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XCOM developer Firaxis will reveal "several" new games this year

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XCOM and Civilization developer Firaxis Games will reveal "several exciting projects" this year.

Yesterday on May 18, Firaxis Games publisher Take-Two held a full-year earnings call (as transcribed by VGC (opens in new tab)), where CEO Strauss Zelnick outlined the future of the developer. "As a result of the engagement from the past as well as the success of XCOM Chimera Squad and XCOM 2 on Switch, Firaxis games had one of its best years ever," Zelnick said. "We expect this growth to continue as the studio has several exciting projects in development that will be revealed this year."

Right now, we have no clue as to what these new projects from Firaxis Games could potentially be. Could the developer be working on the third entry in their rebooted XCOM series? Or could they be about to reveal the next release in the long-standing Civilization franchise? Alternatively, the developer could be working on an entirely new IP, for all we know.

Elsewhere in the earnings call, Zelnick revealed that Civilization 6 daily active users have seen a steady increase since it launched five years ago, and has now surpassed 11 million copies sold. That's lead to the 30-year-old Civilization series selling over 57 million units combined, as Zelnick additionally revealed in the earnings call, a staggering figure for the long-running series.

Firaxis isn't the only Take-Two-owned company getting ready to reveal new games. It was revealed in the same earnings call that Borderlands developer Gearbox is getting ready to launch an entirely new franchise by the end of the current fiscal year. In other words, we'll be seeing a brand new project from the developer released at some point before April 2022. This, plus the news that Rockstar Games is getting ready to release the native PS5 and Xbox Series X ports of GTA 5 this November, means it's a busy time for Take-Two.

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Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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