Call of Duty Elite officially announced: Socially-networks your CoD, is a lot like but with paid-for content

So this is what Beachhead were up to. Long-touted but never fully understood, it turns out that the project beavered away at by CoD's latest studio is Call of Duty Elite, a social networking/game organising/video making/clan building multiplayer community game portal, much like Halo's excellent services.

Frankly, it all sounds quite good, provided you're heavily into your online CoD. The one snag? You'll have to fork out for some of it.

Launching officially later this year with Modern Warfare 3, Elite will first be beta-tested (in public) with Black Ops. It'll launch integrated into MW3, but will be compatible with all CoD games from Black Ops onwards, and will be accessable in-game, on a console, through a web-browser, and via mobile. What's it got stuffed inside it? Quite a bit, by the looks of it.

Above: You've spelt 'pwned' wrong. Noob

Heat-maps, stat-tracking, social networking, group management, clan management, a theatre mode, YouTube and Facebook connectivity... It sound like basically everything a modern game community network should have, and has obviously taken a fair amount of influence from Bungie's work with Halo over the years. It sounds like there won't be any obligation to use it if you just want to silently off people with minimum social interaction, a bit like a serial killer (or anyone who's ever been stuck in a lobby with a singing kid), but it's all there if you want it, and most of it will be free.

Most? Yeah. As in "not all of it". Unlike, there will be charges for some of the functions rolled-out with this one. Activision is unsurprisingly keeping quiet on which elements will come as part of Elite's premium subscription package at the moment, but at a guess I'd say that the theatre mode and video uploading would be prime candidates.

So, any more interested in Modern Warfare 3 now that you know how super charged (Acti's words, not mine) the multiplayer is going to be? Or are you still just waiting for Battlefield 3?

(In before "This is all free elsewhere. Kotick, Satan, kill, kill, kill")

May 31, 2011