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Castlevania Legends Cheats

  • Get Soul Weapons and All Items

    Put in this password to start at the last level with these items [Meat] [Candle] [Candle] [Meat]
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  • Level Passwords

    2 [Axe] [Axe] [Blank] [Knife] [Cross] [Axe] [Axe] [Watch]
    3 [Axe] [Cross] [Blank] [Candles] [Cross] [Cross] [Blank] [Meat]
    4 [Watch] [Blank] [Knife] [Meat] [Candles] [Axe] [Watch] [Candles]
    5-1 [Watch] [Holy water] [Meat] [Candles] [Candles] [Holy water] [Meat] [Meat]
    5-2 [Knife] [Candles] [Candles] [Candles] [Meat] [Candles] [Candles] [Meat]
    Bonus [Knife] [Blank] [Candles] [Meat] [Meat] [Blank] [Meat] [Candles]
    Put in R61H as the password
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