24 Hours of Halo 3

Starved Halo fans seemed to appreciate having something to chew on while they waited, so Joe the Video Master continued feeding their needs.

Spydermanfbk (10:08 AM): You know, I don't even know why I used to go on other video game sites...you guy's always come through. I really hope to play a couple matches with you guys.

Shadow_wolf714 (10:10 AM): I totaly agree with Spiderman, you guys are the best!

GamesRadarTyler (10:20 AM): Glad to hear it! We expected everyone to be packed into the beta today, but since it isn't working, our job has become to add as much content as we can to keep you all going until Bungie fixes the problem. Hopefully the videos and commentary are enough to keep everyone occupied until the beta is available. Cheers to Charlie, Brett, and resident video guru Joe for all of the hard work they're putting in... and will be putting in for many hours to come.

GamesRadarTyler (10:35 AM): Last Friday at the beta launch event, Senior Editor Joe McNeilly (the guy who's been providing you with all this great video) stuck around while the party was winding down (sobering up), and as a result, had the opportunity to snag this sweet Halo 3 restrooms sign! Can you believe they were just going to toss it? It now lives on the door to our video studio. Master Chief hasn't peed on any of our capture equipment yet.

Some of Joe's greatest hits:

Watch as we PWN some poor schmuck cowering in the "safety" of the Bubble Shield.

OK, so we looped this glitch to make it funnier... but look, we're falling through the sky!

Love the tusky, wild boar look of the dual Spikers. This vid has a nice end-to-end run of Valhalla, oh and some brutalicious Spiker action. Enjoy--

As a counterpoint to our previous video on how NOT to use the bubble shield, check out this vid of the proper strategic use of the bubble shield in a game of CTF on High Ground.