Assassin's Creed secrets exposed

The mysterious plot of Assassin's Creed is "based on research... about the fact your genes might be able to hold memory" and features a "science company trying to... go into people's brains and find out an ancestor who used to be an assassin,” according to talkative Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell, whose voice and likeness appears in the game.

Bell unwittingly revealed the sci-fi secret at the heart of one of next year's most exciting games during an interview with IGN TV. Assassin's Creed will cast you as a futuristic character living out the inherited memory lingering in his DNA, in which you play your ancestor, a Medieval assassin.

It's crazy, but we love it - and with Assassin's Creed touted as the first game in a series, we're already dreaming up other assassin-friendly historic periods in which your character's ancestors could have prowled. Victorian London?Tenchu-style feudal Japan?

Or, to provide a cuttingly political edge, the modern-day Middle East, mirroring the Crusade-blighted mission you face in this first Assassin's Creed adventure? The possibilities are thrilling, and although we're unlikely to discover the series' future plans for some while yet, Kristen Bell has certainly given us all a lot to think about.

December 14, 2006