The best Fallout 4 mods

Mod to perfection

It looks like Fallout 4's console gamers won't be getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the formerly PC-only game mods. Bethesda is making mods accessible on Xbox One (and possibly PS4) in the near future, meaning everyone who prefers couch-sitting to a mouse and keyboard can enjoy the enhancements and wacky coding antics of the Fallout 4 community.

The developers have stated that they want just about every mod created on the PC to be made available to the console crowd - within reason. Bethesda will need to sort out all of the nudies and any mods that violate any copyrights (sorry, no Master Chief in the Wasteland), but everything from texture enhancements and weapon mods, to character tweaks is fair game. There are already a ton of mods available on the PC version of the game, and if Bethesda's promises hold true, you can expect to see this list of the best hit your console of choice.

Any Mod Any Weapon

Forget the weapon crafting limitations of the base game, the Any Mod Any Weapon mod lets your imagination run wild when you're at the workbench. Ever want to shoot cannon balls out of a hand-held revolver, create an electrified mini gun, or shove a Deathclaw's claw onto a boxing glove? All possible with this mod.


Finally, you can do what you're mother always told you to and pick up after yourself. The OCDecorator mod enables you to place any object on any other object, so placing weapons and armor on shelves or office fans on desks is no longer a pain in the ass. Now you can have everything in your settlement neatly organized, locked in place, and perfectly displayed instead of having everything getting knocked over by NPCs and ending up in a pile on the floor.

Simple Intersection

Fallout 4's vanilla settlement editor isn't the best. Walls don't always line up, you get items and furniture that just can't be placed where you want, and you end up with some unsightly gaps in your decorative structures (and even worse, defenses). The Simple Intersection mod allows you to clip into other objects so you can fit everything together neatly. No more gaps, no more mess.

Legendary Modifications

If you're looking for your weapons to pack a bit more punch, you might want to check out the Legendary Modifications mod. This mod adds a new modification slot to your weapon and armor crafting options, allowing you to include one legendary weapon or armor attribute to your item in exchange for a significant amount of materials. You can choose from a list of every attribute available in the game, giving you everything you need to make an unstoppable wasteland explorer.

Infinite ammo for your companion

The trouble with giving your companion a weapon other than their default choice is that they love to burn through your ammo. The Infinite ammo mod solves that problem. As long as your companion has one round of ammo for their respective weapon in their inventory, they can fire forever - except the Fat Man mini nuke launcher, because, well, that could create a disastrous situation.

Armorsmith Extended

If you're a bit of a fashionista in Fallout 4, you're going to want to download the Armorsmith Extended mod, which adds a new Armorsmith crafting table that allows you to make clothes and armor, lets you wear gas masks and bandanas under more hats, and lets you upgrade every piece of clothing and armor. Really, it just makes every piece of clothing and armor more valuable, which is definitely a good thing.

Settlement supplies expanded

The standard Fallout 4 set of structures, furniture, and objects you can build and place into your settlement is pretty limited, but when you add Settlement Supplies Expanded, there is a much larger selection. With the mod installed, you'll find hundreds of new objects to add into your virtual home. The new items include everything from vault doors and barbed wire concrete walls to trees and even aircraft.

Full Dialogue Interface

When conversing with other characters in Fallout 4, sometimes your character can just say the darndest things. Using the default paraphrased dialogue options doesn't always clearly convey how your character will respond with that choice. With the Full Dialogue Interface mod, you take out all of that guesswork. The entire response is written out on the dialogue option, which might help your conversations go the way you intend them to.

Lowered Weapons

This is more of a personal preference, but it always bothers me when my character is always pointing his or her gun forward. Lowered Weapons makes your character's weapon handling a bit safer for those around them. Whenever the weapon isn't being aimed or fired, the firearm is lowered to a less aggressive position. It's all about gun safety, people. If you aren't careful, you'll put someone's eye out.

Craftable Ammo

The Craftable Ammo mod adds even more crafting to the expansive build-fest that is Fallout 4, but we have no problem with that. The mod includes a new crafting table called the Reloading Workbench, allowing you to take materials and fill your ammo stores with plenty of bullets and bombs. No need to wander the radioactive wilderness looting bodies and checking drawers for forgotten ammo. Just get crafting and make it all yourself.