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Zumba Fitness sells 500,000 copies in a few weeks

Wii Fit is so 2000s. The fitness game really spiking it up the charts these days is Zumba Fitness. The game's publisher just announced it has already sold 500,000 copies of the title, thanks to its availability on all three console platforms.

Regardless of how different Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft try to make their motion sensing products seem from one another, most third-party publishers just see one thing. And that's why Majesco decided to make Zumba Fitness available for Kinect, PlayStation Move, and Wii simultaneously.

The game takes a slightly different approach to gaming fitness... it tries to be fun. Players move and dance to very high-energy Latin music, with styles like Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, and Mambo. There are 30 music tracks in the game, and even though it's designed primarily as a workout game, it was important to Majesco to make it a product that people would actually want to play rather than feel obligated to play.

And apparently it's working. With very little pre-release hype, the game is selling significantly well. It came out a little under two months ago.

"We are excited by the sales performance of the Zumba Fitness video game, and are also encouraged by the continued post-holiday momentum for the title," said Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton in a statement.

The Kinect version of Zumba Fitness costs $50, while the Wii and PS3 versions are each $40.

Jan 12, 2011

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