Zoo Tycoon Cheats

Zoo Tycoon Easter Eggs

  • PC | Submitted by Katelyn Fernandi

    Flying Reindeer

    To have your reindeer flying, name them after Santa's reindeer. (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen) They don't fly all the time, but eventually stars will appear under their feet and they'lll glide across the exhibit.

  • PC | Submitted by Stephen S

    Yellow Brick Road

    Place a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear in the same exhibit, and you will unlock the 'Yellow Brick Road' footpath. It's not cheap though, at $100!

Zoo Tycoon Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Kristine

    Make Your Animals Like Their Exhibit

    Find out the animals favorite plant or tree. You can do this by highlighting the type of animal in the adopting animals box. then look down below the male/female and information icons and it tells you their favorite plant. Some animals don't have one, like penguins. if you keep putting their favorite plant in there even after they don't want it anymore, then the exhibit suitability bar will go up.

  • PC | Submitted by Axel

    How To Make A Bridge

    Here is how you make a bridge. Go to the raise and lower ground thing (note: it looks like a steamroller) then go to the hill maker and a large hill and then get the other hill maker (note: this one has no slants). Then get the other hill maker to put the end of it. If you make it big enough the gests will see the whole zoo

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to unlock the Yeti

    Name an Exhibit Kathmandu
    Note:name an exhibit number 1 then rename the exhibit kathmandu other wise the game will crash!

  • PC | Submitted by Anbhorselover

    Capture Escaped Animals

    To capture escaped animals click on the Animal List button at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the Escaped Animals button. Click on an escaped animal, then click on the Move Animal button. When you put the animal back down it is in a box.

  • PC | Submitted by Holly hands

    Kill Guests and Penguins!

    Create a few fairly big exhibits. In one put lions, another polar bears and some penguins in another. Then delete part of the penguin exhibit. The penguins will run around the zoo. Then open the lions. All your guests will scream and run but the lion is too quick. Then the polar bears will kill the penguins. A very violent 'joke' but a funny one!
    NOTE: Fire all your Zoo Keepers, if u don't they catch your animals!

Zoo Tycoon Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Ilona Bruins

    More Giant Panda's

    In the last scenario, when you have to breed Giant Panda's, normally you can only choose two. If you recive the message that you can adopt the two panda's, just pause the game. Now you can adopt as many Giant Panda's if you want. REMEMBER! If you turn the game back on, you can't adopt Giant Panda's anymore, so adopt them all when the game is paused.

  • PC | Submitted by Ilona Bruins

    Different Animals

    Use the following names to rename the animals indicated
    (Hippo) Fat: Two hippos Sumo
    (Bear) Deer: Bear gets Free from Exhibit
    (Lion) Nan: Get a baby from a male lion
    (Unicorn) Larry: get size of a Dinosaur
    (Dinosaur) Unicorn: One Horn
    (Dodo) Doflopnok: Unlock the White Dodo
    (Panda) Blackly: Unlock and turn in to a Red Panda
    (Bongo) Bad: Turn in an Okapi
    (Okapi) Tall: Get tall as a Giraffe
    (Yeti) Bigfoot: Unlock the Bigfoot
    (Yeti) Bentley: Turn in to Spyro's friend, Bentley
    (Reindeer) Rulpoln: Red light nose
    (Reindeer) Dancer: Dances with a female Reindeer
    (Croc) Agent 9: Always happy
    (Monkey) Agent9: Turn in to Spyro's friend Agent9
    (Ape: Chimpanzee or Gorilla) Borneo: Unlock the Orangutan
    (Ape) Kangaroo: Unlock the Wallaby
    (Gorilla) Mountain: Unlock the Mountain Gorilla
    (Tiger) Nope: Unlock the Magnet the Polar bear
    (Tiger) Dog: Unlock all Worker Dogs and Great Dane
    (Kangaroo) Shelia: Turn in to Spyro's Friend Sheila the Kangaroo
    (Penguin) Sgt.Byrd: Turn in to Spyro's frend Sgt.Byrd the flying Penguin
    (Sgt. Byrd) Fly: Fly out of Your Exhibit and Your Zoo

  • PC | Submitted by Billy bob

    Guests Never Leave

    Put a set of LARGE rocks in front of the gate so that no one can get through. Also, if you want you can put a gate on the INSIDE side of the rocks, (if it asks for a name then just put the name of your zoo) just to be sure that no one gets out. But be aware that if one of your animals gets loose, then it will not tell you. Also be aware that no one can get in unless you pick them up and put them there.

  • PC | Submitted by Siamour

    Complete Collection

    To make animals happy, try all trees, bushes etc in their category...Fix terrain last, add shelters and water first this will help increase suitability...add lots of creatures this may unlock certain statues and awards including bonuses!!

  • PC | Submitted by Olen and Devin

    hex Cheat

    1. Open config.ztd with winzip.
    2. Open Economy.cfg with notepad or wordpad.
    3. Search for cZooDooRecyclingAmount and change the number to whatever you want. This will be the profit for every recycle you do. Normally you recycle around 8-12 times per month.
    4. Also, look for cKeeperCost which should be 800. This is the salary you pay your zoo keepers. Change it to something lower and your expenses will decrease dramatically.
    5. If you want more money at start of the game, edit zoo.ini with notepad or wordpad and find a line called MSMaxCash. Change that to whatever you want and you can start out with a couple of million.

  • PC | Submitted by Ilona Bruins

    Get All Scenarios Available

    Edit the file zoo located in the Zoo Tycoon Directory (Please backup this file first) with Notepad or a similar text editor to read as follows at the bottom of the file:
    If you have other parameters leave them and just add anything new above.

  • PC | Submitted by John

    Animals Never Get Mad (Make a backup of file!)

    First go to program files, open up microsoft games, while in there open up the zoo tycoon folder(if its in program files). Then in search open up the file called zoo.ini in note pad and erase everything on it, then save changes. Just start playing and you'll never have to make your animals happy again !

  • PC | Submitted by Stephen S

    Unlock the Unicorn

    Name one of your exhibits "Xanadu". This will unlock the Unicorn. I should also note that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, so keep it in mind.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Guest Names

    * Ctrl-f will turn off the drawing of all foliage on the map. Hitting Ctrl-f again will turn it back on.
    * Name a guest "John Wheeler" to make all the animal shelters available to you
    * Name a guest "Hank Howie" to get all staff education programs
    * Mr. Blue - turns everyone's clothes blue.
    * Mr. Blonde - turns everyone's clothes yellow.
    * Mr. White - turns everyone's clothes white.
    * Mr. Brown - turns everyone's clothes brown.
    * Mr. Orange - turns everyone's clothes orange.
    * Mr. Pink - turns everyone's clothes pink.
    Using these also turns the buildings roofs a matching color
    Also, try these names..
    * Alfred H - Birds begin to appear and people freak out.
    * Russell C - Fences all fall apart.
    * Zeta Psi - Some people's shirts turn yellow, and then their faces turn green, and then they puke
    * Steve Serafino - All endangered Animals
    * Andrew Binder - All animal houses

  • PC | Submitted by Hollzy

    No pain for unlimited money

    Press $ and shift and hold them and watch your money go up rapidly! But to make sure there's no pain in getting millions of money make sure you do it at the beginning of the game when you have no enclosures otherwise the fences will break and your animals will escape and then you'll have to buy new animals and new fences which will drain away your new money!!!!!

  • PC | Submitted by Fernando Mallmann

    Money Cheat

    Enter in config.zip, in game directory.
    Select economy.cfg and open it with the notepad.
    find the line cash=50000, and change the value.

  • PC | Submitted by Laura S

    Unlock the Triceratops

    Name one of your exhibits "Cretaceous Corral". This will unlock the Triceratops. I should also note that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, so keep it in mind.

  • PC | Submitted by Laura S

    Get A Mermaid

    To get a mermaid, all you have to do is, once you've gotten the mermaid statue, put it in a tank an watch it come alive! Note: just so you know, mermaids like sand dollars and sunken ships.

  • PC | Submitted by Janssen Kurt

    Unlimited Money

    Just press the $-button ! Press it again for more money ! BE SURE to be prepared to repair fences. This cheat causes fences to crumble and animals may escape!