Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Path:!imci2!!!!!!Discovery From: (James Meloy) Newsgroups: Subject: Stonekeep - all the hints, spoilers, etc - stonehnt.txt [01/01] Date: Thu, 29 Feb 96 16:32:42 GMT Organization: Island Net in Victoria, B.C. Canada Lines: 2074 Message-ID: <4h4kfa$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #4 BEGIN -- Cut Here -- cut here Stonekeep - Playing Hints and Walkthrough This document is for the Interplay RPG game Stonekeep. It covers game bugs and patches, how-to's, hints, strategies, special locations, some item locations, level hints, spoilers, edibles, rings, and comments. Table of Contents 1. Introduction, notes, other resources 2. Notes, updates, game problems, bugs 2.1 Updates 2.2 Problems encountered personally 2.3 Other hardware problems I heard about 2.4 Game bugs 3. Using the magic, runes list 4. General gameplay hints and strategies 5. Advanced strategies, levels list 6. Hints for each level / area 7. Spoilers, items, special locations for each level / area 8. List of Gods (orbs) 9. List of comestibles (edibles) & rings 10. Comments & gripes 11. Credits for help/hints from the newsgroup v1.1 February 29, 1996 James Meloy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 1. Introduction, notes, other resources INTRODUCTION As stated above, this is all about the Interplay RPG Stonekeep. It is completely 'unofficial', is most likely incomplete, and undoubtedly contains errors (and typos!). Send all comments and corrections about it to me, as the people at Interplay should be spending their time creating their next *great* game. If you find this document helpful, please drop me a line and let me know about it. This is my second attempt at writing a comprehensive help file for a game. I received only a few (4 or 5) responses from the first one, so if I get the same level of response from this one, I won't bother with any others. Kudos to those responding to queries in COMP.SYS.IBM.PC.GAMES.RPG Without their help, I would have been stuck in the faerie realm looking for that @#^$!@# daisy chain forever! Someone was also kind enough to post the solution for getting into that secret room in the starting tower, and someone else posted the (very) helpful . Special thanks also to Chris Taylor (GRUPS Chris, formerly Stonekeep Chris) for his many and varied responses in the newsgroup, and to Lonewolf for filling in many of the missing details. This is v1.1 of the hints file. It is the final(?) version, unless someone comes up with some major error(s) in it, or finds some solutions to the bugs encountered in the game. You may post this document UNALTERED to any BBS, FTP site, or WWW site you think appropriate. Distribution for profit is definitely uncool. The only exception to this is if the file is included as part of a general file resource. I will be uploading to COMP.SYS.IBM.PC.GAMES.RPG. If you want it posted elsewhere, be my guest (I'm limited to 1 hour access time per day, so my online usage is REALLY tight). If anyone wishes to make this document available on their website (UNALTERED), no problem. NOTES AND OTHER RESOURCES Interplay's CD release version is v1.05 (I think). They have put out two updates - v1.1 and v1.2. These are to correct some serious bugs. Get the v1.2 update patch and install it *before* you play, if possible. I enjoyed the game (despite the bugs) and hope the sequel (there is going to be one, isn't there?) comes out in less than 5 years. Personally, my favorite (and most hated) level was the faerie realm. Karzak's comments, interspersed with performances by the faerie players, made for some good belly laughs. It also helped that each faerie had a distinct personality. I have seen a number of other help documents for Stonekeep available on the WWW. These all have various plusses and minuses, but all are serious attempts to provide help with a complex game. - Stonekeep demo and screen shots Available from - Dave's semi-official walkthrough, by David Melanson This is a complete walk-through for the game, from start to end. Available from - Barry Brook's Stonekeep combat FAQ v2.0 He covers weapon and armor stats, skills, general fighting strategies, the monsters and how to kill them, and the NPC's and their fighting skills. Available from - Doug Swarin's Stonekeep Faq v0.35 This is a work in progress. Available from - Magic Costs & Endgame Spoilers by David Melanson Available from - Jochen Walder's Lists He has created a set of lists for everything significant in the game. There is a separate list for keys, orbs, runecasters, spell scrolls, NPC's, etc etc. Each list gives the level and x,y coordinates of the object, and for a few objects he gives some info on how to get or use the object. (I had this E-Mailed to me, so I don't know where it would be available on the net) - Spoiler's Center This site contains a massive collection of spoilers, FAQ files, cheats and hints for lots of different games. At Interplay also has an FTP site,, where several of the documents mentioned above may be found. If others exist (and they probably do) I have not yet seen them. These documents were available as of the creation date of this document. Since Barry has done up such a nice FAQ covering all the weapons, armor, and NPC's (Thanks Barry!) I'll leave them out of this one. Saves my time & energy for more gameplaying! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 2. Updates, game problems, bugs There are a number of known bugs in the game, some of which are *very* serious, serious enough to keep you from being able to complete the game. Others can be annoying, bothersome, or downright silly. Note: If you have a lot of trouble with crashing in the game, then you most likely have either memory problems or driver conflicts. I have spoken with people who have run this game on everything from a 386-sx/25 to a P133, with all kinds of hardware, operating systems, and drivers. Anyone I helped that had multiple crashes had 1 of 5 problems (including me). 1-Running on a version before v1.2 2-Insufficient conventional memory 3-Running in Win95 (various reasons) 4-Incompatable drivers/memory managers 5-Badly fragmented hard drive Most people can run the game from DOS with no modifications. If you are using Win95, the 'best' solution is to try and run the game using the 'reboot into dos then run' option. See below for further help. Note: I have heard of some "unique" problems people have run into after modifying their save-games with the Universal Game Editor (UGE). I will not be covering any of these problems here, since if you use this on your game, you should know what you are doing, and should know to expect some possible side effects. 2.1 *** UPDATES There is a v1.2 update that has been released by Interplay. It is supposed to clean up most of the known bugs and problems with the game. The update is available on Interplay's website and several other websites and FTP sites, and quite probably at most of the major BBS's and services. 2.2 *** PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED PERSONALLY I played the game as much as possible from the HD, using a 486/66, dos 6.20, SB Pro II, running HIMEM, EMM386, Ontrack's Disk Manager, and the SB Pro's FM music drivers. I did run into the (in)famous Wahooka bug and some crashes in the early levels. I didn't find out about the update patch until I was 4 or 5 levels in. The game crashed on me when I was in the lower keep level, usually after a good length of playing, when I tried to go through one of the illusionary walls. After installing the patch, I only had two problems late in the game. - One time, when saving the game, I got a 'sector not found' error and ended up crashing out of the game - turned out my HD was quite fragmented. After defragging, I never had the problem again. - The second problem was in the evil dwarf's lair. When the dwarf was speaking to me, the speech halted and I got an error 'unable to read file'. I had to abort the game at that point. Going in there with the speech turned off bypassed the problem. I haven't contacted Interplay about the problem yet, so I don't know if it is a common problem or if I got a 'bum' CD (I suspect the CD). After leaving the game, sometimes stuff in memory would be scrambled. If I needed to run windows afterwards, I would have to reboot, or windows would crash/hang/give errors. NOTE: Afri is not mentioned in the book THERA'S AWAKENING (at least not in the one I have). I'm not certain if this was a book-bug, or if this god was left out to confuse us poor mortals. 2.3 *** Other hardware problems I heard about Win95 memory problems. Since I don't use Win95, I can't verify the following solution. Stonekeep comes with a PIF file of its own, created by Interplay. To use it with Win95, you need to modify it slightly. On the command line, change the executable from 'SK.BAT' to 'SK.BAT WIN95'. This is supposed to prevent the 'insufficient memory' problem. Addendum: This does solve the memory problem in *some* circumstances. You may still need to modify your config/autoexec to make more base memory/upper memory available. (You thought those problems went away with Win95? Tee Hee Hee). Also, I heard that stonekeep simply will not work with *some* computers using Win95. With these, you can only run Stonekeep with a boot disk or by using the 'reboot into dos and run' option. One further problem that you may have is a lack of disk space. Win95 (and Windows) use a large swapfile on the hard drive to move stuff out of and into memory as needed, and you need to take this into account when checking your available disk space (from Dos). Memory problems running in Dos. Stonekeep is a complex set of programs that need lots of clean memory. Try running with as few TSR's and drivers as you can get away with. Load as much stuff into upper/ extended memory as you can to give it lots of conventional memory. I ran the game with very few problems with 613k conv & 6504k extended memory (according to mem), with lots of drivers in upper and extended memory, including smartdrv with a 512k read-only buffer. Using a GUS sound card. One note I read on the newsgroup said that the GUS soundcard was not supported for MIDI music (something to do with Interplay's driver for this card being buggy?). Apparently the game can be run with full sound effects and speech, but without music. I'm not sure if Interplay has a solution for this yet, so if you are using one of these, try contacting their tech support for assistance. 2.4 *** BUGS Most of the bugs listed here are ones that I have heard of, since I personally ran into only a few problems. 2.4.a - Bypassing the Faerie Realm 2.4.b - The Wahooka bugs 2.4.c - Giving Dombur the last weapon piece 2.4.d - Enigma and getting into the Faerie Realm 2.4.e - The 3-door trap in the pits 2.4.f - The disappearing Coldfire 2.4.g - The one-way door to the Castle of Shadows 2.4.h - 99 charge / quantity maximum (or the silver runestaff) 2.4.i - Queen Iaenni's conversations are not captioned 2.4.j - Runecasters not functioning properly 2.4.k - Game crashing in Ice Realm trying to walk by the sharga 2.4.a - One complaint that I hear of on the newsgroup over and over again from people 'bashing' the game is that there is nothing in the game to tell you that you missed the faerie realm and a very important item in there. This is FALSE! The first hint (Hint? More like an order!) is in the Upper Feeding Grounds. "Tell Gorda Karn that those strange glowing things are back. They stay in the area to the east of the Dragon, and flee whenever our guards approach. I think they're faeries. Something faerielike might open the Gate to their Realm, they would make good slaves..." The second 'hint' is in the Ice Caverns, in a note to the Ice Queen. "Khull Khuum wants you to invade the faerie realm. The Terrible Troll has informed him that an orb has been collected and is waiting for him there." In standard RPG terms, these are like someone hitting you in the head with a baseball bat to get your attention. It doesn't get any plainer. The valid complaing in this case is that Interplay had a problem testing the game properly, since the second hint is given AFTER you defeat the Ice Queen, and in v1.0 and v1.1 of the game, if you collected Enigma into the party (from the ice realm), you couldn't get into the Faerie Realm (see Enigma & the Faerie Realm bug below). 2.4.b - Wahooka bugs. 1. Where Wahooka first appears, and asks for something of value, you (sometimes) can't get him to re-appear. I'm not sure if this was properly fixed in v1.2, but I have heard that if he talks to you but doesn't appear, pressing 'Y' will help. 2. Going down to the lower level, then back up to where you are supposed to meet him for the second time, the game sometimes "hangs, crashes, aborts, or other weird things". This is also supposed to be fixed in v1.2. 3. Wahooka doesn't appear in the sewers. If you never walk on the square necessary to make him appear (??? can it be done???) he will never show. Sometimes if you have been 'bugged' in an upper level, he won't appear either. This is a minor annoyance, since all he does is give you a key to a chest with some good stuff in it. The chest contains nothing needed to finish the game. 2.4.c - Giving the 3rd piece of the secret weapon to Dombur. Dombur moves fairly quickly, is impatient, and is very absent-minded. When he finishes talking to you, take the 3rd piece and move it around his hand until you get the 'hand' icon, then click the mouse button. You may not get this 'hand' icon until the second or 3rd conversation. It worked straight-off for me (with v1.2 patch). 2.4.d - Enigma and the Faerie Realm. If you (like many others) bypassed the Faerie Realm and continued on through the ice caverns, getting Enigma to join the party, you could not return and enter the Faerie Realm later. Either you could not get the wall to open, or an invisible wall would prevent you from getting to the end of the passage (and through the teleporter). The v1.1 patch was *supposed* to fix this problem, but didn't. The v1.2 patch definitely did. 2.4.e - The three-door trap in The Pits. I call this the Monty Hall problem. (Anybody else remember Lets Make A Deal?) In the pits, there are three doors opening off of one intersection (N, E, S). Behind one of the doors is a key. If you pick up three objects (picking up one object three times is the same thing) behind the doors, all three doors lock. Putting the objects down doesn't help. Once the doors are locked, there is no way to open them again. If you don't have the key from behind door #2, there is no way to ever get the key needed to finish this level. You have to go back to a previous save game. If there is a way of 'resetting' these doors, Interplay has made it very difficult to figure out. 2.4.f - The disappearing Coldfire problem. The Coldfire cannot exist on any level other than the ice level (it melts). If you need to return to a prevous level (for recharging/healing), put the coldfire back in the fire pit before leaving the ice level. It'll be there when you return. If you drop it anywhere else, it disappears. PS-I heard the Ice Queen CAN be killed without the coldfire, but it is very difficult. See spoilers for one method. 2.4.g - The one-way door to the Castle of Shadows. Several people have complained of a non-existent problem here. If you head into the Castle of Shadows without all the orbs from the prior levels, you're hooped because you can't get back. The truth is, there are three (3) different ways of getting back to the prior levels. The first two involve the magic mirrors in the castle, and the third way is to set a teleport circle somewhere before you enter the castle. 2.4.h - The 99 charge silver runestaff. This staff actually DOES contain the 120 charges as advertised. The game inventory system seems to be limited to displaying a maximum of 99 of anything. I picked up more than 99 rocks, skulls, arrows, and sharga swords, and all showed a total of 99. 2.4.i - Queen Iaenni's conversations are not captioned. This can be very annoying if you don't (or can't) have speech enabled, or can't hear her speech (for whatever reason). None of her speech is *critical* to finishing the game, but it does help. 2.4.j - Runecasters don't always function properly. On some levels, when you use a runecaster, you can use it only once, and from then on it doesn't function properly. If you leave that level and return, things reset and the runecasters function properly again. I'm not sure what the cause/cure for this is, as I've seen very few posts about this problem. 2.4.k - Ice realms - Game crashes when trying to get past the first sharga. I'm not sure what's the cause of this problem. I never encountered it, but by that time I was running on v1.2. It also seems to be a rare problem. The two people I heard of having the problem killed that sharga, removing the cause of the bug, and didn't seem to run into any repercussions. This may only be a problem with v1.0 or v1.1, since I had no trouble with this running v1.2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 3. Using the magic, runes list Casting spells from the runestaffs requires several steps. 1. Placing a rune on the staff. - Put the staff in your right hand (remember, it's a mirror!). - Bring up the journal, and flip to the runes section, going to the page containing the rune you want. - Right-click on the rune. This should bring the staff up on the right side of the book. - Right-click onto the slot on the staff where you want the rune to be. This will overwrite any existing runes/meta-runes. - If you want to add a meta-rune to a regular rune, flip to the meta-runes page, right-click on the meta rune, then right-click on top of the rune you wish to 'meta'. Meta runes can be combined onto regular runes (except for 2x and 3x runes). - Repeat as often as desired. - Left-click somewhere off the book and staff to return to regular playing mode. 2. Getting ready to cast a spell. - Place the staff in your right or left hand. - Click the mouse button corresponding to the hand holding the staff. This should bring up the staff on the right (or left?) side of the screen. 3. Casting a spell into the playing screen (on monsters, etc) - Get ready to cast a spell. - Click on the rune you wish to cast. - Place the cursor on the target of the spell (or the direction it is to go). - Press the mouse button corresponding to the hand holding the staff. 4. Casting a spell on yourself or on an NPC in your party. - Make sure the character status bar is visible in the top-right corner of the screen. If it's not, click on the mirror in the top- right corner to make it visible. - Get ready to cast a spell. - Click on the rune you wish to use. - Click on the compass heading in the center of the status bar to reveal characters. Staff will move to the center of the screen. - Click on the character you wish to cast a spell on. - Repeat as desired. - Click somewhere off the character display and runestaff to return to regular play. NOTE: Recharging of staffs is done automatically when you step onto a manna circle (green circle on floor). All staffs are recharged, whether in hand or in inventory. Standing on the circle doesn't do it, you have to step onto it. RUNES LIST This is a list of the runes I found, where they were, and what they do. Many runes were found more than once. RUNE NAME TYPE LEVEL FOUND DESCRIPTION ---------- ------ ------------ ------------------------------------- Shrink Reg. Lower keep Shrinks target Firebolt Reg. Lower keep Shoots fireball at target Power-2 Meta Lower keep Doubles the power (& cost) of another rune Heal Reg. Lower keep Minor healing spell Shrink Reg. Sewers Shrinks target Read Reg. Mines1 Gives target ability to read *some* unreadable text Heal Reg. Mines1 Minor healing spell Silence Reg. Mines1 Silences target L. Aerial Reg. Mines1 Lesser Aerial Magic (aka feather fall) Take no damage from falling in pits Firebolt Reg. Mines1 Shoots fireball at target Potency Meta Mines2 Lowers magic resistance of target L. Aerial Reg. Temple1 Lesser Aerial Magic (aka feather fall) Strength Reg. Temple2 Strengthens character Spoilspell Reg. Temple2 Cancels magical effects or provides protection vs magic Flame Reg. Temple2 Casts a magical flame on the square in front of the caster Shield Reg. Temple2 Target protected against ranged attacks Energybolt Reg. Temple2 Shoots magical energy bolts that weaken or stun opponents Translocate Reg. Lower FG Sets a teleport target circle Scare Reg. Lower FG Scares target. Target may flee Armor Reg. Upper FG Creates an (imperfect) magical armor barrier around the target Winds Reg. Upper FG Casts a magical whirlwind Shrink Reg. Upper FG Shrinks target Strong Heal Reg. Upper FG Improved heal - also cures poison, etc Ball Meta Upper FG Gives a regular rune an area effect Duration Meta Upper FG Makes the effect of some runes last longer Murphy Reg. Faerie realm Very murphy rune - casts slow Invisibility Reg Faerie realm Casts invisibility on party Duck Reg. Faerie realm Duck rune. It goes Quack. Read Reg. Dwarf halls Gives target ability to read some unreadable text Power-2 Meta Dwarf halls Doubles the power of a regular rune Power-3 Meta Dwarf halls Triples the power of a regular rune Ball Meta Dwarf halls Gives a regular rune an area effect Duration Meta Dwarf halls Makes the effects of some runes last longer Potency Meta Dwarf halls Lowers magic resistance of target Teleport Reg. Dwarf halls Teleports party to the target circle, set by the translocate rune Armor Reg. Ice caves Creates magical armor Ball Meta Ice caves Gives a regular rune an area effect Ice bolts Reg. Ice caves Shoots ice bolts at target Warming Reg. Ice caves Thaws target, protection vs cold Fire ward Reg. Ice caves Places a fire trap on floor in front of the caster Scare Reg. The Gate Scares target. Target may flee Deep Freeze Reg. The Gate Severely chills opponents (try it on fire elementals) Stoptrack Reg. The Gate Stops opponent in its tracks Spheres Reg. The Pit Shoots spheres at opponents, crushing lightly defended creatures Read Reg. The Pit Gives target ability to read *some* unreadable text Quickness Reg. Castle Increases targets rate of attack ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 4. General gameplay hints and strategies The game is a first-person 3D real-time dungeon exploration game. Fighting is real-time, using the mouse, but not too fast. There are a number of different types of strategies that will work, and experienced gamers can somewhat mold the character to suit their playing preferences. To bypass the opening sequences, press the ESC key after each one starts. NPC's play a real and fairly important role, setting minor tasks, sharing information, giving items, and sometimes accompanying the player. Up to 3 companions at one time can join the quest, but the player has little control over who joins or leaves the party. There are many dirt piles/snowbanks found on most levels. Attacking them may reveal useful items, and improves combat skills. There is nothing found in any of them that is *critical* to finishing the game, but one or two very important items can be found. When attacking things, the white 'cross-hair' cursor will shrink and dim after each blow. When it brightens back to normal, the weapon has been 'reset' and you can strike again. This gets faster as you improve that specific combat/weapon skill. To read a scroll, touch it to your character's image in the mirror. Bring up inventory (which automatically displays your character and the NPCs), then touch the chest of your character with the scroll. Shargas aren't really the 'bad' guys in this game. You will need to kill many of them, but definitely not all. A sharga that is cowering in fear (or drunk!) is a harmless one. There are three 'modes' used in gameplay. Regular mode - time passes, monsters move, you can move & fight. Journal mode - journal is open, time is suspended. Inventory mode - inventory is open, time is suspended, you can take/drop items and shuffle inventory. If you want to get through an NPC's conversation quickly, press the space bar to bypass that bit of the speech. You may have to press it several times to complete a conversation. Pressing the ENTER key pauses the conversation (lets you read what's on the screen). Press SHIFT-F8 to turn on/off the exact location display. The display shows (compass heading, X-coordinate, Y-coordinate, level number). I use this a lot when creating the items list and the hints. (I don't remember who posted this to the newsgroup, but thanks!) The map page numbers in the journal are not fixed - they will change themselves to match the levels you have been on. Use the level descriptions or the level number for absolute reference. Afri's orb can be used by placing it on the next map square, in front of you, and getting into regular mode (get out of inventory mode). Your inventory scroll can hold almost anything (except NPC's?) with no encumbrance or weight problems (slick solution). You might as well grab and hang onto everything you find. Sorting the items into categories (like weapons, potions, armor, etc) makes things much easier to find when the scroll gets crowded. Keep the most-used items, like throwing axes and runestaffs, at the top. Paying for weapons in the shop. I don't think it's possible to get the coins out of the bag, and it's not necessary. You pay for the items (one at a time) by placing an item on the table beside the dwarf, then handing him the sack of gold. He will give you back your change. Sometimes chairs/tables get in the way (blocking access to secret panels, buttons, or objects). Smash them with your weapons to get through to what you want. Green slimes sometimes pick up items lying on the floor. These can range from weapons & armor to gems & keys. Kill them all, because one *may* be carrying something you really need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 5. Advanced strategies, levels list There are several objects in the game that can be attacked many times to improve weapon skills and stats. One is the forge in the armory in the upper keep (when the flame is on). Another is the giant stone thingy in the smithy in the dwarf hall. There may be others. Afri's orb projects a floor map of the immediate area, in real time. All floor tiles are displayed, whether mapped or not, including hidden and secret areas. Most monsters are also displayed as small dots, moving in real time. Use this orb often to find hidden rooms, false walls, and illusionary walls. The power for this orb doesn't seem to drain. Some of the orbs have their own unique powers and attributes. All but Afri's and one other are activated by touching it to your character in the mirror. All but Afri's and Saffrini's have a limited amount of energy that drains quickly. This energy is replenished over time, making the orbs re-usable. For each of the wall patterns, all the secret panels and the push-buttons appear on the same point on the wall. Once you find one, all the rest are located on the same place. For searching purposes, place the mouse cursor to where the secret panel would be - the cursor will change to a hand when you are facing the panel. Buttons are easier to see. Personal stats and weapons skills do not go up in a stepwise fashion, as the 'circles' would indicate, but go up on a gradient (1-100?). The circles indicate certain points along the slope. This means that weapon speed, chance to hit, shield skill, spell skill etc go up gradually, rather than in big jumps. Use lots of magic as soon as you find your first runestaff and manna circle. Magic skill goes up with every spell cast (even healing spells). The higher your magic skill, the fewer spell points casting spells cost, and the faster you can cast spells. It may even be worthwhile 'wasting' spells while at a manna circle to boost your skill. You CAN use two weapons in this game, seemingly without any penalties(??). My favorite is to use a hammer in one hand, and either the magic throwing axe or the dagger of piercing in the other. Each hand is on a separate 'reset' timer, allowing you to get in many more blows. The shadow weapon doesn't take the form of a regular (1-handed) sword. Make sure you are advanced in another weapon skill, or are willing to occupy both hands with one weapon. LEVELS LIST Note: The map page numbers in the journal are not fixed - they will change themselves to match the levels you have been on. Use the level descriptions or the level number for absolute reference. The page numbers given are those used in the journal when the game is almost complete. I *think* I have visited all of the possible areas, but if not, let me know. Any I have missed are not needed for finishing the game. The levels are listed in the order I first visited them, not in the journal page order or the level number order. They do not need to be done in exactly this order to finish the game. JRNL PAGE LEVEL DESCRIPTION SHORT DESCRIPTION ---- ----- ------------------------------------- ----------------- 1 15 Entrance to Stonekeep Entrance 2 1 Ruins of Stonekeep, 1st level Upper Keep 3 2 Ruins of Stonekeep, 2nd level Lower Keep 4 3 Sewers beneath Stonekeep Sewers 5 4 Sharga mines, 1st level Mines1 6 5 Sharga mines, 2nd level Mines2 7 6 Entrance to the Temple Temple1 8 7 Temple of Throggi Temple2 9 8 Feeding grounds, 1st level Lower FG 11 10 Dwarven Fortress Dwarf hall 10 9 Feeding grounds, 2nd level Upper FG 13 12 Ice Caverns Ice Caverns 12 11 Faerie Realm Faerie Realm 14 13 Gate of the Ancients The Gate 15 14 The Pits The Pits 16 16 Palace of Shadows Palace 17 17 1st level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower1 22 21 Lair of the Dark Dwarves Dark Lair 19 18 2nd level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower2 20 19 3rd level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower3 21 20 4th level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower4 18 22 Thera's Temple Thera's Temple ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 6. Hints for each level / area 6 Entrance to Stonekeep / Ruins of Stonekeep 1st level - You start in one of the four corner towers of the keep. Downstairs is the upper keep level. Three of the towers can be reached from the upper keep (including the one you start in), but the fourth tower's door is stuck and can only be opened by coming down from the tower (the first time). - There are many locked doors, hidden rooms, and secret niches on these levels, but no secret buttons or illusionary walls(?). There are three keys needed, a brass key (you might find 2 of these), a bronze key (might find 2 also), and a steel key, in that order. You also need to find (and keep!) Afri's Orb. - There are two sets of stairs leading down to the lower keep. Unlock them both, but go down the eastern one first. - The Fountain of Thera heals. When you find it, use it often. - There is a full set of armor and several good weapons to be found - leather uppers & leggings, one wooden and one metal shield, a dented helm, a broadsword, a hammer, a staff, several throwing daggers, lots of rocks and arrows, grenades (oil flasks), and a dagger of piercing (a.k.a. a very sharp knife - almost impossible to find without help). - If you find the drunk sharga, just ignore him. Talk about harmless, he can barely stand up straight! - There is one door on this level that can't be opened from either side. - Arrow trap. You can put something on the floor plate to trigger the trap. If you do this several times, the trap will run out of arrows. A button in the room past the trap disables it. 6 Ruins of Stonekeep, 2nd level - There are many locked doors, hidden rooms, and secret niches on this level, but no secret buttons. There are two keys needed, an iron key and an ivory key. There are also several illusionary walls. - There are two sets of stairs leading down to the sewers, and one set of stairs leading back from the sewers that can only be reached from the sewers. - The Fountain of Thera heals. When you find it, use it often. - You will need two drain control cylinders (one for each switch) before you can drain the sewers. - The exits to the sewers and to the next level after that are both on this level, but the door to the level after the sewers can only be reached by going through the sewers. - Wahooka wants gems in exchange for clues. He wants 1 gem for the first clue, two gems for the second clue, three gems for the third clue, and so on (Get the picture? He's a greedy sot!) His clues may or may not be of any use to you (I found them useless). - The first runestaff and magic circle are on this level. - There is one door on this level with a lock beside it that is already unlocked. - Place objects on the pressure switches to trigger the traps. Skulls work fine (there are lots of them around). Pick up the arrows fired, you can use them later yourself. - You don't have to jump into the pit. You can get to the button on the other side of the pit with a long detour (through some illusionary walls). Jumping in is not a big deal, though. - You must find Farli. He has the only key to get through a door later on. 6 Sewers beneath Stonekeep - There are two control cylinders under the water here somewhere. One is found in each of the two different areas of the sewers. Drake stubs his toe on the cylinder when you walk onto a square with a cylinder. - Much of the stuff here can only be seen once the sewers have been drained. - Wahooka will give you a key to a hidden chest in exchange for the heads of three men long dead. - Once the sewers are drained, then you must kill the tentacle beast. - When standing beside an illusionary wall you will hear the wind whistling. For one of them, you will hear this only when NOT facing the wall. - The exit to the next level (back through the lower keep) is through a secret passage near the tentacle beast. 6 Sharga mines, 1st level - Don't attack the wasp near the start of the level. He calls all his buddies, and you can't kill all of them no matter how hard you try. - There is some good stuff hiding down a hole. - You can't kill the ettin. Try 'silence' to keep from waking him up. - Most rock falls can be cleared, but not all of them. - Aquila's orb is on this level. - There is a manna circle, runestaff, and several runes here. - There's another NPC dwarf here. 6 Sharga mines, 2nd level - Attack only sharga who attack you. Some sharga on this level are friendly. - Keep trying to get through the locked door - eventually you will guess the password. - You need a key from the last level (mines1) to get through the door to the next level. 6 Entrance to the Temple - Wahooka wants a gem, but he's getting picky. - Take the direct route through the arrow trap zone. The exit is directly across from the entrance. - There's a shortcut you can use from the stairs to temple2 to the manna circle (only after you've been through the arrow trap zone). - The south half of the level can only be reached from the next level 6 Temple of Throggi - You need an orb and Dombur to exit the level - You do not need to kill the priest to exit, but it helps - Talk to the Throg hermit - he will give a clue in exchange for gems - There are two god statues, one of which has the orb. The other is a fake, but can be useful anyway. - Do not get greedy when taking from the gods' statue - If you fall (or jump) into a pit, be prepared to fight 6 Feeding grounds, 1st level - You can get to the dwarven halls and the upper feeding grounds from here. - There are several nasty traps here, especially the rolling boulder - The puzzles here stretch over the Lower FG, Upper FG, and the Dwarven Halls. - The throg shaman has an item to let you through the rune-guarded doors without harm. 6 Dwarven Fortress - There are no secret doors, buttons, or panels on this level. There is one illusionary wall. - All the dwarves will leave the party in here. One will join again. - Get Karzak to join you (SE) before you talk to Grak (N). - There is a fountain of Thera here (somewhere) - In a hidden room are lots of rune scrolls - Read all the scrolls in the library. Make note of the ones listing the orbs. - Give Geldor a feather rather than money if you want something from his shop. - Dombur is looking for three pieces to build the secret weapon. - Sardin the blacksmith will repair the key if you retrieve a piece of magical flint for him. He gives you a magical chisel to break off a piece. The magical flint looks a lot like the big rock he's standing beside. - The only thing of interest behind the locked door near the elder is a scroll with a bad joke. 6 Feeding grounds, 2nd level - You can get to the faerie realm and the ice caverns from here - You need to free Vermatrix Goldenhide, using the two parts of the key (repaired) - A primrose will open the passage to the faerie realm. Follow the faeries (blue bubbly things) - The magical flint is here, looks a lot like the rock in the dwarf smithy - There is a second stairway down to the lower FG 6 Ice Caverns - You need to kill the ice queen to open the passage to the next level. You need the coldfire to kill her. Do NOT take the coldfire off this level as it will melt and disappear. If you need to exit the level (for manna recharge, etc) put the coldfire back in the firepit. It'll be there when you return. PS: I heard that the Ice Queen CAN be killed without the coldfire, but it is quite difficult. - The Sharga leader will help you find the Ice Queen after you find the coldfire. - There are a number of weak, breakable walls. - The frozen dwarf can help find the coldfire once thawed. - The elf (the frozen guy with the bow) will join your party once thawed. - The Ice Queen carries one of the orbs. It can be used to thaw out the dwarf and the elf. (Also possible with the warming rune, or a single-strength fireball) - Several items are buried in snowdrifts. - You may or may not need to fight the skeleton. If you do things just right, walk up to him. He will see something he likes, and literaly fall apart on the spot. - The 'scroll' the sharga woman is looking for is a ripped fragment of parchment hiding in a snowdrift. It looks blank to you. 6 Faerie Realm - Make sure you've braced yourself for this level. The place is so sickeningly sweet, I almost lost my lunch! Only the dwarves' comments and the songs by the faerie players kept me going. - There are no secret doors, buttons, or panels on this level. - Entry is through the Upper FG. The blue bubbly things are faeries. A flower is the key to entry. - The Faerie players are looking for flowers (and other things) for payment. Different items get you different performances. - Faerie players repertoire The Song of Wahooka (my favorite) I'd Rather be a Dwarf How Come, Khull Khuum, How Come The Story of Lament War of the Ice Realm For Whom the Bells Troll (Others?) - After several performances, try paying them with a mushroom. You'll get a weird rune. - You need 2 keys to get through the spear gate into the courtyard. The lock is right beside the gate, at ankle level. - To see the queen, you need to place one primrose in the proper square (in front of the blocked passage), then walk twice around the loop to open the way (clockwise only?). - Talk to the queen a number of times. - You can't kill the trolls if you can't see them. You need a four leaf clover in your inventory to make them visible. One of the faeries will give you a four leaf clover in exchange for something she has lost. - Try wearing the faerie clothes when attacking the trolls. The iron spike is also useful. - The altar in the faerie courtyard heals any damage taken. - If you give the queen a portrait of herself, she will give you something good in return. You need a blank piece of paper and a piece of charcoal, then ... - There are two different daisy chains. One is made of primroses, and one is made of daisies. Guess which one you need. - The real daisy chain is near the faerie court (spear gate) hiding among some flowers. - One of the trolls is carrying an orb. 6 Gate of the Ancients / The Pits - These two levels are overlaid on top of each other. The way in and the way out are both on the Gate level, but you need to go through The Pits to get from one to the other. - Use the orb you find here to help get from one level to the other. - There is one floor plate switch in The Pits that you have to jump on (from the floor above) to activate. - The X-Y coordinates for the two levels line up exactly, but the auto map is offset by one square. - The first key you need is in a strange puzzle area - there are three doors (N, E, S). Look for the key BEFORE you take anything from behind the doors (shades of Monty Hall). If the doors lock before you have the key, you will need to restart from your last savegame (see bugs for more details on this). - If you levitate up into a 1x1 room, look for an illusionary wall. - There are lots of buttons, secret doors, floor plates, and false walls. Some buttons and floor plates don't appear to do anything. - There is a *great* runestaff here somewhere. - There is a button hidden in The Pits that heals the party. - Skuz leaves at the end of this level. 6 Palace of Shadows - You may have Sparkle leaves the party, and have Farli and Wahooka join the party. - This is a large, complicated level. The east half is a mirror- image of the west half. - The east half is populated by ghostlike duplicates of the monsters on the west half. - Place both halves of the yin-yang onto one of the frames. - It is very difficult to destroy any of the monsters with normal weapons, standing toe to toe. Try using the crossbow against the normal skulls and fireballs against the ghost skulls. Also, try the throwing axe or flame spell against both types of skeletons. Oh, I almost forgot. The black death arrows do some really nasty things to the skulls and skeletons. The spoilspell rune also works against some of them. - Take the helm & skull from fallen skeletons to prevent them from regenerating. - Scourge is tough to kill, and he drains your magic (I think he's immune to magical attacks). Use the shadow weapon on him. If you have a very difficult time killing him, try luring him through the mirror to the west side. If you then take the long route back to the east, he'll stay in the west. It isn't required that you kill him to win the game. - There are quite a few buttons scattered around. - Most of the mirrors are teleporters. Walk into them. - Two of the mirror teleporters take you through a shadowland. Go through them at least twice each. (Anybody out there know what this is about? Especially that bit about his father?) - Two of the mirrors take you to other levels. - The non-mirror teleporters take you to different places, depending on the direction you enter them from. - Place the shadow weapon on its base to transform it into a variety of different weapon shapes. - You need 7 orbs to continue on to the next level. - Use a fireball to open up the passage where it's cold. - Use Marif's orb to give you the strength you need. 6 1st level Khull Khuum's Tower ** Clues for entire tower - This tower is riddled with illusionary walls and teleporters. - The flashing symbols on the walls indicate teleport gates. You need the appropriate silver item(s) in your inventory to be able to go through them. - You get different help from your NPC's, depending on who is in your party (Enigma/dwarves/Sparkle/Wahooka). ** Clues for 1st level Khull Khuum's Tower - You need 7 orbs before the Gatekeeper will let you through. Say 'no' to wanting to enter (press red sqare), then 'yes' to needing to enter (press green triangle). It will then give you some good advice. - Do not take the direct route to the top of the tower. You cannot defeat Khull Khuum without the items scattered in different places in the tower. If you do go straight up, Wahooka leaves (this may not be all bad). - There is a puzzle behind a secret panel that unlocks the trapped door. The solution to the puzzle is on a scroll in the evil dwarves lair. Read the scroll from L to R, top to bottom, using 'O' for pressed, and 'X' for not, ignoring dots. It can be solved using logic, as I solved it myself, without any hints (except from the evil dwarf leader). - There is one large invulnerable spinning spike cylinder. Cast shield and protection on your party, then you can use the thing for target practice as it can't hurt you. You may also be able to trap it. - The spear gate is opened by pressing the button right beside it (yes, there is a button right beside it, to the left). - There is a white tablet behind a secret panel that is rumored to do something to your health or the manna in the runestaffs. I couldn't get it to do anything for me (my HP were at 220). - The route to the evil dwarves lair is in the NE. You can get in there whether you kill that dwarf or not. If you kill him, you need the metal bar he is carrying, and a dwarf NPC to open the secret passage. The lever has nothing to do with getting into the dwarves area. - Use the 'wind' spell to remove the dust from the plaques, or water from the well in the evil dwarves area (you still have that bucket, don't you?) 6 Lair of the Dark Dwarves - You don't need to kill the dwarves. Destroying the altar will restore them to normal. If you do kill them all, oh well. - You need a scroll from here, either from a secret passage or from a dwarf, giving you the solution to a puzzle upstairs, on the first level of the tower. - There is a manna circle here. 6 2nd level Khull Khuum's Tower - There are 5 different teleporters on this level. - Two areas can only be reached from other levels. - The fire elementals are particularly vulnerable to *very* sharp weapons and to freezing spells. 6 3rd level Khull Khuum's Tower - There are 2 different teleporters on this level. - One area can only be reached from other levels. 6 4th level Khull Khuum's Tower - There are three exits - one stairwell, one teleporter to tower level 3, and one teleporter to Thera's Temple. - You cannot kill Khull Khuum (he is, after all, a god). - You can finish the game regardless of whether you trap Khull Khuum or not. You can use the 4 silver object to trap him. 6 Thera's Temple - You need to place the 9 planetary orbs (exclude Khull Khuum's orb) onto the pillars, in order, from Mercury to Pluto. The pillars light up in the correct order. When you first enter, the pillar for Mercury is lit. When you put an orb on the pillar, the next one lights up. (If you need help matching the pictures with the names of the orbs, see the list near the end of this document). - You can get the correct order for the spheres from the scrolls in the library in the dwarven fortress (not the evil dwarves area). If you don't want to go back there, read the book Thera's Awakening. The (almost) correct order is given there - it skips Afri. Insert Afri's orb into the middle of the list, where you think it should go. - You do not need to do anything with Khull Khuum's orb (if you even have it). - You can take the orbs off the pillars in the reverse order you put them on. - When the orbs are all placed on the correct pillars, you will know it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 7. Spoilers for each level / area Press F8 to display current location. 7 Entrance to Stonekeep Start @(3,16) Note: there are 4 towers for this level, but only 2 are connected. - SW Tower (starting tower) Leather armor - in room @(6,21), behind broken table Secret room - Flip lever @(3,23) three times (down, up, down). Open panel @(5,22) & flip lever to open wall @(5,23) Very sharp knife - inside secret room (above) in secret panel @(7,23) Stairs down @(3,23) - SE Tower Giant sharga - @(20,23) Thera's Fountain - @(19,21) Stairs down @(25,23) - NE Tower Bronze key - in barrel @(26,9) Ant farm - Breaking the barrel @(26,9), the one with the brass key, releases an (almost) endless stream of ants to practice your fighting skills on. Stairs down @(25,2) - NW Tower Secret panel @(2,7) hides a switch to open a secret room @(2,9). Stairs down @(3,2) 7 Ruins of Stonekeep 1st level Start @(3,23) Stairs up @(25,2), (3,2), (3,23), (25,23) Stairs down @(25,7), (5,11) - Unlock both doors, but head down the eastern stairs first. - *NEEDED* the journal on the table @(11,5). I don't know if the game can be finished without it. You definitely can't do any magic without it. - *NEEDED* Afri's Orb - held by sharga @(14,13) - Brass key - one held by sharga in room @(3,18), one held by sharga in hallway @(26,16) - Bronze key - held by ant that appears when you break open the grain bags @(24,9). - Steel key - held by sharga @(14,13) - Secret panel @(11,23) - hides a switch to open Secret room @(9,23) which contains (among other things) Broadsword - Secret panel @(13,9) - hides a switch to open Secret room @(11,8) - Secret panel @(15,14) - hides a switch to open Secret room @(14,14) - Secret panels - @(23,20),(24,24),(16,2),(26,15),(12,10),(23,17), (11,4),(14,13),(21,10),(16,19),(8,3) - Bag for throwing stones - @(21,22) - Wooden shield - in barrel @(4,16) in locked room - Leather leggings - in locked room @(18,21) - Warm throwing knives (2) - in firepit @(9,14) Try pouring a potion onto the fire - Throwing axe, staff, metal shield & dented helm are in the armory. - Hammer - @(17,8) - behind a barrel in the ale room 7 Ruins of Stonekeep, 2nd level Start @(17,2) Stairs up @(17,2), (2,6) Stairs down to sewers @(25,4), (17,10) Stairs up from sewers @(23,16) Stairs down to next level @(23,25) - Wahooka @(12,4), (3,1), (25,9) He gives hints in exchange for gems at the first 2 locations. - *NEEDED* Farli @(2,7). He will join your party and give you a good dwarven sword. He also has the key needed to get through the locked door @(23,19), the route onward. - Ivory Key @(22,5) - may be carried by green slime. - Iron Key @(22,14) - carried by sharga - Fountain of Thera @(25,19) - Manna circle @(11,14) - Pedestal @(23,24). Put marble statue on here to open the way to the next level (behind you). Can only be reached through the sewers. - Illusionary walls @(10,4)-(10,5), @(10,11)-(10,12), @(22,13)-(22,14) - Button on wall @(3,10) opens a secret door behind you - Button on wall @(1,22) opens a secret one-way door behind you - Button on wall @(6,20) closes the pit behind you - Secret panel @(18,20) hides switch opening secret door @(18,21) - Secret panels @(13,8), (16,12), (19,13), (10,3), (5,8) - Unlocked door @(23,5) - Lock @(6,19) opens a secret door to the right - Sewer drain switches @(19,22) and @(19,19) Use cylinders (found in sewers below) to repair switches before pressing them. This will drain the water from the sewers and open the secret door between the two sections. - Runestaff @(10,20) - 25 charges, 2 rune capacity - Keyring in chest @(13,17). Put keys on here for storage. Use the keyring like a key. If the correct key is on there, it will automatically be selected and used (saves lots of confusion). - Chain mail shirt in chest @(24,2) - Leather leggings @(7,9) - Throwing axe in barrel @(22,11) - Rune scroll - double power meta rune in secret panel @(14,25) - Rune scroll - fireball rune @(10,18) - Rune scroll - minor healing @(10,18) - Sewage pipe @(24,3) - snakes come out 2 at a time, almost forever. Good for building up skill points. - Snake room @(15,24) - Good Luck! These snakes are very dangerous. There is nothing really important in this room, but if you must try, do lots of running. - The stairs @(23,25) can only be reached from the sewers. This is the route to the next level. - My gem count Red - 4 Green - 6 Blue - 3 7 Sewers beneath Stonekeep Start @(24,17), (30,9) Stairs up @(24,17), (30,9), (28,21) * No stairs down. Route is up through a separate area of the lower keep, then down another path. - Wahooka @(30,15). Wants 3 skulls in exchange for a red triangle key. Key unlocks a chest hidden behind an illusionary wall. - Tentacle beast around (21,18). It'll show up. Hint: it won't attack you @(21,17). Move forward to lure it in, then move back when it shows up, and throw things at it. Don't kill it until after the water has been drained, or you may not be able to find the marble statue it carries. - Manna Circle @(5,18) - Illusionary walls @(24,20)-(25,20), (27,29)-(27,30) - Jammed door @(16,18)-(16,19). Opens when the sewers are drained. - Cylinders @(14,30), (3,16). Used upstairs to drain water down here. - Marble Statue around (21,18) is carried by the tentacle beast. (Note: statue is of a serpentine dragon, otherwise known as a DRAKE! Nice joke.) Place on pedestal upstairs to open door to next level. - Chest @(27,26). Need triangle key to open (from Wahooka). - Rune scroll - shrink rune (in chest above). - Basket for throwing darts @(18,3). Use by putting darts in, then holding in hand and attacking with it. - Slightly battered helm @(8,14) - Hammer @(1,6) 7 Sharga mines, 1st level Start @(32,18) Stairs up @(32,18) Stairs down @(14,3) Ladder down @(3,20) - Ladder down @(3,20) leads to a small, sealed area in MINES2. - Karzak @(10,6). Use skull key to open cage & he will join party. Heal him quick, he's in bad shape. - Ettin @(17,28). If you wake him, you are dead. Period. Cast silence on party, then throw stuff at barrels to break them. You can then raid the chest. - Wasp @(30,18). If attacked, it will call in the swarm. - Aquila's Orb @(18,28) in chest. - Throggi's key @(18,28) in chest. - Skull key in chest @(5,19) - Manna circle @(27,24), behind secret door. - Button @(26,31) opens up secret wall @(26,32). This reveals the sharga who was waiting in ambush. After one blow, he cowers in fear. Watch out what you pick up - he's so scared he s**ts his pants! - Button @(14,6) unlocks and opens the door. - Button @(25,24) opens a secret door behind you. - Pit trap @(17,30). Watch out because ettin rolls boulder in after you! Climb boulder to get back out. - Pit trap @(4,27). Set switches @(4,29) & (2,27) 'up' to seal off trap. - Ladder down @(3,20) to a small area on mines2, containing some good stuff. - Runestaff @(4,27) 40 charges, 3 runes - at bottom of pit - Rune scroll - Read rune at bottom of pit @(4,27) - Rune scroll - Minor heal at bottom of pit @(4,27) - Rune scroll - Silence rune in hay pile @(32,16) - Rune scroll - Lesser aerial magic rune @(27,24) - Rune scroll - Firebolt rune @(2,29) - Money sack - in chest @(20,23) - Gold coins @(27,27), @(20,23) - Crossbows @(17,23) held by shargas - Bolt quiver @(17,23) held by sharga - Upper dwarf plate mail, dwarven plate leggings, dwarven helm & dwarven axe @(5,20) - Dwarf pick in chest @(5,19). Works good on cave-ins. 7 Sharga mines, 2nd level - Start @(16,19) - Stairs up @(16,19) - Stairs down @(2,10) - Stairs down. You need the sharga key from the prior level to unlock the door. - Skrag - SFL leader. - Whining sharga. Talk to him, and he'll open some secret doors. - Tiny sharga / giant sharga. You can't get into that room without killing the tiny sharga. The only things in there worth anything is the gold coins the giant sharga is carrying. - Spear gate @(25,21). Throw something at the switch behind the gate to open it. - Button @(9,12) opens a secret door behind you. - Button @(16,14) opens a secret door behind you, revealing their treasure room - 4 gold coins & some herbs. - Button @(21,15) opens a secret door behind you - Passworded door @(25,13). Try several times - you will eventually luck onto the password. - Rune scroll - Potency meta-rune in chest @(20,15) 7 Entrance to the Temple - Start @(32,5) - Stairs up to mines2 @(32,5) (back) - Stairs up to temple2 @(2,8) (forward) - Ladder up to temple2 @(10,32) (south area) - Wahooka @(29,15) Wants a gem in exchange for some (useless) info. He'll reject your first two offers, and take the third. - Manna circle @(7,12) - Button @(6,9) opens a secret door behind you - Rune scroll - floating rune (feather fall, again) @(22,30) - Magic black arrow quiver @(13,7) on skeleton - Throg-holding-a-boulder vial @(12,11) - Dwarf axe @(26,1) - Magic armor ring @(26,1) - Dombur's helm @(8,6) (dwarf helm) 7 Temple of Throggi - Start @(2,7) - Stairs down to temple1 @(2,7) - Ladder down to temple1 @(10,29) - Stairs down to lower fg @(5,30) - can only exit if Dombur rescued - Several pits drop to temple1 - Gorda Karn (head shaman) @(29,5) has runestaff and pendant - Throg shaman @(12,30) has white key (? Anybody have any idea what this white key is used for?) - Throg hermit around (29,22) will give a clue in exchange for a couple of gems - Dombur in cell @(13,7). Flip switch @(13,14) to open gate. - One area in the SW corner can only be reached from another level. - Spear gate @(3,23) opens only when you have azrael's orb - Statue 1 @(7,4). Flip switch @(9,2) to unlock door. This is the wrong statue. It can be used to recharge runestaffs by touching a runestaff to the orb in the statue's mouth. - Statue 2 @(18,4). Take the red eye (orb) and ONE weapon. If you touch the green eye, you get hit with poison, and if you take more than one weapon, the statue attacks. - One-way wall @(9,29) only allows exit from ladder - Locked door @(18,17) only opens if you are wearing the throg pendant. You can bypass this door via secret doors. - Trapped room @(9,15) hits party with a weakness spell. Put a wooden dowel in the hole outside the door to disable trap. - Switch @(20,28) temporarily unlocks door @(22,30) - Hole in wall @(31,28) - put in wooden dowel to open secret door to the left - Switch @(31,26) temporarily unlocks door @(27,30) - Button @(16,7) opens secret door behind you - Button @(12,5) opens secret door behind you - Button @(2,25) opens secret door behind you - Azrael's Orb - this is the red eye of the statue @(18,4) - Throg runecaster - 40 charges, 4 runes, @(29,5) - Throg pendant @(29,5) - White key @(12,30) held by shaman. Used for ??? - Rune scroll - Strength rune in chest @(27,26) - Rune scroll - Spoilspell rune in chest @(27,26) - Rune scroll - Flame rune @(9,15) - Rune scroll - Shield rune @(28,10) - Rune scroll - Energybolt rune @(30,5) - Gold coins @(27,26), (12,30), (16,25), and held by several throgs - Magic Armor Ring - inside forge @(29,14). You can only get it if you put out the fire. Use bucket @(27,21) to get water from well @(25,14) to put out fire. - Throwing axe in barrel @(21,20) - Longsword in barrel @(20,20) - Short bow in barrel @(20,20) - Wooden dowels @(9,13), (9,1) - one carried by a throg - Throg-holding-a-boulder vial @(31,28) 7 Feeding grounds, 1st level - Start @(27,13) - Stairs up to Temple2 @(27,13) - Stairs down to Dwarf Hall @(12,23) - Stairs up to Upper FG @(7,3) - Stairs up to Upper FG @(5,17) can only be reached from the upper FG - Throg shaman @(27,27) has 2 red feathers. Putting one in inventory allows you to pass through guard runes without damage. - Boulder trap @(19,16), heading S down corridor, boulder follows you. Either run fast to side passage, or turn sideways and watch the boulder roll past. - Button @(20,32) opens secret door behind you. - Button @(13,14) disables arrow trap behind you - Button @(14,16) disables arrow trap to the left - Button @(14,21) disables arrow trap to the left - Manna circle @(18,33), behind secret door - Rune scroll - Translocate rune in chest @(25,19) - Rune scroll - Scare rune @(27,27) - Throggish key (2) held by throgs @(13,19) & @(29,30) - Half of a very sturdy key @(27,27), carried by throg shaman - Piece of a strange device @(27,2) - Piece of a strange device @(13,8) - Piece of a strange device @(6,21) - Plate chest & plate leggings @(31,7) 7 Dwarven Fortress - Start @(8,5) - Up to Lower FG @(8,5) - Torin, clan Elder @(1,19). Once you kill the undead thing, he'll let you take the stuff in the chest. - Sardin the Blacksmith @(2,7). Get from him a magic chisel, go get a piece of magic flint (Upper FG, just past faerie, near manna circle), then give him the flint. He will light the forge, then return. You then give him both pieces of the key & he fixes it. - Geldor the merchant @(5,7). You can buy stuff from him. To buy stuff, take an item and place it on the table beside him. You can then hand him gold pieces, or your gold sack. He gives change. HINT: Give him a feather instead, and then you can take anything you want. - Dombur, in room @(9,14). He is difficult, as he runs around a lot, talks too much, and is forgetful. Hand him all 3 pieces of the secret weapon, and he'll give you the stoneshooter. - Karzak @(11,17). Talk to him, and he'll join the party again. - Grak @(16,3). This is a throg in disguise. Don't go near him unless you have Karzak in your party. (I heard that if you kill him without a dwarf witness, you are attacked as a murderer). - Undead warrior @(31,3) in the sarcophagus. Attack his coffin to bring him out. - Fountain of Thera @(25,5) - Illusionary wall @(16,3)-(16,4) - Library @(1,15) - Locked room @(6,16) - Geldor the merchant has the key to this door. You need to kill him to get it. If you have any dwarves in your party, they will turn against you. Kill them and then every dwarf in the place will turn against you. The only thing in the room of any interest is a scroll with a really bad joke about the 'Q/A dept'. - Rune scroll - Read languages rune. - Rune scroll - Power II meta rune @(31,3) - Rune scroll - Power II meta rune @(16,4) - Rune scroll - Power III meta rune @(16,4) - Rune scroll - Ball meta rune @(16,4) - Rune scroll - Duration meta-rune @(16,4) - Rune scroll - Potency meta-rune @(16,4) - Rune scroll - Teleport rune in chest @(1,19) - Ring of poison resistance @(31,3) - Magic shield in chest @(1,19) - Magical horn on table @(2,21) - Magical throwing axe on table @(2,21) 7 Feeding grounds, 2nd level - Start @(7,3) - Down to Lower FG @(7,3) - Down to Lower FG @(5,17) - Teleporter to faerie realm @(29,10) - Down to Ice Caverns @(5,27) - Pit down to Lower FG @(17,25) - Throg shaman @(10,6) attacks you. If you attack him, he drops a red feather, then disappears. You find him again @(6,32). - Lady Dragon Vermatrix Goldenhide, leader of the great dragons. Chained @(7,8), @(19,11), @(21,16), use 2-part key to open, after the dwarf smith repairs it. She will leave some treasure when freed. (If you attack her, will she kill you?) NOTE: The dragon's body blocks off access from one half of this level to the other (she's big). You need to free her before you can finish the level. - Skuz, the Sharga @(3,26). He joins the party. - Manna circle @(27,15) - Manna circle @(15,32) - Magical flint @(27,12) - Primroses @(26,20), put one on square @(28,10) to open secret door hiding the teleporter to the faerie realm. - Half of a very sturdy key, in chest @(25,24) - Rune scroll - Armor rune, in chest @(25,24) - Rune scroll - Rune of Winds in chest @(17,17) - Rune scroll - Shrink rune in chest @(17,17) - Rune scroll - Improved heal in chest @(17,17) - Rune scroll - Ball meta-rune on throg @(10,14) - Rune scroll - Duration meta-rune on throg shaman @(6,32) - Note to Gorda Karn @(12,29) 7 Ice Caverns Start @(17,12) Back to Upper FG @(17,12) Next level @(31,12) - Ice Queen @(31,3). Hold the coldfire in your hand before you approach her, and touch her with it when she finishes talking. Then you need to hunt her down and kill her with fireballs (or something), as she runs away after you've hit her with the coldfire. There are methods for killing her without the coldfire (see below for one). Hint: Try laying down some of the firetraps (fire wards?) along her escape route. You can also herd her into the NE corner, and keep her trapped there while you throw fireballs. - Kandoc, sharga leader @(14,14). When you have the coldfire, he shows you the route to the ice queen. - Gorza @(13,11). When you find her the lost fragment of parchment, she gives you a number of rune scrolls as a reward. - Advisor @(11,11). Gives some hints on what the special weapon is. - Healer @(10,14). Heals the party up (once only?) - Enigma elf @(20,22). If you thaw him out, he will join the party, replacing Karzak if Karzak is in the party. - Nigel dwarf @(16,30). If you thaw him out, he will show you a weak wall leading to the coldfire. - Rek @(19,34). Mad Rek is harmless, running back and forth. - Skeleton guarding the Coldfire. I think, if you are wearing the pendant from Queen Iaenni (or maybe the throg pendant?) he will fall apart when you step up to him. If not, you can either beat him up standing toe-to-toe, or throw things at him until he falls apart. - False walls @(15,10), (12,32), (21,27), (26,3) - Single-use healing puddle @(29,26) - Ice Queen's throne @(31,2). Melt it to create a one-use healing puddle. - Coldfire @(11,25) in fire pit - Helion's Orb @(31,3), carried by Ice Queen. - Fragment of parchment @(23,20) in a snowdrift. - Rune scroll - Magical armor rune from Gorza @(13,11) - Rune scroll - Ball meta-rune from Gorza @(13,11) - Rune scroll - Icy Bolts rune from Gorza @(13,11) - Rune scroll - Warming rune from Gorza @(13,11) - Use to thaw out frozen bodies, or protect against freezing. - Rune scroll - Circle ward @(20,27) - Note to the Ice Queen @(31,2) - 2 magic armor rings @(11,25) - Magical chain chest armor @(11,25) - Magical chain leggings @(20,27) - Ice hammer @(20,27) in a snowdrift - To kill the Ice Queen, by Wyvern (Cheung Kwok Leung) (paraphrased) Bring up the runecaster before you meet her, casting all shield/ protect spells. Meet her. Near end of conversation, press mouse button quickly to cast many 3x fireballs. She dies before she can react. 7 Faerie Realm Start @(39,1) Teleporter back to Upper FG @(39,1) - Queen Iaenni @(8,4) If you have a portrait of her, she will trade you for a magic ring. She gives you some good info, and if you talk to her 4 times, she gives you a magic pendant. - Sweetie @(32,3) - trade her a daisy chain for a 4-leaf clover. The daisy chain has white flowers, the fake one has blue flowers. @(14,12) - if you've freed the dragon, she gives you a pastry. - Lament / Sparkle @(17,24) She wants to join the party. If you don't have any room left, she cries and runs away. If this happens, come back later (after dropping off the dwarves) and she will ask to join again (Yes! Anything! Just stop the begging!) - Surly @(13,18) Trade her a pastry for one of the keys you need. - Chuckle @(21,15) Trades Snort's brew for advice & faerie hat. @(8,12) Uses blank page & charcoal to make queen's portrait. Also gives you a faerie shirt. - Giggle @(17,11) Give him poem book to get a key. - Snort @(1,15) Give him thyme, moss, & decanter to get some brew. - Winkle @(4,13) Give him his drum to get a faerie hat. @(2,18) Give him tome book for ??? - Binkle @(4,5) Give him his fiddle to get his pants. - Murph @(9,1) Gives you a scroll with a rune on in. @(25,12) Trains you in your currently equipped weapon(s). - Spinner @(16,7) turns you counter-clockwise 7 times. You end up turning right from your original direction. - Spear gate to the court. Use two keys in the keyhole (at ankle level to the right). - To see the queen. Place a primrose in the center of the square @(8,6). Walk around the walkway clockwise twice to open the way. - Altar @(9,8) Touching it will heal any damage the party has taken. - Spear gate to the troll area. Binkle & Giggle 'guard' the gate. - White mist in troll area - doesn't seem to do anything. - Yoth Soggoth's Orb @(15,29), held by troll - Elf Staff @(15,26) - 60 charges, 5 runes - 4 leaf clover. With this in inventory, you can see the trolls. - Magic pendant @(8,4), held by Queen Iaenni. - Horseshoe pendant @(27,24), I guess it gives good luck? - Magic luckstone ring @(8,4), held by Queen Iaenni. - Rune scroll - invisibility, @(18,32) - Rune scroll - murph rune, @(9,1), given by Murph - Rune scroll - Ducking rune. Given by the faerie players, after several performances, when you give them a mushroom. - Daisy chain (real one) @(11,11), hiding behind some flowers. - Daisy chain (primroses) @(24,6) - Fiddle @(4,2) - Drum @(27,31) - Faerie cakes @(4,2), and other places - Faerie books @(36,8), @(25,22) - Sticky moss @(18,6), @(37,19) - looks like a green lump - Wild thyme @(18,4), and several other places - Empty decanters @(24,3), @(4,6), and several other places - Blank scroll @(30,12) - Stick of charcoal @(35,30) - Iron spike @(6,19) - The trolls will not enter a square with an iron spike in it. IE: if you are standing on the spike, the trolls will not engage you in hand-to-hand combat (or so I've been told). - Faerie hat @(4,19) - Rowan berries - Red berries in a bunch, like grapes - Wild thyme - Red bushy-looking thing - Primrose - Tall yellow flower (also called 'rose) - Gladiola - Short white flower - Foxglove - Tall red flower - St John's Wort - Bushy yellow flowers - Sticky moss - Small lumpy green thing - Faerie players repertoire Primrose - The Song of Wahooka (my favorite) Gladiola - I'd Rather be a Dwarf Foxglove - How Come, Khull Khuum, How Come St John's Wort - The Story of Lament Rock - War of the Ice Realm Skull - For Whom the Bells Troll ??? - (Others?) 7 Gate of the Ancients / The Pits Start @(13,31) - Gate level Up to Ice Caves @(13,31) - Gate level Teleport to Palace of Shadows @(13,16) - Gate level. This is a one-way trip only. You cannot return via the same route. The Gate & The Pits combine to make a 'single' level with a 3-d up/down maze. All of the pits and ladders line up from one level to the other. The automap, however, is offset by one square. - Skuz packs up and leaves at the end of this level. - Pits @(9,11) (6,19) (20,14) (22,12) (18,8) (13,25) (15,30) (15,34) (19,4) (7,32) (10,34) (6,24) - Ladders @(6,15) (17,11) (17,32) (8,34) (4,22) (8,26) ** The Gate - Teleporter. Switch @(6,21) activates alternate teleporters, one teleports from (4,17) to (4,14), the other teleports from (10,20) to (10,21) - Single-square room at the top of pit @(13,25) - south wall is illusionary. - Spear gate @(14,9). Plate @(13,10) starts/stops gate opening. A button or plate somewhere on these levels deactivates it, permanently locking the spear gate. - False walls @(12,9)-(11,9), (13,25)-(13,26), (13,16)-(14,16) (14,15)-(13,15) - Button @(9,22) opens door @(8,21) - Button @(8,23) opens door @(7,22) - Button @(13,34) disables spear traps @(13,37) - Button @(21,35) unlocks the two one-way doors - Button @(25,13) ??? - Plate @(1,27), (13,18) ??? (these don't seem to actually do anything) - Manna circles @(10,8), @(13,14) - Silver runestaff @(13,14) - 120 charges, 6 runes - Eagle key in fire pit @(22,14) - Very sturdy key @(25,13) - Rune scroll - Scare @(4,34) - Rune scroll - Freeze from very cold parchment - Rune scroll - Stoptrack rune @(25,13) - Ring of poison resistance @(3,11) - Magical set of plate armor, chest leg & helm, @(14,18) - Chain chest, leggings, & dwarf helm @(25,21) - Black slayer arrows - 2 @(2,32), and 1 @(11,31) - Dagger of piercing @(15,9) - Hammer @(25,21) ** The Pits - Three door puzzle @(9,19). You have three doors, N, S, and E. Find the key first before you take anything else, or you will need to restart from a previous savegame. - Plate @(18,8). To activate, you have to jump into the pit from the floor above. This opens a one-way secret door to the north, leading to Saffrini's Orb. - Duck Statue. Cast 'duck' (from the faerie realm) or a heal spell on the duck statue, and it and the wall behind it vanish. - Trap reset plates @(2,31), (2,29), (2,27). These reset the traps and puzzles on both floors. - Button @(7,19) opens door behind you - Buttons @(13,14) open doors @(13,13) & (13,15) - Button @(12,13) heals the party - Button @(14,15) doesn't appear to do anything - Saffrini's Orb @(19,4) - Manna circle @(17,6) - Rune scroll - Sphere attack @(13,33) - Rune scroll - Read languages @(13,33) - Wolf key @(13,19) - Magic horn @(13,33) - Ring of poison resistance @(9,16) - Ring of ducking (blue ring) @(13,33) This is a ring of protect x3 - Chain shirt, chain leggings, slightly battered helm @(21,23) - Magical shield @(9,19) - Magical black arrow quiver @(13,33) for black slayer arrows - Warhammer @(21,23) 7 Palace of Shadows Start @(17,12) One-way entrance only - cannot go back via this route. Exit @(20,29) Cast fireball into this square to reveal the door to the next level. Mirror @(24,27) Teleports you to the Temple of Throggi, @(2,25). A mirror there teleports you back. Mirror @(11,27) Teleports you to The Pits, @(19,5). A mirror there (it used to be a plaque on the wall - honest!) teleports you back. - Farli @(19,20) joins party. Sparkle leaves. If you avoid Farli, sparkle stays with you. - Wahooka @(5,29) joins party. - Shadow King @(16,11) - Scourge @(23,29). He CAN be beat up, but I think he's immune to magic. If you can't beat him up, lure him through the mirror @(19,29), then take the long way back. He'll stay over there. - Illusionary walls @(15,1) (19,1) (5,35) (21,36) (15,36) (5,25) - Mirror teleport pair @(20,11) & (14,11) - Mirror teleport pair @(15,36) & (19,36) - Mirror teleport pair @(19,29) & (15,29) - Weird teleport mirrors. Go through each of these at least twice. Mirror @(4,15) goes to (11,25) Mirror @(30,15) goes to (23,25) - Teleporter @(10,11). E-W to (3,3), N-S to (3,38). Teleporter @(24,11). E-W to (31,3), N-S to (31,38). * Go through illusionary walls in a circle around the teleport square to get to the spot in the center. - Yin-Yang pieces @(20,5) & (14,5). Putting them both into one holder reveals a door into the central passage. - Secret 1-square room @(17,21). Anybody know how to get in there? - Buttons open doors nearby @(16,12) (18,12) (16,18) (18,18) (18,24) (16,24) (18,32) (16,32) (9,29) (25,29) - Button @(11,31) opens door @(11,27) - Button @(23,31) opens door @(23,27) - Green glowing portholes @(3,38) & (31,38). These seem to be a one-use heal(???) - Mirror @(20,21) attacks! Attack it back, shattering it. You can take a mirror shard (Why? I have no idea why). - Marif's orb @(17,17). Cast shrink on it. Use it (at least once) on yourself to strengthen yourself enough to go down the corridor to the exit. - Shadow weapon @(13,37), shadow weapon base @(21,36). place weapon on base, and it transforms into a variety of weapons. - Rune scroll - Quickness rune @(7,19) - Scroll @(27,19) - Must be an in-house joke. 7 1st level Khull Khuum's Tower Start @(13,18) - If you don't have 7 orbs, the Gatekeeper will not let you through. Say 'no' by pressing red square, 'yes' by pressing green triangle. Say 'no' to wanting to enter, but 'yes' to needing to enter. You get some good advice. Direct route up @(13,12) - wrong way Indirect route up @(9,15) - right way Down to evil dwarves @(17,5) Silver cross teleporter @(11,17) goes to/from tower2 @(10,10) - Evil dwarf @(20,6). If you kill him, you need to take the metal bar he was carrying to open the route to the evil dwarf lair. You need a dwarf NPC to open the route. If you do not kill him, he runs downstairs and warns the dwarves that you are coming, leaving the door open behind him. PS: If Enigma is with you, he will kill the dwarf before the dwarf can set the trap in the corridor. You then *NEED* a dwarf NPC. - Wall plaques covered with a poisonous dust. Cast a wind spell at them to blow the dust off, or wash the dust off with water from the evil dwarf level (you still have the bucket you found in the throggi temple, don't you?) - Invulnerable floating spike cylinder. Cast shield & protection on party, then you can ignore it or use it for target practice. Someone else suggested that you can lure the thing through the spear gate, then lock the gate behind it. I haven't tried this. - Locked & trapped door @(12,15) - It causes damage, casts a weakness spell on you, but increases your strength (temporarily). Weird. Solve the puzzle (below) to unlock door and negate trap. - Button puzzle behind panel @(16,15). The solution is on a scroll from the evil dwarves lair (downstairs). O O X X 'O' is pressed X X X O 'X' is not O X X X X X O O - Secret panel @(1,9) hides a white slab. I heard that it may have something to do with raising your maximum HP (after causing damage). I also heard that it can LOWER your maximum HP (after doing damage). A third rumor says that it can recharge runecasters. I couldn't get it to do anything for/to me (v1.2), but my maximum HP were already at 220. - Illusionary walls @(12,9) (13,8) (19,9) (11,4) (5,7) (5,11) (11,18) (6,4) (16,3) - Silver ankh @(6,4) (cross with a circle on top) 7 Lair of the Dark Dwarves Start @(8,2) Stairs back to tower @(8,12) - Evil dwarf @(4,6) will give you a scroll, after the altar is destroyed, and if he is still alive. - The hole in the roof is sealed, and nobody has yet found any way through it or a reason for it to be there. - Button @(5,3) opens passage behind you - Button @(6,8) opens secret door @(4,6) - Manna circle @(2,2) - Scroll with puzzle solution @(2,8), and on dwarf @(4,6) - Well @(5,1) - Magic black slayer arrows @(2,3) (9,11) - Dagger of piercing @(4,6) 7 2nd level Khull Khuum's Tower Start @(2,13) Teleporter up @(8,5) - Teleporter pair (13,9) to/from (14,7) - Teleporter pair (4,4) to/from (7,2) - Ankh teleporter @(14,8) to/from (3,11) - Crescent teleporter @(8,5) to/from tower3 @(10,7) - Cross teleporter @(10,10) to/from tower1 @(11,17) - Door @(15,3) magically barred - cannot be opened? - Silver Crescent @(14,5) - Silver Cross @(4,12) - Scroll @(14,6) - Another 'in' joke? - Green porthole @(11,13) - Any ideas on what this does? 7 3rd level Khull Khuum's Tower Start @(10,7) - Crescent teleporter @(10,7) to/from tower2 @(8,5) - 4-item teleporter @(6,1) to/from tower4 @(6,6) - Button @(8,4) opens secret door @(9,5) - (useless???) - Silver Circle @(1,5,19) 7 4th level Khull Khuum's Tower Start @(6,6) - 4-item teleporter @(6,6) to/from tower3 @(6,1) - 4-item teleporter @(5,14) to Thera's Temple. You can only use this after you have all 9 planetary orbs, and are also carrying all 4 of the silver objects. - Khull Khuum @(5,10). You cannot kill him (Kill a god? Not likely!). You must visit him to win, as he is carrying the last two orbs. I have finished the game two different ways, one by running away, the other by trapping KK. Method 1. Approach KK from the N. After he finishes his first speech, take the orbs. When he finishes his second speil, and is quite upset, run past him, to the S, and through the teleporter to Thera's temple. Method 2. Place silver items on the small circles to the N, E, and W of the square KK will appear on. Do this from the outside, not from the square he appears on. Step onto his square from the S. When he finishes his first speil, take both orbs. When he finishes talking again, take 1 step back and place the last silver object on the small circle in front of you. This traps KK and places him in his own orb (just like the other gods). - There are other ways of trapping and misleading Khull Khuum. 7 Thera's Temple Start @(8,9) This is it. You can't go anywhere else from here (not even back)! Place the orbs onto the pedestals in order. The lit pedestal is the active one, waiting for the next orb. See below for a list of the orbs, and the order they should be used (ignore Khull Khuum's orb, if you have it). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 8. List of Gods (orbs) NAME MATCHING PLANET SPECIAL POWER ---------------- ----------------- ---------------------------------- Khull Khuum The Sun (?) ??? Helion Mercury Same as a warming spell Aquila Venus Completely heals & cures party Thera Earth ??? Azrael Mars Casts quickness Marif Jupiter Gives strength to character Afri Saturn Projects map of immediate area Safrinni Uranus Levetates party up a pit Yoth-soggoth Neptune/Pluto(?) Recharges all runestaffs Kor-soggoth (sp?) Neptune/Pluto(?) ??? NAME LOCATION ( X,Y,LEVEL) DESCRIPTION ----------------- ---------------------------------- ------------------ Khull Khuum Tower4 @(5,10) Swirling dark blue Helion Ice Realm (31,3) on the Ice Queen Reddish tan w str. Aquila Mines1 (18,28) Splotchy tan Thera Tower4 @(5,10) Dark blue & tan Azrael Temple2 (18,14) red eye of statue Reddish Marif Castle (17,17) Splotchy red & tan Afri Upper keep (14,13) on a sharga Tan ringed Safrinni The Pits (19,4) Green ringed Yoth-soggoth Faerie (15,29) on a troll Blue striped Kor-soggoth (sp?) Tower4 @(5,10) Blue & smokey grey ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 9. List of comestibles (edibles) & rings ** POTIONS All effects from potions/herbs etc are temporary. The only permanent change is that from the double-effect Throggi-holding-a-boulder vials (see below). Oh yeah - some temporary things last longer than others. Healthy potion (short blue) 1 x Healing Healthy potion (tall blue) 2 x Healing Small vial (fancy blue) 3 x healing Light green bottle Restores lost str & dex, Increases str & dex Dark green bottle Restores lost strength points, increases strength Smelly throggish brew Cures poison Throg-holding-a-boulder vial Increases strength, 2nd one within a minute increases str to max, and also increases str permanently by one point Bubbling blue potion (tan jar) Increases strength, 2nd one increases dex Decanter with a red brew 1 x healing, drunk Red mushroom Increases strength & agility Green mushroom Cures poison, weakness, and ??? Spotted mushroom Removes magical effects? Good smelling root 1 x healing Really good smelling root 2 x healing Musty smelling root ??? (no effect when eaten?) Bad-smelling throg food Lowers strength by 1? A home-cooked meal 1 x healing Some faerie cake 1 x healing Fine faerie cake 2 x healing Rowanberries 1 x healing, drunk Gladiola ??? (no effect when eaten?) Foxglove ??? (no effect when eaten?) Wild thyme ??? (no effect when eaten?) St John's Wort Full cure & heal ** RINGS Plain ring - Magic armor ring Green ring - Ring of poison resistance Red ring - Luckstone ring Blue ring - Ring of ducking ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 10. Comments and Gripes - Afri is not mentioned in the book THERA'S AWAKENING in the list of gods (at least not in the one I have). I'm not certain if this was a book-bug, or if this god was left out to confuse us poor mortals. - Khull Khuum, in the book, is named as the sun. In the scrolls in the dwarven library, it seems to be regarded as the 'lost planet', in between mars and jupiter, where the asteroid belt is now. Maybe they are suggesting that he was 'destroyed' by the other gods after they were freed? - Kor-soggoth (Ko-soggoth?) is spelled differently in different places (book & game). - The faeries spell Khull Khuum as Khull Khumm (?) - I wish the inventory would tell you what the items are. It is hard to tell which orbs are which when comparing the (color) picture in inventory with the (B&W) picture in the journal. I also have four different quivers, one of which is magical, and I can't tell which one. - I wish the game had some method for 'sliding' sideways. It would make checking for secret panels/buttons/fake walls much faster and easier. - The endgame STINKS! Ok, you're teleported back to the surface, everything turns green, etc, but WHAT HAPPENED? Is Khull Khuum defeated or destroyed? What happened to my companions, left in the tower? What What What?!? Unless these questions are answered in the sequel (ha ha ha), I think the finish of the story needed some definite help. This is especially disappointing after the *great* opening scene video, and some of the sequences within the game. 30 seconds (or less?) of video , mostly looking at plants grow, falls short of my expectations at this point. - (I'll add more gripes as I think of them) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Section 11. Credits for help/hints from the newsgroup Most of the credits given here are for things that I picked up from the newsgroup after I finished the game. The three exceptions to this are: 1-help finding the real daisy chain, 2-finding out about the v1.2 update/patch, and 3-using Afri's Orb. I give credit to the first person I have record of mentioning the hint/clue/problem. A couple of them are from before I kept records, and several are so frequently mentioned that giving credit to one person would be difficult. - Miki (Michael Turk) - Practice on the piece of rock in the blacksmith's room in the Dwarf Fortress. (This led me to try 'practicing' on other things as well) - (Unknown) - Place Afri's Orb on the square in front of you to bring up a map of the area. - (Unknown) - How to get into that secret room in the starting tower. - (Unknown) - Using the F8 to display your current location. - Brian Murph - Stonekeep music problems with the GUS sound card. - Rick Wells - Giving a feather token to the dwarven trader, rather than money. - D.D. Johnston / Adventur (Chicago) - Malfunctioning runecaster when in the Faerie Realm (and other places?). - Chris Taylor (GRUPS Chris) - Upgrade to v1.2 available from Interplay. - (Many) - Problems with handing Dombur the 3rd piece of the stoneshooter. - Julia - Casting a heal spell on the Duck Statue also works. - (Many) - Can't get Afri's Orb to work. - Allison Floyd - Another person (besides me) got the 'speech missing' error, but in a different place. - (Many) - Problems solving that 4x4 puzzle on the first level of Khull Khuum's tower. - Thomas Stockheim - The Ice Queen can be killed without the Coldfire. - Wyvern (Cheung Kwok Leung) - How to kill the Ice Queen without the Coldfire. - Greyjack - Shopkeeper dwarf has the key to the locked room in the Dwarf Fortress. - (Many) - Problems getting into the Faerie Realm, esp. after going into the Ice Caverns. - John Hoffman - Solution to out-of-memory problem when running under Win95. - Antos Dragon (Ike Miller) - Getting that unopenable door near the uncrossable pits open (Temple of Throggi, if I recall correctly). - Ken (Kenc) - Drinking 2 Throg-holding-a-boulder potions within a minute ups your strength permanently by 1 point. - Craig Davis / Wolf Schneider - Getting the Faerie Players to perform War of the Ice Realm / For Whom the Bells Troll. - Lonewolf (Wolf Schneider) - Uses for several runes in the Faerie realm, a use for the iron spike, a use for the other statue in the Throggi Temple, the uses for the green potions, and general critiques of this document. - Robert Becka - Game crashing when trying to get past the first guard sharga in the ice caverns. I've most likely missed some people, and possibly mis-quoted some others. My apologies in advance ... End of this document ------------------------------------------------------------------------ END -- Cut Here -- cut here