Bomberman Land Touch!

  • Fun and addictive mini-games
  • Classic Bomberman with Wi-Fi
  • Fantastic use of the stylus
  • Same ol' graphics
  • Some minigames can be insanely hard
  • Story mode is all minigames

Bomberman is one of those series, like Tetris and Bubble Bobble, that will show up on every gaming system until the end of time - and deservedly so, as there really aren't many things more fun than running around a maze blowing friends and foes to bits with bombs. Bomberman Land Touch! however, is actually two games in one, with two vastly different modes make it one of the best choices to feed your DS this holiday season.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played a Bomberman game before. Bomberman’s traditional mode is back to the basics; there’s nothing too extravagant in this mode: mazes, bombs, and power-ups like roller skates and explosion expanders are the stock in trade here, and it works beautifully, just as it always has. It’s got standout multiplayer via Wi-Fi, making it a top choice for multiplayer action.

Story mode is where Bomberman shows the DS love. All movement, controls, minigames - everything - is done with the stylus, and it actually turns out really well. During this adventure, areas will be blocked off and not accessible; however, as you play minigames and receive badges, pieces and coins, you’ll eventually get much deeper into the Bomberman world. It’s got some clever dungeons and charming locations, even more than some role-playing games.

The way you gain experience, though, is what makes this a ton of fun: by playing 36 clever, fun minigames that take full advantage of the stylus. You might find yourself punching or kicking bombs out of four different touch-selected areas, or swishing the stylus left to right to power Bomberman in a footrace. All of the minigames offer originality and intense obstacles that can often prove to be tremendously difficult, but somehow it almost always manages to be fun and addictive at the same time. The mini-games are a blast with multiplayer as well, though the main game will probably always be the king.

More Info

Release date: Nov 07 2006 - DS (US)
Available Platforms: DS, PS1, GBA
Genre: Adventure
Published by: Atlus
Developed by: Hudson Soft
Franchise: Bomberman
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Comic Mischief

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