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Xbox One wireless controller down to $43 at Walmart

Xbox One wireless controller down to $43 at Walmart
Xbox One wireless controller down to $43 at Walmart

All full of chocolate after all the Easter goodies? There's always room for more treats though, right? And this little Xbox one is no different as you could snag a handy extra black Xbox One wireless controller for just $45.35 at Walmart right now, or  a white one for $42.99. Console controller's are perennial value-holders, so its pretty tasty seeing them at the 43-dollar mark and could well be tempting enough for those that have held off until now, and can pull the impulse-purchase trigger. 

Xbox One wireless controller (black) for $45.35 at Walmart
Snap up the versatile and reliable official controller for a very tempting $45.35 at Walmart now and bring in another player.View Deal

Xbox One wireless controller (white) for $42.99 at Walmart
If you're after the white variant, then you're in luck as that too has had its price slashed  - a bit further in actual fact.View Deal

It's almost always useful to have another Xbox One controller as it'll prepare you for unexpected multiplayer situations, enable you to have controllers charging while you use others, and their compatibility with PC gaming makes them even more versatile and useful. They are always strong performers no matter what so this represents good value for a reliable and solid product.

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