You don't know GTA

In the last two years, you’ve done it all in San Andreas. Dove out of planes, ran the marathon and shot Bigfoot. Wait… you didn’t find Bigfoot? No, we’re only kidding. But then again, there may be a lot of things you don’t know about one of the greatest and largest games for the PS2. Enjoy.

The top 5 facts about San Andreas

1) It followed on from films
1990s gangflick Menace II Society was an influence- several stars voice GTA, including Big Smoke and Cesar.

2) It made enemies
Controversiallawyer Jack Thompson still rages at San Andreas regularly.

3) It’s no slave to history
Uber-bike the "NRG" bears Valentino Rossi’s legendary "46" plate. But Rossi didn’t ride an NSR until 2000, or the M1 until 2004.

4) It incensed the papers
But not the censors. Even if the "explicit" Hot Coffee sex scenes were accessible without external cheats, they'd be under the AO rating. The fact that the game was re-rated AO was simply a saving-face move.

5) It created myths
There's no Yeti. But rumours persist. Also, the wheelchair in Palamino Creek isn’t a Silent Hill reference, it’s a Manhunt one. Although, there’s that fog and the camo-jacketed pedestrian…