Xbox's Phil Spencer revealed the Xbox Series S in July, but no one noticed

(Image credit: Xbox/YouTube)

The Xbox Series S was revealed live and in the plastic back in July, but it's so tiny no one noticed.

As revealed by the Xbox Twitter account, Phil Spencer took part in an interview on July 1, and in the background there's a shelf with a few random items and a non-descript white box you'd never think to pay any mind to. As it turns out, that was actually a real-life Xbox Series S, then codenamed Project Lockhart. The cheek.

After being rumored for many months, the little sibling to the Xbox Series X was officially announced this week. It's a lightweight, all-digital alternative to the Xbox Series X for the more budget-minded shoppers looking for a next-gen console. The Xbox Series S is launching on November 10, listed at $299 / £249. And it's small - an attribute Microsoft seems keen on emphasizing in the face of so much conversation about next-gen consoles being really big.

If recent rumors are to be believed, there could actually be a third next-gen Xbox console waiting to be revealed (or maybe it already has been and we just missed it). The Xbox Series V is rumored to be another all-digital console like the Series S, but right in-between the Series S and the Series X in terms of hardware power. There's even what appears to be a leaked image of the console, and it basically looks like the Xbox Series X after a few weeks on the keto diet.

Here's a handy guide on the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S that might help you decide which next-gen console is right for you.

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