Beyond: Two Souls bonus locations guide

Within Beyond: Two Souls, there are hidden-wispy-like souls will unlock some extra bonus content for you to check out in the "Additional Content" menu. There are 20 bonus items to find overall, and once you discover each of their locations, you will receive the Explorer trophy for your hard work. Some of them can be downright dastardly in their locations, so we’ve gone ahead and found them all in case you need a hand.

Table of Contents

Locations 1-6
• The Experiment
• The Embassy
• First Interview
• Hunted
• My Imaginary Friend

Locations 7-13
• The Condenser
• Homeless
• First Night
• Like Other Girls

Locations 14-22
• Navajo
• The Dinner
• Night Session
• The Mission
• Old Friends/Norah
• Dragon's Hideout
• Black Sun