Beyond: Two Souls bonus locations guide

Bonus Locations 1-6

The Experiment

Bonus: Design Pack #1
1: This can be found the office, in the corner of the room, across from the door that leads to the other card room.

The Embassy

Bonus: Beyond Two Souls Trailer
2: This first soul can be found after you sit in the washroom. Once you do, use Aiden and then go to the left of the entrance to the main hall to find this.

Bonus: Design Pack #2
3: When you take Aiden up to the second floor, look near the desk across from the painting to find the soul on the ground there.

First Interview

Bonus: Design Pack #3
4: When you are sitting in the chair with your mother, have Aiden go out into the hall and make a left to find it sitting there.


Bonus: Design Pack #4
5: Once you reach the road where the two cops are talking, look behind the barrier behind them to find the soul there.

My Imaginary Friend

Bonus: Design Pack #5
6: When you go outside in the backyard, look to the right of the house and the soul will be next to a bush there.