Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 showcase will feature exclusive info

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(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Xbox will hold a special presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 later this month.

As announced earlier today, Xbox will be presenting a 50-minute showcase later this month on September 30 at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. The broadcast will be kicking off at precisely 6pm JST according to the official event website, which equates to 2am PT/5am ET/10am BST.

Right now, Xbox isn't giving away any clues as to what we can expect at their special TGS 2021 presentation. However, the blurb underneath their time slot in the event's schedule hints at some exclusive announcements that we won't have seen anywhere else previously.

It's a little hard to guess as to what Xbox could showcase later this month. While the company does technically own the Tokyo-based Tango Gameworks through their blockbuster acquisition of Bethesda last year, it's unlikely there'll be anything from the developer at the showcase, as they're hard at work on the PS5-exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo (which is scheduled to launch early next year in 2022).

Could Xbox be holding back some exclusive announcements for games they've already revealed? It's a little hard to see an exclusive Halo Infinite reveal taking place while the U.S. is asleep in the very early hours of the morning, but Xbox could always roll out a relatively minor reveal for any one of the upcoming games in their library for the showcase. Either way, there are a few more weeks to wait yet to see what Xbox has in store.

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