Akiba’s Trip to feature pantsing battle mechanic

I was about seven years old when I was pantsed for the first time. Nothing is more humiliating than facing the world, fully exposed, with your pants hanging around your ankles. I thought I had moved past that tender age where one must be wary of pantsers on the prowl. But it looks like fate is determined to remind me of the shameful act with news that stripping strangers will be part of the battle system in Akiba’s Trip, the latest action/adventure title from Way of the Samurai developer Acquire.

Set in the otaku-friendly Akihabara shopping district, Akiba’s Trip has you hunting a group of vampires known as the Kageyashi. There will be combos, special attacks, and a variety of weapons. But if you really want to deprive a cosplaying vampire of whatever dignity it had left, you can trigger a special ‘Strip Action,’ to remove their clothing, finishing off the blood sucker with extra exposure to sunlight.

The bizarre details on Akiba’s Trip’s unique battle system come from online retailer Happinet Online via Andriasang. According to Andriasang, the retailer often posts materials sent straight from the publisher. So while it’s not official, it’s likely that the unique finishing move will be officially confirmed soon.

In other news, Criminal Girls will feature spanking, Catherine will feature sexy sheep, and Dream Club Zero will have a bull riding minigame.

Feb 2, 2011

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