Zatanna: The Jewel of the Gravesend pulled from DC schedule

Zatanna: The Jewel of the Gravesend
(Image credit: Jacqueline de Leon (DC))

DC has pulled its upcoming original graphic novel Zatanna: The Jewel of the Gravesend from its publishing schedule and placed it in the proverbial vault.

Shortly before orders from bookstores were due, the publisher informed retailers that the OGN will be delayed indefinitely. In their own words, "Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend will be resolicited for release at a later date."

(Image credit: Jacqueline de Leon (DC))

Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend recasts the long-running DC character, who traditionally casts magic spells by speaking her desired outcomes backwards, as a quirky, streetwise magician who will come to learn the secret history of her family's magical legacy.

"Zatanna's not your typical New Yorker. She walks her giant rabbit on a leather leash down the boardwalk, lives in a colossal architectural wonder known as the Golden Elephant, had her first kiss in the Haunted Hell Gate ride - and wouldn't have it any other way," reads DC's description of Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend.

"But the time for having fun in Luna Park comes to an end when a mystic's quest for a powerful jewel unravels everything Zatanna thought she knew about herself and her beloved neighborhood," it continues. "Mysteries and magic surround her as she reveals the truth about her family's legacy, and confronts the illusion that has been cast over her entire life."

Here's a preview:

This was planned as a major booktrade release, and the comic book debut of prose author Alys Arden. Arden is the writer behind the Southern gothic prose novel series The Casquette Girls, with its fourth installment, The Gates of Guinée, going on sale January 19.

Jacqueline de Leon is drawing Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend.

While it might be a while for this Zatanna OGN, she's been the co-star of the recent Justice League ongoing. And although that series has ended, the team (and Zatanna) will return in a back-up story in Future State: Justice League.

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