Castlevania Legends FAQ By: Dj Wolfchase V.1.0 -=Legal Note=- This game was created and copyrighted (c) by Konami 1998. It was made for the GameBoy (tm) system. This FAQ was created and copyright (c) by Robert Morrison 1999. Do not steal any info on this FAQ without permission from the author. email: All info on this page is original and was discovered from my extreme boredom. Thank you for visiting my FAQ!! ~ Table of Contents ~ 1. Story 2. Controls (and how to play) 3. Passwords 4. Weapons 5. Stages (walkthrough) 6. Characters 7. Monsters 8. Authors Note 1. STORY It was the Middle Ages in Transyvania. One man came into possession of an evil power, and the Prince of Darkness was born. Before long, this bieng had used his newfound supernatural powers and the magic powers of his followers to spread his plague of darkness and dispair throughout the European continent. He was Count Dracula. Even the mention of the name of this Prince of Darkness was to cast fear into the hearts of the people of the land, who were powerless to do anything save voice thier concern. However, at about the same time a baby girl possesing special powers was born to a family living in a remote area of the country. "Your powers are meant for a higher purpose and not only yourself," she was often reminded as she was growing up. The plot of this girl's fate began to develop one night in her seventeenth year when she met up with the young enigmatic Alucard, who was on a journey to search for the father that had desserted him. The young girl's name was Sonia Belmont, and she was the first of the vampire hunters in the Belmont family to becone legendary. Well, this is a great game, and suffices well for any Castlevania fan. About the story, well this is the 'REAL' first Castlevania game. This is the prequel to the first ones for nintendo. I have not played the other Gameboy Castlevania games, nor do I know someone who has. But needles to say, Dracula is yet again the 'last' boss. 2. Controls (and how to play the game) New Game- starts a new game. Password- Enter a password and it will allow you to continue a saved game Game Select- Standard Mode- Player starts in a normal state with the 'crappy' ship Light mode- Translated 'Easy Mode'. Player starts with the 'best' whip You start with three lives but you get more. There is infinite continue's and a password for every stage. It's basically played out like any other Castlevania game. A button- Jump B button- Attack Start Button- pause/continue, and for skipping conversations Select Button- Displays Window Directional Button- Move or crouch A button + Down direction- Sliding down rope B button + Up direction- using Soul weapon A button + B button- Using Burning mode Down + left or right - Move in a crouch Oh yeah, A + B + START + SELECT resets the game. You get a life gauge of You get a burning gauge of Life Gauge- how much life you have Burning Gauge- gauge for Burning Mode (read about Burning mode in Weapons chapter/ Time- you get 500 seconds. Any info missed here will be covered in Chapter 4. 3.PASSWORDS STAGE 2: Standard: axe, axe, blank, knife Light: cross, axe, axe, watch STAGE 3: Standard: axe, cross, blank, candles Light: cross, cross, blank, meat STAGE 4: Standard: watch, blank, knife, meat Light: candles, axe, watch, candles STAGE 5: (5-1) Standard: watch, holywater, meat, candles Light: candles, holywater, meat, candles (5-2) Standard: knife, candles, candles, candles Light: meat, candles, candles, meat (Bonus) Standard: knife, blank, candles, meat Light: meat, blank, meat, candles SUPER PASSWORD: meat, candles, candles, meat This takes you to the last level and gives all items and soul weapons (Light mode) 4.WEAPONS You bieng Sonia Belmont your only weapon is a whip. There are three levels which it can be on. You should know what each is if you've played the game. Burning Mode: You basically are invincible, but only until your burning gauge is finished. You can only do this once every stage, per life. After it runs out, you are returned to a normal state. Soul Weapons When you beat a boss you get a little stone. These are soul weapons. You can't use two types at the same time, but the hearts detirmine your number of uses. Wind- Stops all enemy movement except bosses. 5 hearts. Ice- Restores entire life gauge. 20 hearts Flame- A flash attack against all enemies. Doesn' t effect bosses. 5 hearts. Saint- Sends a wave in front of player. 1 heart. Magic- Destroys an enemy. Bosses excluded. 5 hearts Normal Items Heart- increases hearts by one Meat- restores half of life 1 up- 1 extra life Crystal- restores power of whip one level Special Items Dagger Cross Holy Water Axe Pocket Watch They determine multiple endings. 5.STAGES (walkthrough) STAGE 1: Easy stage. Should be no problem for any Castlevania fan. Remember to press A + Up button to jump on rope. Other than that, no problem! Boss Battle Creature Bat What a wuss! Dodge his gay attempts to jump on you . Follow him to a corner and then wail on him! STAGE 2: This stage is somewhat easy. Parts get annoying though. But don't get frustrated. You can continue as much as you want. Boss Battle Death Dragon Another wuss. Boost to 'Burning Mode', Bombard him with whips, and...BAM! he's finished. STAGE 3: Annoying stage becuase you do alot of climbing. Watch out for the lizard climbers. Mid Boss: Flying Dragon He flies up and shoots three (easy to dodge) fireballs at you. Then starts walking. When he walks just whip him and he'll die. If you go the wrong way you'll have to fight another Mid boss of: 3 bats 2 hunchbacks 3 flying ghouls Man... The stage gets rather tricky... Boss Battle Grim Reaper He's a nasty fellow. He jumps around throwing sickles at you. Dodge them and whip when he's open. He'll die in a little bit. Dont forget to put it on 'burning mode' STAGE 4 This is a somewhat medium stage. Its not too hard. Mid boss: Medusa You might want to 'burn mode' to kill her. She is a wimp that way. The stage is smooth sailing from there. You'll eventually get to Alucard. Conversation Alucard: "Sonia! I didn't think it was true, but its you!" Sonia: "Alucard!! I could say the same, what are you doing here?" Alucard: " Listen to me, Sonia, This is no place for someone like you." Sonia: " But Alucard...." Alucard: "This problem concerns only me and my father. I've come to fight the lord of this castle. I cannot let my father, Count Dracula to get away with this. I must do this for my mother and the world she dearly loved. Please understand. I am the only one who can make amends for the sins commited by my father and there is no reason for you to get involved in this battle. Sonia, I could not bear to lose you. Now turn back!" Sonia: "Thank you, Alucard, you-you're probably right, In fact you have always made the right desicions. But I have no intentioin of going back now. Just as your father was granted strength from the evil diety to conquer the world, I have been granted strength to fight your father. I will not run away. We all decide our own fate. It was you who taught me that, Alucard. Alucard: "All right, Sonia, then show me this strength you belive so strongly in, for I too want belive. Let us test this stregth on me. Prepare yourself!" Boss Battle Alucard Despite how cool he is, he's just a wuss. Burn mode and kill his gold-bricken ass. Conversation Alucard: "Ooww! I had no idea you had become this strong." Sonia: "Oh, Alucard" Alucard: "It looks like this time I learned a lesson." Sonia: "Alucard, did you purposly..." Alucard: "No, Sonia. You have made me belive in your strength" Sonia: " Alucard, Im so sorry." Alucard: "Do not trouble yourself about it, Sonia. Now I must sleep. I fear I shall not meet you again. Farewell my beloved, my beautiful vampire slayer." Sonia: "Alucard!! I will never forget you. Farwell dear Alucard." STAGE 5-1 Is it just me, or does this stage get really hard. Boss Battle Jumping Lioness 'Burn mode' and kill him. STAGE 5-2 This stage is pretty easy considering how short it is. You should have no problem getting to Dracula. When you get there, there is a convo. Conversation Dracula: "You have done well my girl. In fact you are the first human to come this far. You have my praise." Sonia: " You are the Prince of Darkness. Because of you many people have died, many people have suffered." Dracula: "Oh no, my dear. I have nearly done what you humanswished for. Fufilling your insatiable desires." Sonia: " People must fufill thier dreams with thier own power. You have been consumed by the power of evil. You no longer have the strength to determine your own fate." Dracula: " Silence! On the contrary, I am just the one to use this power, and I will be king who rules over the entire world! Give yourself to me young lady. There may be merit in having your presence." Sonia: "My strength will be used only to protect the entire world! Lord of dark prepare to suffer with trifiling with so many lives!" Dracula: "As you wish, girl! Then it is your fate to kneel before my power!'' Boss Battle Count Dracula He's one tough customer. "Burn mode" and beat him in his first mode. Converstation Dracula: "Well, well.. You are worthy of me. You have lasted me longer than most!" Sonia: "Prepare yourself!" Dracula: " I've just been toying with you so far. But now its time to get serious.' Boss Battle Count Dracula Watch out now! Use the ice soul weapon to get your health back when you low. Be careful. He' very difficult. This is as far as I'm going in the stage walkthrough. Basically you beat him and you see the ending. And I don't want to spoil it for anyone. E-mail me if you'd like to know it and can't beat it. 6.CHARACTERS Sonia Belmont - This young lady was the first of the Belmont family to leave her name to posterity as a vampire hunter. She was taught how to handle a whip by her grandfather and learned at an early age of her ability to sense the presence of biengs physical and spiritual that cannot be seen by ordinary humans. Creature Bat- The Creature Bat is a fiendish artificial life form that was created by fusing the abilities of a bat with those of a human. The bat can fly and can attack with superhuman stregth. Death Dragon- This legendary monster was slain by Count Dracula himself and then was brought back as a living corpse. The dragon attacks by breathing flames. Grim Reaper- This apparation recieved the great power of magic in return for bieng bound to Count Dracula in the eternal master-servent blood contract. The Grim Reaper also brandishes a very sharp sickle. Alucard- In order to pass to Sonia his own hope of slaying his father Count Dracula, Alucard lurcks somewhere in Dracula's castle, waiting for the fateful day when he must rise to the final test. Count Dracula- Master of the evil castle, this legendary Prince of Darkness undertook a transmigration from his human body and, in so diong, came into magic ability powerful beyond imagination. 7. MONSTERS Bats: From the top, fly after you. 1 hit Sludge: from the top,fall, come after you. Duck and kill. 1 hit Flying ghoul: Ghost that flies after you. 1 hit Fireball: Some type of monster that flies directly at or behind you. 1 hit Zombie: Chase after you real slow. 1 hit Zombie w/ spear: Zombie with a spear. 2 hits Hunchback: walk fast and bounce in the air. 2 hits Skull Head: Fly at you when you're not looking at them. 2 hits Knight: Armor and Sword. Watch out! 6 hits Lizard Climbers: Climb and breathe fire at you. 3 hits Giant Spiders: Spiders that chase after you. 3 hits Iguana: Jump out of a cliff and shoot a fireball. 1 hit Disc Shooter: Disk that shoot fireballs at you. 4 hits 8. AUTHOR'S NOTE Basically this is my first FAQ, and I realize how hard it is to make one of these. So be sure to thank all of those who supply you with FAQ's and walkthroughs. I wanna thank Konami and KGE Nagoya for making this game and sending it to America to support my Castlevania addiction. As for people the only person I can think of to thank is Andrew Tobias. That mofo kept whistling the damn 1st level song over and over and he and I talked a bit about the game. So thank you Andrew. Please mail me what you think You can also mail me for anything you didn't find. Copyright (c) Robert Morrison 1999</p>