Brand new Nintendo Gamer magazine on the way

Progress is happening. UK publication NGamer, which has long been regarded as the best unofficial Nintendo magazine in the world and possibly even the best Nintendo magazine in the world FULL STOP, is changing in the new year.

To avoid any confusion that the 'N' actually stands for 'Nintendo' and not something weird like 'Narcoleptic', the name is changing to Nintendo Gamer. The Mario on the cover should also help. Here is the cover:

The magazine is also getting more pages. That's right. MORE PAGES. It's getting precisely 34 more pages in fact. But here's the mad bit that doesn't make any sense. It's going to COST LESS. Yes, you read that right. More magazine is actually going to cost you less money. At £4.50 (which is a not insignificant saving of 49p) it's literally like stealing. You could actually be arrested and receive a custodial sentence.

If you want to see how the new Nintendo Gamer is taking shape, there's a digital sampler on the magazine's Facebook page. We've had a look and our favourite spread is this one because it's all about Killer 7:

The brand new Nintendo Gamer will be out 5 January.