Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django review

Christmas is over - bring on the sun and slay some vampires with GamesMaster

Hideo Kojima's sunlight-based Boktai was one of the battier games we played last year. A game that requires the person playing it to take it outside and give its solar panel a good sunning every few hours? That's just weirdness.

But it was weirdness that worked surprisingly well, mainly because the sunlight aspect isn't just a gimmick. Playing as the vampire-hunting Django, the solar powering-up makes perfect sense. The sunlight kills boss vampires - once you've dragged them out of their dark dungeon in a coffin, zapping them with rays finishes them off. You also use sunlight to charge up your weapons and make them more powerful.

Unfortunately for shade worshippers (and albinos), sunlight is a necessity to progress in the game. Which is one reason for not importing and waiting for the spring/summer UK release. You can store up your sunlight, but eventually you need a good solar charge.

Boktai 2 also has a real-time clock to distinguish night from day. Certain enemies are only active in one or the other - it's all very interactive.

Whether this is your thing or not, everyone will enjoy the core gameplay. A combination of RPG and action, Boktai even incorporates some Metal Gear-style stealth. Puzzles are more frequent than in the first game, and it also has a multi-player mode, where up to four can fight for points to be spent in the main game.

Like your mum and her Jackie Collins novel, it's a perfect game for a summer holiday. But when there's no sunshine, it's miserable.

Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django is out now in the US and is due for UK release in the spring

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