Brothers in Arms DS - hands-on

A wise man once asked, “War - HUH - what is it good for?” Before you reply, “Absolutely nothing,” bear in mind that this man was not speaking rhetorically. Rather, he was demonstrating tremendous foresight at the generous heaping of World War II games there would ultimately be. However, there has yet to be the definitive WWII game on the DS, which is exactly what Brothers in Arms DS aims to be.

Developed by Ubisoft, BiA isn’t an ordinary WWII shooter; it plays more like a 3rd person action game, complete with the “borrowed” over-the-shoulder camera placement from Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War; and frankly Ubisoft was probably better off for this choice. Control is simple without being dumbed down; use the control pad for moving and strafing, the L trigger for shooting and the stylus for aiming. The controls actually feel intuitive and faster than you can shout “Nein!” we were gunning down misunderstood Germans.

Not only that, but you can take cover behind obstacles and slink along walls before popping out for a Nazi headshot or two. And you’ll definitely need that cover, because as the surplus of WWII games can attest, there are more than enough Nazis to go around. When things get really hairy, you’ll gain access to a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle or mount a machine gun to even the odds; with switching between them as simple as tapping the desired weapon.


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