Bethesda offers bone to non-Live subscribers

Bethesda has revealed that the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion expansion Shivering Isles, which to date has only be given an Xbox Live Marketplace release, could very well hit retail.

Raising hopes for Oblivion fans not hooked up to Live (though you should be by now, frankly), Shivering Isles senior game designer Bruce Nesmith told Gamertag Radio that an Oblivion compilation pack is planned.

"Eventually we will publish a complete version, a Game of the Year or Special Edition - I don't know what they'll actually decide to call it - of the game that will include a compilation of everything. And at that point you could have one DVD that has everything on it," Nesmith explained.
Of course, he added, it would mean "re-buying a game that you already bought," which he agreed is "not really an ideal situation," but it would be a way for non-Live Xbox 360 owners to obtain Shivering Isles.

Above: Our man Haskill can't wait to be a part of the Oblivion expansion compilation

Nesmith also said that Bethesda would "love nothing more" than be able to release just the expansion for Xbox 360 in stores, "but it's not something we really have a lot of control over."

He elaborated, "Microsoft does not have a method for delivering expansion packs in stores for the Xbox. When you put that extra CD or DVD into the Xbox, it has no way to know that's part of the original game because it's physically a different DVD. So unless you want to put the entire game on the DVD, and distribute that... We don't have a way to deliver it.

"It's something we really hope Microsoft finds an answer to," he added.

Finally, the senior game designer confirmed that Bethesda is producing one more piece of downloadable content for Oblivion that'll be released after Shivering Isles comes out.

It's "a fighter stronghold  kind of thing," Nesmith said. "It's the one character class that we haven't really dealt with yet so it'll be something for those guys who are into the heavy armour and the big, big sticks."

He ended by saying there's currently nothing specific planned in terms of downlodable content beyond that, but that Bethesda is "leaving the door open because the download content has proved very popular."

March 9, 2007


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