Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga is officially revealed for Xbox Series X

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 has been officially unveiled as an Xbox Series X game at The Game Awards 2019.

The follow-up to 2017's well-received Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was shown in full glory at The Game Awards, with truly next-gen, in-engine visuals courtesy of the Xbox One Series X's beefy hardware. The cinematic trailer is breathless, heart-pounding, and absolutely gorgeous. Its 2017 predecessor was universally praised for its art style and visuals, and it looks like developer Ninja Theory has only built on it with Senua's Saga.

Hellblade is officially described as a dark fantasy action-adventure game, but it deals in heavy themes for the genre. The plot explores the struggles of its main protagonist, Senua, who suffers from psychosis in the medically-dark days of the late 8th century. It's likely Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga will explore mental health more deeply via its titular protagonist and her tumultuous resistance to the "Darkness."

Our first look at a next-gen Xbox game didn't disappoint, and it's refreshing to see the spotlight shine on such a nuanced, arguably underrated series like Hellblade. It's also good to see Hellblade getting a follow-up at all, and Senua's Saga's thumping, chanting reveal made for a strong introduction for the long-awaited Xbox Series X, which is scheduled to release in holiday 2020.

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Jordan Gerblick

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