Yes, Street Fighter 6 is coming to Xbox and PC too

Street Fighter 6
(Image credit: Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 will launch on PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, Capcom has confirmed.

Following the reveal of Street Fighter 6 during the June 2022 PlayStation State of Play, a lot of folks were wondering whether the long-awaited sequel would be exclusive to PS4 and PS5, but Capcom has since said that won't be the case.

In a news post shared to Capcom's US website, the publisher writes: "Street Fighter 6 officially hits the scene in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC! With explosive style, a diverse roster of characters, and a new system built for creativity, Street Fighter 6 will redefine the genre and welcome players from all gaming backgrounds."

There wouldn't be a whole lot of precedent for a Street Fighter game to be exclusive to any one console, but because the announcement trailer shown at the State of Play only mentioned PS4 and PS5, it's natural to wonder if some sort of deal with Sony had happened.

Street Fighter 6 will continue the storied fighting franchise with a fresh splash of street-inspired paint, iconic fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke, and newcomers including Jamie, a breakdancer who uses a drunken boxing-style technique and a ki-unleashing drink. 

"Jamie is a peacekeeper from Chinatown who aspires to walk in the footsteps of Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. An expert dancer, Jamie places justice and friendship above all else, defending his town with martial arts," says Capcom's Andy Wong in a new PS Blog post."

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