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Xbox Series X controller unboxing shows off new buttons, new size, and old concepts

Microsoft has unveiled the controller for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in a new video, showcasing many new features and details on the horizon. Check it out above, and read on for more details.

The unboxing video features Ryan Whitaker, the lead designer for the controller, as well as Xbox MVP Malik Prince and Xbox Accessibility Program Manager Tara Voelker. Each participant gets one of the controller's three different colors: Carbon Black, Shock Blue and Robot White. 

Much attention is given to the new Share button, which will revolutionize the way Xbox players can share their in-game pictures and footage. Pressing the button will allow players to take a screencap with ease, while holding the button down will give players the ability to record video. The video also shows off the new D-pad, which is a combination of older versions and the Elite controller's D-pad. "We wanted to make sure that people could adapt their gameplay without having to swap the part," said Whitaker. 

Ergonomics are discussed in detail, including the decision to make the controller slightly smaller to make it more comfortable for a wider variety of hands. The controllers have a tactile texture to provide an easier, stronger grip for a wider variety of players. 

Whitaker explains that the design goal was to make it "familiar, but even more comfortable than you remember." Voelker also notes that the choice to keep color-coding on the buttons would be a great help to players with dyslexia who might otherwise have a hard time differentiating the letters. 

Fans can look forward to testing out the new controller for themselves on November 10, when the Xbox Series X officially releases.

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Kai Delmare

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