Black Friday US deals: Doom for $19.99

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Have you thus far failed to play the best FPS of the year? Would you be likely to succeed in that noble goal, should the price of that game drop to $19.99? Then get over to Amazon now. Amazon is just dying to help you make it happen. 

That is a stupidly good price for the biggest, best, most cleverly, creatively content-packed FPS of 2016. A game, in fact, that has only got bigger and better since its launch. As I explained in my Doom review, it's simply "The most exhilarating and intelligent expression of FPS in years". Add great multiplayer, an almost amateur-dev quality set of game design tools in SnapMap, and the brand new, just-added-for-free arcade mode, and you have a game that's a ludicrous, formidable bargain even at full price. 

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