Xbox Series X memory card drops to lowest price yet at Amazon - but are these hard drives better value?

Xbox Series X memory card deal
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The official Seagate Xbox Series X memory card is a technical marvel that quietly slots into the back of your console giving you an extra 1TB of next-gen SSD capacity. As for performance and speed for your Series X titles, it matches the internal SSD at every turn for the very best in storage expansion options.

It's really expensive though usually with a retail price of $219/£219. That's why you won't want to miss the chance to save 17% at Amazon UK today, with £36 knocked off for the lowest price it's ever been sold for there. 

Our comparison chart further down this page shows today's other best prices in the UK and the US. The discounts aren't as exciting Stateside, with just a few bucks off the MSRP. Wherever you are though, you might actually be tempted by opting for an external hard drive instead as they offer much larger capacities for a much smaller price due to their increased loading times (more on those below).

Seagate Xbox Series X memory card deals


Xbox Series X memory card | £219.99 £183 at Amazon
Discounts are rare on this official Seagate memory card that offers extra storage for the Series X|S consoles. It's the only storage expansion option that offers the same performance as the fancy internal SSD in the console, so it's the one you want to be able to run new-gen titles that other devices can only keep in storage.

We're always on the lookout for ways to save money on our gaming setup here at GamesRadar and we think it's worth taking a look at our guide to the best Xbox Series X external hard drives and SSDs.

While you can only run Series X titles from the console itself, or indeed this excellent memory card from Seagate, you'll find regular external HDDs (aka hard drives) can be used to store Series X titles when they're not in use. This saves you the long-winded process of redownloading them or reinstalling them from discs. 

More to the point, these other external drives can be used to store all your other Xbox One games and you can actually play the games directly from them. Great stuff if you want to download a vast amount of games from Xbox Game Pass.

Another key upside is that you can get a lot more storage for your money in terms of extra terabytes of storage compared to the 1TB you get with the official memory card. You'll easily get five times as much for a much smaller spend. Check out the latest prices on some of our favorites below, or head on over to the guide mentioned above for more details. We've added some external SSD options too, as they offer faster loading speeds, but they're usually much more expensive than regular HDDs.

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