Ys Origin is coming to Switch in 2020

Publisher Dotemu has announced that the 2006 cult-classic RPG Ys Origin is coming to Switch later this year. The announcement came with a brief teaser showing off some cinematics and gameplay footage on the Switch.

Starting Wednesday, July 8, those in North America will be able to pre-order two physical editions from Limited Run Games (opens in new tab): the base game and a new collector's edition. The $70 collector's edition includes the game, a steelbook case, an 18x24 poster, the soundtrack, and an art book.

(Image credit: Limited Run Games)

Ys Origin first launched as a PC exclusive, but eventually made its way to PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita. We sat down (opens in new tab) with Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert back in 2018 for the Xbox One launch, and here was the developer's pitch for players who aren't familiar with the game or series:

"If you're interested in JRPGs, the Ys series is definitely something you have to try. Ys Origin is the story of how the whole series started and it just makes sense to start with this opus. Ys Origin is a great mix of action RPG and fabulous storyline in the purest Japanese style," he said. "Basically, if you like epic stories, big boss battles, RPG mechanics and challenge, Ys Origin is a game that you need to try."

And indeed, the game has been generally well-received, with praise being given to the anime visuals, music, hack-and-slash gameplay, and emotional narrative. If you have a Switch and are into JRPGs, this sounds like one to look out for.

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