Your Xbox One feedback is changing the system and up first is custom gamerpics(!)

Why should you care about the latest Xbox One update coming to the early-access Insider program? Two words, my friends: custom gamerpics. The new feature will let you cast off the yoke of pre-made gamerpics and lifeless avatar selfies in favor of whatever you care to upload, and it was on the top of the list of fan-requested features that Microsoft has committed to working through.

Here are all the biggest changes coming in the next Insider update. If you want to get it once it's ready for testing, all you need to do is launch the Xbox Insider Hub and pick the preview you want.

Custom gamerpics

You can upload a custom gamerpic from the system itself as well as a PC or mobile device. Microsoft says this change will stay in preview mode for a while longer than the other features "to ensure it's great for everyone when release". In other words, to make sure that everybody doesn't just upload naked cartoons and dick pics because it's the goddamn internet. Club administrators will get to upload custom images and backgrounds for their groups as well.

Easier public wifi logins

Xbox One does not get along with "captive portals", those terms-and-conditions pages that sometimes pop up when you try to access public wifi. This update will finally change that, making it much easier to take your Xbox One along to hotels, campuses, or even coffee shops… assuming the barista is ok with you setting up your massive TV on the table.

Tweak your activity feed

The new update will give you more control of the stuff that shows up on your Activity Feed. You can pin posts to the top, hide others, and even filter all posts by friends, games, or Clubs. Your profile page will also display your Arena tournament history for easy bragging rights (and hopefully not salty tears of woe).

Start Looking For Group faster

Got an LFG post that works well? With this update you'll be able to easily copy your old listings and post them up again. Owners will also see "vetting cards" for an at-a-glance look at folks who want to join up. Cards will vary based on the game and might show things like kill/death ratio for a competitive shooter or overall score.

Lots of other tweaks

Want your Kinect to automatically zoom in on you when you're doing a Beam or Twitch broadcast? Done. Check the official Xbox news post for more changes coming with the update.

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