Rumoured Xbox MMO could be used to help make Hideo Kojima's next game

Pax Dei
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Update: The rumoured Xbox MMO is known under the working title of Pax Dei, according to a new report corroborating its existence.

Venturebeat backed up claims made earlier this week that stated Microsoft was working with Finnish studio Mainframe on the project. The game is said to be 'cloud-native', meaning it'll be accessible "through any device," but some mechanics might only work on certain platforms.

Venturebeat claims that Pax Dei - Latin for 'Peace of God' - will offer Microsoft a chance to iron out the kinks of cloud-based development: "The hope [...] is that Pax Dei can create an opportunity to set up best practices for this kind of game. And then other studios can run that same playbook in the future." The hope is that that playbook will be used to assist Hideo Kojima in his rumoured partnership with Xbox.

Original story: Xbox is reportedly working with developer Mainframe on a cloud-native MMO according to a recent podcast episode. 

In a recent episode of The Xbox Two Podcast, which features Windows Central reporter Jez Corden, it was revealed that Microsoft is supposedly working with Finnish studio Mainframe to release a cloud-native MMO. 

About two and a half hours into the podcast episode, Corden said: "I do know that Microsoft’s working with a studio in Finland - or at least I’ve heard that they’re working with a studio in Finland - called Mainframe making a cloud-native game." However, Corden explained beyond that they don’t know any other details about the project. 

A quick check of Mainframe’s official website does show that the company is making a  cloud-native MMO that promises players "a vibrant world with new ways to engage and connect with our friends." The game is also referred to on the website as "the game of a lifetime." This is, however, all we know about the upcoming MMO as it doesn’t list a publisher on the studio’s website or even a title for the game. 

It’s no surprise that Xbox is potentially working with Mainframe on the project as Microsoft has also been hard at work finessing Xbox’s cloud gaming service xCloud - which is now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. The idea of the streaming platform is to allow players to access the Xbox Game Pass library from any compatible device, such as a laptop, phone, or tablet instead of installing them onto the device itself. 

The rest of the podcast also features a number of other reveals, as summarized in a post on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, including that The Outer Worlds studio Obsidian wants to make one game per year for the next seven years - the studio currently has the highly anticipated RPG Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 in development - and that Hellblade 2 is "much, much, much bigger in scope" than the first game. 

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