A child could have designed it better

1. Glover
PlayStation | N64 | PC

This didn't do too badly on N64 but on PSone was a disaster. The premise was, as many old games are in retrospect, ludicrous. You were a glove that had fallen off a wizard's hand into a pot of magic potion. There's some motivation given as to why the now animated glove had to go and find some magic crystals, but we forget what it was.

The bottom line is your character is a white glove with a face painted on it. The final insult is that he was called Glover. To show how utterly, inconceivably lame that is, we've invented a character in the time it took to write this sentence that is at least comparable to the quality of Glover.

It's about sock that fell into a vat of nuclear waste and developed the ability to walk. He's got to go and collect some acorns or the kingdom of socks will be destroyed. The game is called Socky. Can we have some money now please?