Xbox Series S will reportedly be revealed in August

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The long-rumored Xbox Lockhart console, better known as the Xbox Series S, will reportedly be announced in August. 

A new report from Eurogamer citing sources familiar with the company's summer plans suggests that Microsoft originally planned to announce the Series S in June, but had to push this back due to *gestures at the entire world*. This reveal is now reportedly slated for August, sometime after the digital Xbox show coming in July. 

This lines up with a previous report from VentureBeat, which also claimed that Xbox had delayed its plans to August. Event plans across the industry are currently changing on a daily basis, but with more and more Lockhart evidence emerging - most recently, an alleged specification sheet - we should expect Microsoft to officially announce it sooner rather than later. 

The Xbox Series S has been the worst-kept next-gen secret for some time, with reports of Xbox offering a cheaper next-gen entry point going back to 2019. And from what we know, that seems to be the general idea. The Xbox Series X will be Microsoft's souped-up flagship, while the Series S will be an affordable middleground that can still run next-gen games. The Series S could be as little as half the price of the Series X if rumors are to be believed, but that will obviously come at the cost of gaming horsepower. That said, how Microsoft positions the Series S in relation to the Xbox One X, which is already part of the ecosystem it's building, remains to be seen. 

Xbox Lockhart may find itself competing directly with the PS5 Digital Edition, which was announced earlier this month. 

Austin Wood

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