Xbox One S gets two new colors and four new bundles in the UK

Xbox fans living in the UK, you're about to be smothered with choices. Four new Xbox One S bundles featuring FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 are coming to a retailer near you, and whether you prefer your gaming to be a grim and gritty portrayal of war or a meticulously detailed simulation of the world's biggest sport, you'll have choices on what color you want your fancy new console to be.

One of the new colors is called "Storm Grey," and it's… well, it's grey alright. I don't see the "storm" part myself, but I suppose just calling a console "grey" wouldn't sound as cool. You might recognize the other hue, "Deep Blue," from the US-bound Gears of War 4 Xbox One S bundle. You also might recognize it as cerulean and not blue, but I'm being a color elitist and I digress.

Both games will get bundles with 500GB Xbox One S consoles of both colors, for a total of four new bundles (Grey FIFA, Blue FIFA, Grey Battlefield, Blue Battlefield). The Deep Blue Xbox One S FIFA 17 bundle will be exclusive to Argos, while the rest will be exclusive to GAME. The Battlefield 1 bundles arrive on October 21, while the FIFA 17 bundles hit shelves a week later, on October 28. All four bundles are priced at £249.99.

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Sam Prell

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