Zynga's Words with Friends comes to Android

Facebook gaming giant Zynga has just announced it will bring its popular word game Words with Friends to Android later this month. And you'll be able to play it online with your friends, even those who side with the iPhone in the mobile gaming wars.

If you haven't heard of Words with Friends, well, it's basically Scrabble. But since it's a Zynga game, it has all sorts of social features built in, like remembering which words you came up with while playing with certain friends.

The game is already available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and now that it's coming out to Android, users on both sides of the fence will all be in the same pool of online players.

Zynga's presence in the mobile gaming sector continues to grow, as it already has smartphone versions of Farmville and poker available on the go. Soon, Facebook's "single sign-on" feature will be available on platforms like Android, allowing users to sign in with their Facebook credentials once and then instantly have access to all other Facebook games and apps available on the phone. So when you stop playing Words with Friends and want to play Farmville instead, the transition will be seamless.

And it looks like there is no stopping the Zynga train, so it won't be long before mobile gamers all around the world are slacking just as much as they do when playing games on Facebook.

Feb 4, 2011