage- 30
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Iron Katana
Damage- 33
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Iron Cleaver
Damage- 30
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South's weapon trader.

Iron Axe
Damage- 30
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South's weapon trader.

Iron Mace
Damage- 30
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South's weapon trader.

Iron Pickhammer
Damage- 30
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Iron Greathammer
Damage- 45
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Iron Greataxe
Damage- 40
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Bowerstone South's weapon trader.

Iron Greatsword
Damage- 48
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp weapon trader.

Iron Greatmace
Damage- 43
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, and Twimblade's Camp weapon trader.

Steel Longsword
Damage- 45
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Barrow Fields, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp
weapon trader.

Steel Katana
Damage- 49
Weight- Light
Where to get- Barrow Fields and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Steel Cleaver
Damage- 42
Weight- Light
Where to get- Barrow Fields, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp weapon trader.

Steel Axe
Damage- 38
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp weapon trader.

Steel Mace
Damage- 34
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Steel Pickhammer
Damage- 30
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Steel Greataxe
Damage- 60
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Oakvale's weapon trader.

Steel Greatsword
Damage- 72
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Oakvale and Twinblade's Camp weapon trader.

Steel Greatmace
Damage- 64
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp weapon trader.

Obsidian Longsword
Damage- 90
Weight- Light
Where to get- Twinblade's Camp and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Katana
Damage- 98
Weight- Light
Where to get- Twinblade's Camp and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Cleaver
Damage- 83
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Barrow Fields, Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and
Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Axe
Damage- 75
Weight- Light
Where to get- Barrow Fields, Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and Knothole Glade's
weapon trader.

Obsidian Mace
Damage- 68
Weight- Light
Where to get- Twinblade's Camp and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Pickhammer
Damage- 60
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Barrow Fields, Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and
Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Greathammer
Damage- 135
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Twinblade's Camp and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Greataxe
Damage- 120
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Twinblade's Camp and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Obsidian Greatsword
Damage- 143
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and Knothole Glade's
weapon trader.

Obsidian Greatmace
Damage- 128
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Twinblade's Camp and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Longsword
Damage- 135
Weight- Light
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Katana
Damage- 147
Weight- Light
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Axe
Damage- 113
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Mace
Damage- 102
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Pickhammer
Damage- 90
Weight- Light
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Greataxe
Damage- 180
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Greatsword
Damage- 214
Weight- Heavy
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

The Harbinger
Damage- 198
Weight- Light
Augmentations- Sharpening and Piercing
Where to get- Pull it out of the stone at the Temple of Avo. Max out your
strength stats to do so.

Ronok the Axe
Damage- 165
Weight- Light
Augmentations- Sharpening and Silver
Where to get- Grey House Demon Door. Marry Lady Grey to get in.

Wellow's Pickhammer
Damage- 120
Weight- Light
Augmentations- Piercing and Piercing
Where to get- Greatwood Gorge Demon Door. Be evil in front of it.

Cutlass Bluetane
Damage- 165
Weight- Light
Augmentations- Lightning
Where to get- Greatwood Caves Demon Door. Get a combat multiplier of 14 or
higher to get in.

Great Mace
Damage- 255
Weight- Heavy
Augmentations- Silver and Piercing
Where to get- Complete "Temple of Light" sidequest.

Sword of Aeons
Damage- 550
Weight- Light
Augmentations- Health, Mana, Experience, and Sharpening
Where to get- Use it to slay Theresa after killing Jack of Blades.


Yew Longbow
Damage- 60
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp weapon trader.

Yew Crossbow
Damage- 80
Where to get- Bowerstone South and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Oak Longbow
Damage- 90
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Barrow Fields, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp
weapon trader.

Oak Crossbow
Damage- 110
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Barrow Fields, and Oakvale's weapon trader.

Ebony Longbow
Damage- 130
Where to get- Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and Knothole Glade's
weapon trader.

Ebony Crossbow
Damage- 150
Where to get- Oakvale, Twinblade's Camp, and Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Longbow
Damage- 180
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Master Crossbow
Damage- 200
Where to get- Knothole Glade's weapon trader.

Skorm's Bow
Damage- 264
Where to get- Complete "Chapel of Skorm" sidequest.

^ 7. Expressions ^

Expressions are social actions that can be used to woo your lover, frighten
people, or be friendly. As you progress through the game, you'll recieve more

These expressions are the ones you start off with.

Belch- Belches at someone.
How to get- Start off with it.
Effect- Disgusts people

Fart- Farts.
How to get- Start off with it.
Effect- Disgusts people

Giggle- Just giggles at somone.
How to get- Start off with it.
Effect- People will probably giggle with you, depending on your renown and

Follow- Tells someone to follow you.
How to get- Start off with it.
Effect- Tells someone to follow you. They will probably not follow you if you
are evil or unknown. There will be two faces above their head indicating that
they are following you.

Wait- Tells someone to stop following you.
How to get- Start off with it.
Effect- Tells someone who is following you to stop.

There are six levels of renown. As you reach each one, you will get another

Flirt- Flirts with someone.
How to get- Have Renown level at 1.
Effect- Flirts with someone. Effective only on those with hearts above their
heads or your wives to get them in bed. Helps raise their affection.

Sneer- Intimidates someone.
How to get- Have Renown level at 2.
Effect- Give a nasty sneer to someone.

Manly Arm Pump- Show off your muscles.
How to get- Have Renown level at 3.
Effect- Show off your muscles to impress the people attracted to you. The same
concept as Flirt.

Scary Laugh- Laugh like a villain.
How to get- Have Renown level at 4.
Effect- Frighten people with your laugh.

Sexy Hero Pose- Show off your body.
How to get- Have Renown level at 5.
Effect- Impress people with your body. Same concept as Flirt and Manly Arm

Bloodlust Roar- Shout a Battle Cry.
How to get- Have Renown level at 6.
Effect- Do this in front of some enemies to have them step back in fear.

These expressions tie in with whatever your alignment is. There are 5. 3 evil
and 2 good. Any of these expressions you don't have by the end of the game, you
will recieve upon defeating Jack.

Middle Finger- Flip someone the bird.
How to get- Get Evil alignment to 1.
Effect- Insult someone with the finger not allowed on tv.

Vulgar Thrust- Thrust your private area out in a suggestive manner.
How to get- Get evil alignment to 3.
Effect- Sexually harrass someone by thrusting your private area out in a
suggestive manner.

Insult- Insult someone with a derogatory word. It has the same letters used to
spell the Demon Door's name in Witchwood. Can you figure it out?
How to get- Get Evil alignment to 5.
Effect- Insult someone with a forbidden word.

Thank- Thank someone.
How to get- Get Good alignment to 2.
Effect- Thank someone. Like in the commercial a thank you is always welcome.

Apologize- Apologize to someone.
How to get- Get Good alignment to 4.
Effect- Apologize to someone. Your apology will always be accepted.

These expressions can be learned by increasing your Guile skill. They help you
in your thefts.

Steal- Steal items from someone's building.
How to get- Get Guile skill to 3.
Effect- Enables you to steal without consequences. To do it, go into a store
with items laid out. When no one is looking, you'll know this by the eye near
the map, if its closed, use this expression to steal the item.

Lockpick- Open a locked door or chest.
How to get- Get Guile skill to 6.
Effect- ??? Obviously you unlock things, but I haven't used it yet..

^ 8. Demon Doors ^

Demon Doors are doors with a large face on them. To get through, you have to
fulfill their requirement and there is usually a treasure inside. Here I will
list how to get through each door and what is inside.

Heroes Guild - Present your lantern to the Demon Door.
What's Inside- Elixer of Life potion

Greatwood Gorge - Do an act of evil in front of the Demon Door or have your
evil alignment high or maxed out.
What's Inside- Wellow's Pickhammer

Rose Cottage - Present a gift to the Demon Door.
What's Inside- Will User's Bright Outfit

Greatwood Caves - Get a combat multiplier of 14 or higher.
What's Inside- Cutlass Bluetane

Darkwood Marshes - Accept the Guardians Challenge and defeat four waves of
Hobbes that increase in difficulty.
What's Inside- Dark Will User's Outfit

Barrow Fields - Eat produce until you are at least Obese.
What's Inside- Will Master's Elixer

Abandoned Road - Wear Bright Plate Armor and examine the Demon Door, then wear
Dark Will User's Armor and examine the Demon Door, then wear Bandit's Clothes
and examine the Demon Door.

Witchwood Stones - Hit the 4 stones in the area to spell out his name,
H - I - T - S.
What's Inside- The Archaeologist and various other items

Knothole Glade - Hit the Demon Door with a strong bow shot. A shot between the
eyes with a weak bow works as well.
What's Inside- Elixer of Life potion

Grey House - Marry Lady Grey.
What's Inside- Ronok the Axe

Gibbet Wood - Defeat Thunder during the Marry Lady Grey quest.
What's Inside- Nothing, it just allows you to leave

Lychfield Graveyard - Collect Nostrosí armor, helmet, shield, and sword and
return them to Nostro.
What's Inside- It's just a doorway to the Old Graveyard Path

^ 9. Silver Keys and Silver Chests ^

Silver Keys are hidden. Find them. You will need a certain number to open each
of the Silver Chests. After using the keys you will still have them to use for
other chests.


Lookout Point - Cut through the bushes in the center of the area near the

Bowerstone South - Upstairs in the clothing shop on the balcony.

Fisher Creek - Go behind the building, on the north side of the map, and fish
along there, it's at one of the ripples.

Guild Woods - Fish where the ripple is, where you killed the bandits with

Greatwood Lake - It's at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken,
its in plain view.

Orchard Farm - Fish off the pier on the east side of the map.

Rose Cottage - There is a circle of red flowers by the old lady's house, dig
inside of it.

Hobbe Cave - There is a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber, dig in

Darkwood Lake - Shoot an arrow through the stone with a hole in it.

Ancient Cullis Gate - Fish on the west end of map near the bridge.

Grey House - Fish near the Demon Door.

Oakvale Memorial Garden - Dig near the statue in the cemetary area,
underneath the axe.

Twinblade's Camp - South part of camp theres an area with a treasure chest,
some barrels, and a patch of dirt, dig between the chest and barrels.

Witchwood Stones - Fish in the pond next to the Demon Door.

Witchwood Lake - There is a statue with a red glow from where you first
enter on the west side, dig near there.

Knothole Glade - There is a ring of plants between some homes in the south
part of the area, dig there.

Windmill Hill - In the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of the
map, dig in the flower lined mound.

Windmill Hill - Its behind the windmill, dig it up in a flower ring.

Headsman's Hill - Take the Demon Door from Gibbet Woods to access Headsman's
Hill. Fish in the pond at the ripple.

Bowerstone Manor - You have to have married Lady Grey for this one. Search
her bed for it.

Lychfied Cemetary - In a crypt in the south central part of the map. It's
with a corpse.

Lychfied Cemetary - Buried in a grave right outside of the above mentioned

Lychfield Cemetary - Fish it from the stream west of the grave keeper's
house, inside the gates.

Cliffside Path - In the hill at the north end of the map, past the
underground tunnel there is a place to dig.

Hook Coast - In a cabinet on the ground level of the Lighthouse, you have to
either pick the lock or break the door to get in.


Greatwood Lake- 5 keys
Elixer of Life

Cave Larder- 5 keys
Will Master's Elixer

Darkwood Lake- 15 keys
Arken's Crossbow

Grey House- 10 keys
Sharpening Augmentation

Witchwood Stones- 15 keys
Health Augmentation

Headman's Hill- 15 keys
Mana Augmentation

Bowerstone Manor- 15 keys
Katana Hiryu

Circle of the Dead- 10 keys
Piercing Augmentation

Hook Coast- 15 keys

Heroes' Guild- 20 keys
Murren Greathammer

^ 10. Trophies ^

After completing certain quests or doing certain things, you will get trophies.
You can use a trophy to show off your feat in towns or display it in marital
homes to increase their values. I'm going to liste each trophy, their value,
and where to get them.

Wasp Queen's Head
Value- 100
Receive- After completing the "Wasp Menace" quest.

Whisper's Brooch
Value- 300
Receive- After completing either "Attack Orchard Farm" or Protect Orchard
Farm" quests.

Hobbe Tooth Trophy
Value- 300
Receive- After completing the "Hobbe Killing Contest" sidequest.

Trader's Feather
Value- 300
Receive- After completing the "Trader Escort' quest.

Bandit Seal
Value- 1000
Receive- After completing the "Find the Bandit Seeress" quest.

Hobbe Head
Value- 300
Receive- After completing the "Hobbe Cave" sidequest.

White Balverine Head
Value- 800
Receive- After completing the "White Balverine" quest.

Champion's Seal
Value- 2000
Receive- After completing "The Arena" quest.

King Scorpion Sting
Value- 1000
Receive- After completing "The Arena" quest.

Thunder's Helmet
Value- 1000
Receive- After defeating Thunder during the "A Mayor's Invitation" sidequest.

Minion's Helmet
Value- 900
Receive- After completing the "Find the Arcaeologist" quest.

Trader's Head
Value- 5
Receive- After completing the "Bandit Spy Extraction" sidequest.

Undead Hand
Value- 800
Receive- After completing "The Graveyard Path" quest.

Silver Arrow Trophy
Value- 300
Receive- After getting a high score in the Knothole Glade Archery Competition.

Kraken Tooth
Value- 1500
Receive- After completing the "Prison Escape" quest.

Maze's Clasp
Value- 1400
Receive- After completing the "Return to Hook Coast" quest.

Jack's Mask
Value- 2500
Receive- After completing "Battle Jack of Blades" quest and watching the

Here's a neat way to make fast money with the trophies. Buy a marital house.
Place trophies inside it. Now sell the house for a profit. Break back into the
house and take down the trophies. Then buy the house back for its original
price keeping the profit you made. Repeat until desired amount of money is

^ 11. Titles ^

A title is what you will be known as. It's basically your nickname. There are
two title vendors. There is one at Lookout Point and one outside the Arena.
This section will display the titles you can have, their base price, and from
where you get them.

Chicken Chaser (Default Title)
Base Price- 40
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 60
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 100
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 250
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 200
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 450
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 260
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 200
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 600
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 1000
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 280
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 600
Vendor- Lookout Point

Base Price- 150
Vendor- Arena Entrance

Base Price- 500
Vendor- Arena Entrance

Base Price- 160
Vendor- Arena Entrance

Base Price- 350
Vendor- Arena Entrance

Base Price- 250
Vendor- Arena Entrance

Base Price- 0
Vendor- Complete "Temple of Light" sidequest.

Base Price- 0
Vendor- Complete "Chapel of Skorm" sidequest.
^ 12. Marriage ^

How to get married-

First have an attraction rate of 1 or higher. A high renown level also helps.
Then when you see a villager with a heart above his/her head begin to woo.
There are a few ways to do this. Use either the Flirt, Manly Arm Pump, or
Sexy Hero Pose expressions. This will raise their heart a bit. You will notice
it get a little bigger. Talking to them also helps a little. You can also give
them gifts to raise their affection. Gifts like chocalates, roses, or perfume.

When it becomes big enough and pink and slowly flashes you can propose. Buy a
Wedding Ring. I'm not sure if Fake Wedding Rings work. Traders in Bowerstone
and Oakvale sell them. Give the ring to them like a gift. They should accept.

Now you need a house to live in. If there is an available house for sale, buy
it and then choose to live in it and go talk to your lover. It has to be house
in their area. You will then get a little fresco scene of your marriage.

Romance Statistics-

In your statistics menu, in the personality one, this section will be listed.
It will start to fill out once you have a lover. These are the headings and
what they mean.

Sexuality- Your sexual orientation.

     Unknown- It will be listed as Unknown as long as you aren't married.

     Heterosexual- It will be listed as Heterosexual if you have a woman as a
     wife or only women as wives.

     Homosexual- It will be listed as Homosexual if you have a man as a wife or
     only men as wives. (Although they are male, they are still called wives)

     Bisexual- It will be listed as Bisexual if you have at least one woman
     wife and at least one man wife.

Number of Spouses- Lists how many wives you have.

People that have fallen in Love with You- Lists how many people throughout the
world love you, or have loved you.

Total Number of Weddings- Lists how many times you have been married.

Divorces- Lists how many times divorced. To get divorced, just basically be
mean to your wife. Either beat her or give him rude expressions like the Middle
Finger or Sneer.

Number of Times Widowed- Lists how many of your wives died. I don't think your
wives will die on their own, so basically how many of your wives you've killed.

Number of Times Had Sex- Yes, you can have sex with your wives. First of all,
they probably need to like you. Get them into your house and both of you stand
near the bed. Talk to her, give him gifts, make nice expressions and eventually
they should say something about going to bed and then have a green aura
surround them. Talk to them and it asks you to go to bed with your wife.
Consent, and you get a black screen and you just hear their noises.


Your wife will be indicated on the map by a yellow circle.

They will walk around town and sometimes give you a gift. I've gotten things
like Chainmail Boots or an Obsidian Greatsword.

If you marry the owner of a shop or building, that building becomes for sale.
You can buy that too. Be quick, someone has always beaten me to buying them
since I didn't have enough money and this is a good way to gain ownership
without killing the owner for all of you good heroes.

Your wife will not comment on your good/evil leanings, but will sometimes
comment on your appearance. (Clothes, Haircut, etc.)

They become happy if you have a nice house. Purchase new decoration for the
house on the sign outside.

^ 13. Hairstyles/Tattoos ^

You can change your hairstyle, (not color) or add tattoos to your body. A
barber gives you hairstyles and a tattooist gives you tattoos. There is a
barbershop in Bowerstone South and a tattooist in Knothole Glade. There are
also sometimes barbers and tattooists roaming around Greatwood and Witchwood.
You must pay a small fee for their services, which varies depending on your
Guile skill, but they do have a base price.

In this section I will list all the hairstyle and tattoo cards you can find and
get and how to get them and such info as that. By the way, I love this feature
in the game.


Normal Haircut
Value- 85
Attractiveness: +50
Scariness: +50
You won't stand out with this traditional style.

The Buzz
Value- 36
Attractiveness: -50
Scariness: 0
Intimidate the young and the elderly with this style.

Short Hair
Value- 65
Attractiveness: +50
Scariness: 0
Blend in with the crowd with this hairstyle.

The Pudding Basin
Value- 38
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: -50
The bore's cut of choice. Much favoured by scholars.

Value- 66
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +50
An elegant style favoured by swordsmen and wizards.

Youngster Style
Value- 50
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: 0
The hair that most small fry go for.

Plaits (Cornrows)
Value- 44
Attractiveness: -50
Scariness: -50
Favoured by ancient warriors from distant lands. And young girls.

Normal Beard
Value- 82
Attractiveness: +48
Scariness: +48
An unremarkable beard type.

Standard Beard
Value- 30
Attractiveness: -48
Scariness: -48
A standard beard style.

Regular Beard
Value- 64
Attractiveness: +48
Scariness: 0
A usual sort of beard.

Mutton Chop Beard
Value- 62
Attractiveness: +48
Scariness: 0
Imposing and eccentric.

Tramp Beard
Value- 24
Attractiveness: -48
Scariness: 0
More of a dropout lifestyle choice than a beard.

Trader Style Moustache
Value- 25
Attractiveness: -49
Scariness: -49
The facial hair of the wandering merchants of Albion.

Power Moustache
Value- 67
Attractiveness: +49
Scariness: -49
A moustache to bolster the confidence and scare the dim.

Sheriff Moustache
Value- 88
Attractiveness: +49
Scariness: +49
Worn by those in authority, this moustache says 'obey me'.

Foreign Moustache
Value- 47
Attractiveness: -49
Scariness: +49
Visitors from other lands have introduced this inscrutable facial trophy.


Dark Vortex Tattoo
Value- 46
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +10
Alignment Modifier: -10
Chest Tattoo

Firis Head Tattoo
Value- 48
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +10
Alignment Modifier: -10
Back Tattoo

Tallin Clan Arm Tattoo
Value- 38
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +5
Alignment Modifier: -5
Arm Tattoo

Tallin Clan Leg Tattoo
Value- 36
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +5
Alignment Modifier: -5
Leg Tattoo

Spiral Dementia Tattoo
Value- 57
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +20
Alignment Modifier: -20
Face Tattoo

Seachaos Arm Tattoo
Value- 34
Attractiveness: -5
Scariness: +5
Alignment Modifier: -5
Arm Tattoo

Seachaos Leg Tattoo
Value- 39
Attractiveness: -5
Scariness: +5
Alignment Modifier: -5
Leg Tattoo

Harlon Shoulder Tattoo
Value- 45
Attractiveness: +10
Scariness: 0
Alignment Modifier: 0
Shoulder Tattoo

Harlon Arm Tatto
Value- 46
Attractiveness: +10
Scariness: 0
Alignment Modifier: 0
Arm Tattoo

Fire Monkey Tattoo
Value- 69
Attractiveness: +51
Scariness: 0
Alignment Modifier: +51
Back Tattoo

Vambrace Tattoo
Value- 32
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: 0
Alignment Modifier: +5
Arm Tattoo

The Eyes of Avo Tattoo
Value- 46
Attractiveness: 0
Scariness: +10
Alignment Modifier: +10
Back Tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo
Value- 46
Attractiveness: +12
Scariness: -12
Alignment Modifier: 0
Face Tattoo

Coron Birth Tattoo
Value- 38
Attractiveness: +5
Scariness: 0
Alignment Modifier: 0
Stomach Tattoo

Red Widow Tattoo
Value- 44
Attractiveness: +10
Scariness: +10
Alignment Modifier: 0
Arm Tattoo

Howl Tattoo
Value- 62
Attractiveness: +51
Scariness: +51
Alignment Modifier: -51
Face Tattoo

^ 14. Update History ^

September 16- First layout. Not nearly complete. I'm not even giving it a
version number yet.

September 17- Added more to the walkthrough and added the Hero's Guild section.

September 18- Added more to the walkthrough. Added Demon Door and Silver Keys
and Silver Chests sections.

September 22- Added the Lady Grey marriage quest. So no more e-mails about her.
By the way, I have been unable to access my computer in the last few days and
could not read most of your e-mails so sorry, you'll have to resend your mail.

September 23-
Version .50- Added Expressions section. Here's how the version numbers will
work. I am halfway done with the walkthrough and once finished, the version
will be 1. Once I have all other info it will be upgraded to 2.

September 26
Version .50- Added Weapons section. Added a bit more to the Walkthrough and
Sidequests sections.

September 27
Version .50- Added more to Walkthrough and Sidequests sections.

September 29
Version .50- Added more to the Walkthrough and added the Sword in the Stone
quest in the Sidequests section, so no more e-mails about that quest.

September 30
Version 1- Finished Walkthrough. Added Hairstyles/Tattoos Section.

October 1
Version 1- Added Controls and Trophies sections.

October 5
Version 1- Added more Sidequests. Added Titles section.

^ 15. Credits ^

I'd like to thank Lionhead studios, Big Blue Box Studios, Microsoft and anyone
else involved in the making of this game.

Also thanks to:
Zeke0238- Demon Doors, Silver Keys, and Silver Chests
TwilightAria- Greatwood Caves Demon Door and Cutlass Bluetane weapon
JohnnyBoy- Steal Expression
X_Fetus_X- Bloodlust Roar Expression
Demonaphia- The Sentinus

^ 16. Contact Info ^

If you have found any errors, information, questions, or suggestions please
e-mail me at jiyu_aifu@yahoo.com.

Do not ask for permission to use this on your site. Until it is complete
only Gamefaqs may have it posted. Please hold off on your requests.

Writing this FAQ will be quite a project for me. I would like any help anyone
is willing to offer. I do not yet know all the sections I will be adding, so I
only have a few listed. Suggestions would be nice.

I've beaten the game. And I just started writing this so I don't remember
everything to their fullest so any help would be appreciated. For the
walkthrough, please only inform me of things I have already written.

If you find anything to be a little confusing about my guide or you feel it
could have been worded better, please let me know.

Of course, anyone who helps in the making of this FAQ will be listed in the
credits. :D

^ 17. Copyright ^

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