You can turn your Starfield ship into Optimus Prime, confirmed

A Starfield ship
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Bethesda has shown just how far Starfield ship customization options go by building none other than Optimus Prime themselves, certainly proving the developer's point.

As part of a special Starfield Direct following on from Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda has taken the chance to show off heaps about what the upcoming space game has to offer. A big part of that is ship customization. 

Once you buy a ship, you upgrade it both internally with a crew or externally with new compartments to suit your needs - a smaller ship makes for a grand fighter, though you'll need more storage to run cargo. 

All of this, however, all changes how your ship looks, especially as you can change colour options, too. Not afraid to do what we're all going to do, Bethesda got a tad silly with it, building a big ol' mech that looks none other like Optimus Prime. Bravo.

The good news regarding combat for your mecha ship is that Bethesda has taken gameplay queues from some of the best Star Wars games. It's not a simple case for directing where to go, but piloting your ship means considering how you manage your power systems, which means deciding where or not to redirect energy between various ship subsystems. For example, directing more power to the engines makes you faster, or you put that towards shields to become sturdier.

Starfield is due to release on September 6, though you can get five days of early access through the premium edition. 

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