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This Zelda-themed key holder will help you stay heroically organized

It's dangerous to go alone--especially if you forget your keys. Take this (opens in new tab). No seriously, take it. DeeplyDapper's Legend of Zelda Key Hanger helps you organize your shinies in perfectly heroic fashion, so you'll always be ready for adventure.

Coming either fully assembled or in a do-it-yourself package if you're trying to save some rupees (and a sliiiiightly cheaper version with two hooks if three is too rich for your blood), this keyholder is a fun addition to any geek home. And it actually DOES something! Eat your practical heart out, IKEA. If Zelda's not really your speed, the artist has some similar key-cuddlers with Mario fans (opens in new tab) in mind. The artist also has plenty of geeky lightswitch covers, decals, and soaps so you can do all your nerdy shopping in one place. You savvy devil, you.

The key hangers range between $13.00 and $21.00 and are available on DeeplyDapper's Etsy shop. Plus, if you weren't planning on doing anything today, you can always check out their official store (opens in new tab) with plenty of extra goodies not sold elsewhere. Is that an All Your Base key hanger? And RPG-based soap? Oh man…

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