The best PlayStation VR deals in 2017

Tempted now that the PS VR headset is back in stock? It's time to make virtual reality part of your home gaming set up and if you still haven't dived into the world of VR, PlayStation VR is the perfect entry point. Comfortable and the cheapest non mobile solution on the market, the PS VR headset is a brilliant investment to truly get your head in the game.

Collected here are all the best PS VR bargains to get you set up with the headset itself, get your hands on Move controllers for peak immersion in games such as Batman: Arkham VR, and the latest prices for the essential PlayStation Camera. Just to to be helpful, the PS VR deals below are updated constantly. All you'll need to do next is check out our best PlayStation VR games and you'll be good to go. Here are the best PS VR deals. 

PlayStation VR headset deals 

Not only is it cheapest headset on the market - other than mobile solutions like the Samsung VR - the PS VR works with your PS4, and is a truly incredible piece of technology. Comfortable and light, Sony's headset is an exceptional piece of kit. Read our full PS VR review for more but think you know fear? Try Resident Evil 7 in VR and come back to us. 

PlayStation Camera deals 

Ok, you've got your headset, now you'll need the PlayStation Camera. The PS Camera has been updated to a ridiculously cute Wall-E-alike but the original camera will work just as well with the PS VR headset. This adorable little imaging device is necessary to track the LEDs on the front of the headset and the headset won't function without it. 

PlayStation Move controller deals

While you can use your existing DualShock 4 for use with the majority of PlayStation VR games, using the bubble ended Move wands makes for a far more immersive experience as they give you a helpful set of hands in game.  PlayStation VR Worlds lets you fire UZIs from a speeding van, while Batman: Arkham VR has you throwing Batarangs at moving targets and donning the Dark Knight's gauntlets. 

It's worth noting that while you can buy Move wands in single or twin packs, you'll want two for the full experience. The newly released twin pack also lets you charge with your newer PS controller cable instead of the older PS3 interface.  


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